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  • How to attract reserved/shy girls?

    There is a really beautiful girl in one of my classes, we both go to a community college but she comes off a really reserved type of girl. Its like she puts up a ***** sheild when in reality she is just reserved. She is really humble too and very nice--you can tell her she is beautiful or give her any kind of compliment, but in return she will just shut the compliment down and re-direct it. For example...

    Me: "Hey, that is a really nice sweatshirt it brings out the beautiful color of your eyes"

    Her: "Oh thanks, its just a sweater though nothing big."

    Me: "You are very dedicated, helping out those children, I commend you"

    Her: 'shruggs her shoulders' "Its no big deal, I do what I have got to do. There are other people that do what I do"

    We don't talk much outside of class because I don't want to bug her. So far all I am doing is just being normal, somewhat talkative, kind/respectful, charming. I don't want her to sense that I am out trying to seek something from her--I'm not.

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  • What does Michael Schudson mean by "America's Ignorant Voters"?

    Hey guys I was reading a pdf article for my political science class written by Michael Schudson titled "America's Ignorant Voters" and really couldn't understand the main points he was making on top of that there are questions I need to answer

    1. How does Michael Schudson explain (or excuse) the apparent ignorance of American voters?

    2. Do you think it matters that Americans are considered less knowledgeable about politics than Europeans?

    3. What can or should be done to improve political awareness and knowledge in the U.S.?

    Thank You

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  • What is the difference between men of the 1940's through 1980's v/s the men today?

    I have been told by men from those generations that guys have became, for a lack of a better term, "feminine". So what I am getting is that men have become less manly in the field of meeting and attracting women. Men (and young men in their 20ies and plus) were far more confident than the guys today and less insecure. It is like men in those days were more ALPHA maybe because of the fact that they were either in the military (40ies) and knew how to "wow" a woman or there was less porn.

    I bring up pornography because porn has desensitized the male in terms of not making him take initiative with a beautiful woman. Don't get me wrong porn has always existed but not like today. Sometimes I feel like porn is deliberately out there to DEVOUR the man because it has manipulated his mind to all of a sudden have ridiculous standards for woman, and when a woman that appears to match what he wants appears in real life, he freezes and becomes weak because he wants to attract her, so he watches out not realizing that he isn't himself. His natural "biological instinct" to attract woman isn't there because he isn't his REAL self. Now there is this miscommunication with women because guys just think about booty rather than knowing the woman first to see if she is worth it--women would detect this be a bit more harsh (especially if they are pretty)

    I don't know if its Hollywood or me but when a man back in the day sees a beautiful woman he would be in awe and in fact very excited (but not too horny to the point where he has been numbed he would still retain his manly composure not showing signs of lust)

    Men today?

    Logic is thrown out of the window, and the thought of "what should I say? how would she react?" would come into mind and scare away the dude from approaching her. This in turn is the behavior that would scare away a woman because she would associate such weird/obsessive behavior with the sexual predators that love to stalk women.

    I know this is long but I need some valuable input. I think too much about this because I want to be that man who has a good balance between aggression and sensitivity, in other words the ideal MAN I am only 21 years old and want to get this part of my life sorted out so that I have no problem dating women. I am trying to quit being so outcome dependent/insecure/unconfident with women.

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  • I have this intense foot fetish, how can I disregard it?

    I have this intense foot fetish and everytime I am in public and I see a beautiful girl I know she must have nice feet and great legs and so I look down all the time, sometimes I even use the fact that a girl as nice feet as an incentive to approach her (I never actually have but the thought comes to mind) as selfish as it may seem, at times, I say to myself that a girl without any kind shapely, nice, tan feet isn't my type (she also would have to be pretty)---this is retarded and absurd even EMBARRASSING. I need some help controlling it because I am working on trying to connect with women I meet rather than judging them for their exterior. I need some good advice guy/gals

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  • how to not be outcome dependent when it comes to dating?

    I tend to be very impatient when it comes to the whole "art of attracting women" I am 21 year old male, obviously single and have never had a girl in my life. When I say that I am "impatient" I mean to say that I tend to be very OUTCOME DEPENDENT (especially if the female is pretty)---I am very eager to rush the whole process of attracting/seducing women. For example I would tend to show interest way too "early" and I would make it seem as if I am putting her on a pedestal or I would try very hard to impress a girl via text (it also gets on my nerves when she doesn't reply) I make it a big deal when a pretty girl appears to be showing some kind of interest in me (I would get unrealistic thoughts about her and I, living together, marriage etc.)--this is how you know I am single lol. I attend a community college and like every other school out there, there are some nice looking women, however students here just want to get their academics taken care of and get on with their lives. I on the other hand feel like I have no time left in me and urgently seek to find, meet and attract females--This is not an Alpha Male trait. To my understanding, Alpha Males don't feel like they need to be "rushed" to attract women, in fact a true alpha doesn't put women as a priority over what is MORE important in his life (in my case I kind of do the opposite) I remember my mom once telling me that there will be a time when women will be "bowing down" to me; she didn't mean it in terms of me being a 'womanizer' but a better/stronger man that all women would look for and this is something that I feel doesn't take place in a day because it involves a lot of self improvement (hence: the female would put me on a "pedestal") I however, being the impatient person that I am, want this and go around CHASING. Help me out guys! I'm a confused young stud looking for some love like every single guy/gal out there

    I would also like to add that I would prefer dating or attracting beautiful women that have good, personalities and vibes not the girls that are super duper nice (so nice that they come off needy) to my experience I always attract the super duper nice girls while doing NOTHING and most of them aren't even the type I would approach upon first site.

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  • Is this a message of some kind?

    There is this really cute girl in one of my class, I remembered her name in the event I try to talk to her. My chemistry class ends 5 minutes prior to the start of the class I have with this girl, so I would have to run to my last class of the day. Once I get to class I would sit next to her or around her, but cannot talk because the professor comes in and starts lecturing. After the class ends I don't follow her through the back door , instead I take the front but am immediately met with a wall of students that take the back. Now its hard for me to reach her; when I leave the class too early she is talking with another student. On top of all this, she seems to be in a rush to get to her car because its the last class and like everyone else people just want to go home.

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  • I wanna be an ALPHA MALE?

    According to this site, I have noticed that I fall in the beta male category. How can I become more alpha? I kinda feel insecure because I have had my share of being rejected by women. I have never had a girlfriend and I am 21

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  • I used to like N'SYNC, is that gay?

    When N'SYNC was popular I was pretty young at the time (10 years old) but I liked the band and their music. When I was watching the VMA's and saw Justin Timberlake's performance (he was performing his throwback songs, going back in time) he brought back N'SYNC after all these years and I was like "Ohhh snap, no he didn't" and almost lost it. I am 21 years old, I love women, but was going nuts when he was on stage with the good old crew. I just felt like I was going back in time, and everything of that era came back to me.

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  • is my behavior creepy? or is my brother just out of his mind?

    my brother and some of his friends say that I look creepy when I talk to girls but when others see me I look normal. I smile, make good eye contact, have a positive body language, speak my mind and speak loud and clear (I speak coherently) girls would laugh (idk if its at me or with me, but it doesn't matter because all I am trying to do is make their day) I am not an extremely horny dude that talk to girls with an agenda (my bro and some of his buddies think so) I just go with the flow. I think he and some of his friends believe this because they are used to seeing me as a very laid back dude to the point of appearing as if I am an introvert. All I want to do is change up some personal habits that can be very detrimental to my life in the long run--I have never had a girlfriend and it freaking SUCKS to be single but how can I change that in my life? by being more talkative and being more of an extrovert.

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  • How to win the trust of a girl?

    I have encountered this problem, there is a cute girl in one of my classes that I wanted to talk to (lets call her person B) however there is also a girl (person A) that I had issues with at a party--I was also tipsy that day and did stupid stuff. I am afraid that person A will compromise any potential friendship I can build with person B due to my behavior at that party by talking behind my back etc. I reality I am down to earth and like to share good times and conversations with people I meet. In this case person B is really pretty and all I was trying to do was spark a conversation with her however I am afraid that person A will kill any chance I have by telling her that I am something I am not.

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  • Does using the "Race Card" show off your intellectual capacity?

    my dad loves to use the race card and assume that everyone who is white is a conservative RACIST. I know this because when I tell him what I want to do he ends up saying "well the white guy will get the job first and you second or even not get the job" sometimes I think its a way he can try to control me into doing the things HE wants me to do (by making me feel that Caucasians are all racist) If I were to have a Caucasian girlfriend he would assume that the parents hate me deep inside but just pretend to like me. I personally know that racism is out there and I am not oblivious about that fact (sad how much the United States has grown over the past centuries), its just that I hate how he thinks he can justify his reasons as to why blacks or minorities cannot get the job they want due to skin color (despite the fact that their credentials maybe stupendous! and even better than their counterpart) funny part about this is that he hasn't even experienced any kind of racism on his behalf and yet he is implying with his arguments that I cannot have the career of my dream because I am a minority (and we are second in this country despite the fact that people wave their flags saying "we are all equal regardless of race")

    I need some advice guys I seriously cant take this anymore, when I think too much about this I feel like I am going to turn into that kind of guy as well.

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  • How can I be content with my life at this point of time?

    I am a 21 year old virgin and have never had a beautiful woman whom I can call my baby (girlfriend) and the resent is killing me to the point where I masturbate more frequently, get anxious over nothing, have conflicting theories about "How to approach and attract women" and fantasies about my "ideal" women. The feeling of loneliness and being "incomplete" is so bad that I get side tracked when I see a beautiful girl and my morals go down the drain. I attend a community college and it is hard to find a girl to be in a relationship with and I would get this horrible feeling of eagerness to get a girlfriend and it really throws me off, when I approach her I would feel as if I have to THINK about how to talk to a woman rather than live in the present and be myself.

    Please help me out guys.

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  • What is the name of this movie?

    I remember watching a movie and it had a lot to do with devils/spirits attacking civilians by possessing them. From what I recall in the film, there was a middle class family whom did not know that the husband was under the influence of the head devil and through out the movie the husband became very secluded and strange. By the very end of the movie the husband was tied up to the bed and was exhibiting satanic behaviors, not even the priests were able to hold him down at one point he breathed fire into the room causing the curtains to go aflame. Michael Clarke Duncan (I think its him) played the role of a very strong christian who helped those possessed by the devils and even the father of the two girls who breathed fire.

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  • what is the name of this movie featuring Michael Clarke Duncan?

    I remember watching a movie on the Science Fiction Channel (SyFy) and it had a lot to do with devils/spirits attacking civilians by possessing them. From what I recall in the film, there was a middle class family whom did not know that the husband was under the influence of the head devil and through out the movie the husband became very secluded and strange. By the very end of the movie the husband was tied up to the bed and was exhibiting satanic behaviors, not even the priests were able to hold him down at one point he breathed fire into the room causing the curtains to go aflame. Michael Clarke Duncan (I think its him) played the role of a very strong christian who helped those possessed by the devils and even the father of the two girls who breathed fire.

    Help me out guys

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  • Can an insufficient mathematics base really hinder potential mathematical maturity?

    I am a Biology major right now and I am going to be taking Calculus 1 in the fall prior to transferring out of my community college. Growing up I wasn't really into math simply because I didn't "get it" this is was evident ever since my elementary school teachers would speak to my father about my weakness in math and when my dad would give me word problems to do--I got the average grades in elementary school G/S (G: Good S: Satisfactory) by the time I stared secondary school, the math I learned began to obviously grow in difficulty but I still got the B/C grades after WORKING (whereas many other "math kids" got A's because they actually were able READ math like a book and understand it without much difficulty) After I completed middle school and started high school (9-12) Algebra 1-2 and Geometry were relatively tough I had to work EXTRA hard to get B's--In fact Algebra 2 was a C. I also took Trig this summer and got a C! (a course I never took in high school) My level of "native" mathematical skills were evident in my SAT and ACT scores as well--scoring 470 and 17 on the math sections respectively for each standardized scores. What does all of this say about the way my brain functions when it comes to mathematics? now that the semester is rolling up how can I prep for Calculus considering the fact that our brains have neuro-plastic traits to them (which I find funny because no matter how hard I try to understand math it just doesn't seem to click) I was thinking binural beats would help (brain treatment with sound that are beta waves, delta and alpha) idk

    I resent the fact that I am not a natural at math, sometimes I get really depressed about this fact because my lack of mathematical comprehension hindered my abilities to get accepted into my dream college (West Point; and apparently since military academies stress in areas of STEM. Mathematical skills will really help due to the demanding math courses that cadets/midshipmen take) In the long run I fear that my lack of math skills and inability to understand math as naturally as I would like will prevent me from having the career of my choice. I really want to do research and contribute greatly in global prevention of biological warfare--bio-defense and what leads to this is passing math courses in college with good grades as well as the sciences to be as competitive as possible.

    Need some good advice guys! thanks

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  • Attracting "oblivious" girls?

    There is this girl I see often at my community college, she is pretty and all but seems really clueless when I talk to her. It not like I am speaking a different language or saying something weird, she just doesn't seem to get it. A buddy of mine told me that she isn't worth talking to because she acts this way, but I think that is a little messed up and will try my best to get to know her more and more. Is it possible to attract such types of women? how much effort would it take? need some good advice guys no b/s answers


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  • K9 Web Protection affecting YouTube?

    Hey guys I tried using the K9 Web Protection (free download and use) and I really like it, however, every time I try to watch videos on YouTube the clip doesn't buffer all the way--especially if its a long video (video would partially load up and ends there) why is this? and how can I use this software while not having problems with YouTube??

    (Also, when I uninstall the software my YouTube goes back to normal....I don't get it--what does this software have to do with YouTube?)

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  • Is giving girls a kiss on the cheek bad?

    Im kind of tired of the typical "hug" when I see girls I know or have met, I've seen men give girls a peck on the the cheek and then then a hug and this is what I want to start doing. However I feel that girls (especially the younger ones who think they know all about the law) will try to hit me with a sexual assault accusation and report me to the police--and to be honest this this particular reason is what has made me fear being flirtatious, having fun around women, fearing rejection by beautiful women, and even approaching them. Society has pulled me away from my natural "child" state of mind when I am around women. As a kid I didn't even care, I would kiss a girl on the cheek and she would giggle, I would tease her in a playful manner and she would blush or tease me back. Nowadays society has made me feel the need to "keep it all in" such as my RAW feelings towards a girl (didn't have that problem before) Now I am trying to re-adjust myself to be that careless confident dude that just wants to have some fun

    I need some advice guys (sorry I went off on a bit of a tangent but I had to have this expressed)

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  • Can one be an Alpha Male without a drivers license?

    I know the two almost have NO relationship, but I want to know if not having a car or even drivers license will kill any chance with a gorgeous woman. I feel like I am a beta male (I do have a bit of alpha in me but I can be timid) I also go to a community college so having "easier access" so to speak, with beautiful woman is not in my favor (when I mean easier access, I mean to say the opportunity to spend time with a beautiful girl on and off campus/privilege to see a lot on campus, and very often) the women that attend my community college vary in age, and come and go. Some just take one class and go off to work or take one class on my campus and drive to a sister campus and take a class there. They have NO time for anything outside their obligations--busy, busy, busy, ON THE GO!!

    It can even be difficult to sit one down and have coffee or even set up a small date.

    1) Tell me the true meaning of an Alpha Male and how to be one (no biased information)

    2) Will having no car kill any chance I have with a woman

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  • How can I not be fake about quitting sexual immorality?

    I am masturbating once a day to cam models spending unnecessary money. I need help trying to get out of this and finding the time to spend time with God. Because of 13 years of this I suspect that it is masturbation that has caused me to not reach my potential in whatever I decide to do. I need a way out. I act like a hypocrite but what differentiates me from a TRUE christian is that at the exact moment of my temptation I fall into the devil's trap 99.9% of the time and afterwards I feel guilt and I DON'T deal with it.

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