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  • 隱形眼鏡 base curve 的問題



    網站就問了我之前的隱形眼鏡 base curve (B.C) 是什麼

    他只有給我三個選擇 8.4 8.8 和 9.1

    可是我的隱形眼鏡的盒子上只有寫 base curve 是 "M"

    我不太確定這個M 到底是說 medium (指8.8) 還是什麼意思

    所以想請教知識上的大大們!! 因為真的很急著要買


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  • Summer 2009 Newest Naruto Wii game?

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could tell me when the newest naruto wii game came out and briefly describe it to me.

    Hopefully if includes most of the Akatsuki members and their individual awesome powers :P (I love how each character has their own powers, especially Neji's super awesome martial arts and genius.. that makes me forget about the other hyuga family members LOL, no offence)

    but anyway, preferably this newest game includes Sai and GAARA.

    also supposedly if this game has Sai, it would be Shippuden. I hope the newest game is Shippuden if you could explain that to me as well.

    So basically I'm asking when this came out, when the next in line will come out, where in Canada can I buy the Japanese version, how much it would be, and the brief summary and your critics of it.

    If this game does not involve gaara or lee, dont bother answering me. :)

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  • 不能進入

    我的電腦網路正常 像平常的sites such as.. google, youtube, yahoo, facebook etc. 都可以用

    可是從幾天前開始 不能進去了..

    就 打了網址 等很久之後它會顯示 something like "無法顯示網站"

    本來想說上msn 可以從那邊進去 結果發現msn 也不能上 = =

    所以說.. 如果有人可以幫助的話.. 真的很感謝...

    it's been really bothering me so if anyone can help it'd be greatly appreciated..

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