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  • White Christmas in Europe?

    I'm going abroad for Christmas (in Europe).

    I have these preferences : London, Livigno and Munich.

    I will probably end up going to Munich but I really like the idea of Livigno because I really want snow and I know that Livigno has snow and in London or Munich I have no guarantee that I will get snow.

    But they say in Munich it snows a lot.

    Is it true?

    Where can I go to have a White Christmas?

    4 AnswersChristmas6 years ago
  • What to ask an organ donor??

    I'm a journalist and I have an interview with an organ donor tomorrow.

    She gave a kidney to her husband 15 years ago and he died a few years after.

    It's for a news program, and who works like me understands that some emotion will make the news much more interesting for the viewers.

    What can I ask her? Apart from the experience of course

    2 AnswersMedia & Journalism6 years ago
  • Paris Metro?

    How do I get to the Metro Station : Place de Clichy : from Charles de Gaulle Airport pls?

    And is it possible to travel from the airport to the hotel by metro and not taxi (because normally it's too expensive)


    1 AnswerParis6 years ago
  • What is the city centre of PARIS called?

    What is the city centre of Paris called? The place where there are buses, all lines of Metro, etc

    Like I know that in Rome, it's called Termini.

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  • How do I get to Paris from Marseille-Province?

    I'm going to Paris in September with RyanAir from Malta to Marseille-Province.

    Does anyone know how to get to Paris (near the Eiffel Tower) from there please?

    Also, any additional tips about how to travel in Paris is great since I've never been there and I don't speak French! Thank you :)

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  • Paris HELP!?

    So I'm planning my September vacation!

    I've been wanting to go to Paris since forever but it's too expensive with my national airline company and I don't have enough money saved up so I decided to go to Rome.

    But I'm checking the RyanAir flights and I found very cheap flights to Marseille - Provence!

    Any idea how I can get to Paris from there?

    From the Marseiile - Provence Airport to near the Eiffel tower where the hotel is going to be?

    Any other help about traveling in Paris would be greatly appreciated as I will be taking my grandma for her birthday and I have no idea about France since I've never been there but it's my dream!!!! :)

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  • View of ROME?

    I'm going to Rome this September.

    Where can I get a good view of it?

    As in, the whole view of the city?

    Like this?

    And how do I get there?

    (as in, is there a Metro stop or something)

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  • Day trips from Rome?

    I'm going to Rome in September and I was thinking about some day trips.

    I've been to Assisi several times and this time I was thinking about Florence or Naples.

    Are there any other places which maybe have some beaches and a nice view which are worth it as a day trip?


    (I normally use the trenitalia from Termini)

    3 AnswersRome6 years ago
  • Does he like me? GOING CRAZY. Need help :(?

    So I was in a 2 year relationship and we broke up around 2 and a half months ago.

    That night, I went out with someone, (he's a friend of my ex but they're not close or anything) and it was the first guy that I went out with since I broke up with my ex. You know that feeling that you get when you kiss someone? Like when you feel that you are a perfect match, you know, when everything goes perfect when you kiss. I never had that feeling with anyone else, not even my ex I think. Anyway, I get that with this guy. After that night, he talked to me on facebook the day after and he kept messaging me in weekends seeing if I will be at the clubs.

    Anyway, we met a few weeks later in November for his birthday and we kissed once again.

    And after that, we met just 2 days ago. Now this is where it gets strange. After his birthday, we talked like everyday, and the majority of times, he would come and talk to me. Now, last week was my birthday and we were going out alone for sushi and maybe catch a film but that day he said that a family matter had come up and he couldn't... but he told me this around an hour before we were supposed to meet so I think that it was true, and he also talked to me a few hours after to see if I was okay and he said that he felt guilty for not coming.

    Anyway, last Friday he went to the clubs but I didn't go and he messaged me while he was there, then he told me to log onto facebook and wait for him there coz he was going home soon. Then we had the first conversation where we talked about our feelings. He told me about one of his exs and that he had to change because she hurt him and that he's scared to go in a relationship because he's scared to trust another girl. Anyway, after this chat, we met the day after, Saturday, and we kissed once again. And trust me, it wasn't once, it was multiple times and it was one of the best nights of my life. Honestly, he whispered in my ears that I'm beautiful, he held my hand every second, and I just couldn't help but smile completely like an idiot. After we went home, the day after, yesteday - Sunday, he didn't text me the whole day and then I messaged him at night to see if he was at the clubs but he said that he was with an old friend and one of our mutual friends confirmed it today. Today he had a car test and I messaged him to see how he went but he said that he was sick and he didn't go. Then, after some hours I talked to him on facebook again to see how he was and I told him to get well soon. And the chat ended there. It's not normal for our chats to end like that... and it wasn't normal to have a perfect night like Saturday and then him not sending me a text for a whole day. We even planned next weekend to spend it together at a farmhouse I have before I go abroad next week and also new year's eve... you know I was hoping to share the NYE kiss with him, but now his friend told me that he might be working that night.

    Does anyone have any idea what this might mean ? You know, after a night like that, no messages... and I'm sure that he likes me... maybe he's scared? or maybe he just wanted a one-time thing? but again, it was never a one-time thing, plus we also have plans for next weekend, but then again, I don't know if they're still on. What should I do?

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  • How to make nose look smaller?

    Is there a way to make your nose look smaller?

    Maybe with make-up?

    4 AnswersMakeup7 years ago
  • Always tired? Sleeping A LOT.?

    Lately I've been waking up for work really tired and I barely go! I mean, I end up going really late - I start at 8 but sometimes I go at 10 or sometimes even at noon.

    Sometimes I'm too tired that I call in sick.

    I also noticed that I used to do my hair and make-up and everything before work... Now I just dress the same clothes, barely take any notice to my hair, and no make-up at all.

    Any help what might be happening to me? I'm sleeping more than 10 hours a day, but still wake up really tired.

    3 AnswersMental Health7 years ago
  • Melbourne, AUSTRALIA? :)?

    I'm going to Melbourne in a month, the beginning of next January to be exact, and I CAN'T WAIT!


    I'm a 17-year old student (I'll be 18 next month), and I'm going with my grandparents, where we will stay with my grandpa's brother and his family!

    Any ideas of fun stuff I can do? Hobbies which I have is nature, animals, adventure, driving, etc :)

    THANK YOU :)

    3 AnswersMelbourne7 years ago
  • Sleeping a lot? Always tired?

    I've been feeling like this for a while now... maybe a month or so.

    Normally I used to sleep around 11pm and wake up for work at around 6.30am.

    But lately I've been sleeping the same hours and wake up tired and end up going to work really late, sometimes at noon.

    So I've tried sleeping earlier, and sometimes I even sleep at 9pm or 10pm, but I still wake up really tired and end up sleeping more till at least 10am.

    Also, something I've noticed, that I always used to wear nice clothes, do my hair and make-up everyday... lately I just wear a comfy jeans, the same 3 tops in a week, don't really care about my hair and usually without make-up.

    I'm risking losing my job, and also other things.

    I'm considering going to a doctor soon, but I don't know if there is need to.

    Is there someone out there who knows what might be wrong with me? THANK YOU!

    1 AnswerMental Health7 years ago
  • Help! Facebook stalker application :/?

    Umm... I recently went on an application called : "I Just Saw Whos Been Stalking My Wall" and it tags some people ...

    this is the pic of where the tags are :

    it s been coming on my wall every 30 mins and i can t get rid of it and it s saying that i m spamming or something... i didn t know it was spam, that s why i clicked it!

    helpppp please! how can i remove it? it ried goign in the application settings but it s not there

    2 AnswersFacebook8 years ago
  • Going to Rome on vacation this Summer... HELP PLEASE? :)?

    So basically I've been to Italy for around 8 times, but I've always come there with my family and my dad always took care of everything. This time I'm coming with my boyfriend who's only been to Rome one time and when he was young so he barely remembers anything, and with my grandma :) so I need to take care of them both muahahaha ! :p

    anyway, I need some help regarding transport and places where I can spend my week.

    Whoever is willing to chat, I'll be more than happy if he/she can add me on facebook and we can chat there to have a better conversation, it would really mean a lot to me - i m also willing to arrange something and send you money if you can be so helpful by giving me transport help, trains, ideas where to eat, where to spend days, etc.

    Now I already have some ideas... for example our first day I'm thinking of vising the Vatican City and then Piazza di Spagna. I know how to go there. If I remember correctly, I catch the 360 bus from near my hotel and stop at Termini. Then from there I catch the Metro and stop at Ottaviano for Vatican... Then Piazza di Spagna ;) good right? muahahha.

    Anyway, who's willing to be a big help and be my personal tour guide, you can add me on faebook here :

    or send me an e-mail on :


    Comments are much appreciated :)

    xxx sorry for writing so long! :p

    4 AnswersRome8 years ago
  • Help? I can't do this anymore :/?

    Hey... so I have a problem. I've been dating my boyfriend for almost a year and a half and we have big problems with family ; his dad hates me (that's the biggest problem) but we've talked to a family therapist and he's the one with the problem and probably he needs medication, so that's good.

    But that's not what I'm writing about. My boyfriend had a girl best friend but before he met me he wanted to go out with her. The problem is actually his dad, like the roots of all problems. He loves her so much and is crazy about her being the perfect girl for his boy and all... so you have no idea how many problems he creates. Anyway, he was really close with her but at a certain point I wanted them to stop talking because I hated the fact that whenever we have a problem he turns to her... and they started talking secretly behind my back until I found out and they had a whole conversation on skype which I was seeing that moment because he left his skype on by mistake and they he told her things like : he offered to go meet her more than once and he said that he don t want to lose her and he prefers losing me because i m not in good terms with him right now, etc...

    and now after told him that i ve seen it and he said sorry and all he promised that he ll never talk to her... she sent him a happy bday msg and a happy xmas but he just said thanks and that s all... but i never can trust him again... i m always checking his mobile, facebook, skyp, etc... plus i m ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS on her facebook profile, i have no idea why!!!!!

    I m living in hell, always checking up on him etc... i ve literally lost my life. i haven t been going to school since then, i ve stopped my piano lessons, stopped studying... my life is a wreck right now.

    he on the other hand goes to school, goes basketball, etc...

    i m happy with him, but i can never trust him and i feel i lost everything just to be with him and it s not doing me any good.


    1 AnswerMental Health8 years ago
  • Sleeping schedule help please?

    Because of studying, I've been sleeping around 2 to 3am and wake up around 11am or noon ... now lately i can't sleep before 4 to 5 am even though i try to ... and of course, i end up waking up around 1pm or 2pm! now yesterday i decided to sleep at 2am so that i'll start waking up earlier but i couldn't ... i tried reading, watching a boring tv episode ; and NOTHING. I ended up sleeping at 7am and woke up at 2pm ... and I still couldn't sleep at 7am mind you, i just turned off my laptop and literally FORCED myself to sleep. I'm really really tired but can't sleep. Now I have my exams soon so I really need to arrange my sleeping schedule since the exams are early in the morning.


    1 AnswerMental Health8 years ago
  • keyboard problem HELP!?

    s9o i have a pr9oblem.

    whenever i write the letter '(O but as small letter) it c9omes with the number 9o bef9ore it and whenever i write the number 9o it c9omes with an o after it.

    I can delete them, like i did in the last 9one but it s s9o ann9oying!!!

    can any9one tell me what s wr9ong with it please?

    1 AnswerLaptops & Notebooks8 years ago
  • Hate quote? Boyfriend's dad...?

    Hey... so my boyfriend's dad hate me and i really really hate him! he keeps commenting on all of his friends statuses on facebook like a kid, seriously.

    and we don t talk, NOTHING.

    i just feel like putting up a status on facebook to get the message on how much i really really hate him.

    i know it seems childish but i really want to get my angst out and maybe he ll realize how much damage he s doing to his son and our relationship.

    2 AnswersFamily8 years ago