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  • Can i still wear my contact lenses if my eye is red? ?

    I just had a contact lens appointment yesterday however because it was my first time ever using them i had to take practice using them in front of the optician. So in total i ended up putting them in 3 times and taking them out 3 times in one day. This has left my right eye pretty red and sore. Should i just keep wearing them or leave them out for a day? I'm not sure what to do as my eyes are supposed to be getting use to them a little each day in time for my next appointment next week. Will the redness go away if i keep wearing them? Obviously I'd presume this wouldn't usually happen and it's just because of the amount of times i had to take them in and out. Should i leave it a day or just keep wearing them? Is there any eye drops i can get to help with this? Thanks

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