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  • Should I stay with him or should I go? ?

    Hello world,

    Idk if people still come on here anymore but I’m in need of desperate help.

    My boyfriend and I have been struggling for a bit, about a month. He struggles to communicate with me, open up to me, depression, anxiety, and occasionally treat me with respect. I on the other hand struggle with depression, anxiety, occasional communication, self esteem, and stress which I do not take out on him but I keep it in and it effects our relationship. Our sexual life has lacked too, more so for me. I’ve told him he needs to see a doctor for his anxiety and depression but he denies it would help. I respect his thoughts but have only encouraged him to go. Rather than taking his issues out on other things, he will take it out on me, verbally. (No verbal or physical abuse)

    With that, I can’t see living without him. We have had such great experiences together. We go on new adventures all the time, laugh so hard, and enjoy each other’s company. We motivate each other to be and do our best. I can’t imagine my life without him. I love him. But I do wish he were more a man. I feel as though I’m the man in the relationship. 

    We agreed to take a break after a big fight a few days ago. My heart aches thinking of losing him but if needed I need to do what is best for me. 

    What should I do, stay or go? 

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  • I farted in front of my boyfriend!?! Help!?!?

    I accidentally farted in front of my boyfriend... It was sorta loud... I almost stared crying after I did it because I was so embarrassed... He just said I've never heard a girl fart before... What should I do???

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  • A freshman and a junior dating?!?

    What do you think of that?

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  • wearing a thin pad with leggings?

    I want to wear leggings tomorrow but I'm on my period. The bigger problem is that my period is coming to an end and it's light so I can't wear a tampon. The pad would be a thin pad but not a liner. I'm worried about my pad showing through my leggings. The leggings are black and they are a little tight. They aren't close to being sheer tight but they aren't loose either. Will my pad show through my leggings?

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  • should I make him say he's sorry to me in person? should I even talk to him still?

    So before break I was dating this guy. We were happy until a friend of mine saw him slap a girls butt and dog whistle at her.. I confronted him about the problem but then I just broke down. I was angry and sad. So I yelled at him and walked away. He started texting me telling me that my friend was lying and that she just wanted to break us up. He lead me to believe that it was all lie. He was going to do something to my friend for making me upset. The next morning me friend who sat in front of me in that class came and told me that he was about to hit her and that he started yelling at her. A teacher saw him and this went to the office. He almost got expelled. Then she said that the guy was doing the same thing to other guys. Then I got really pissed. He normally came to see me before 3rd period. When I saw him I told him to go out into the hall, I broke up with him then. The drama didn't end there... that night he blew up at me over text and said something that were very hurtful. I was so depressed that night I wanted to shoot myself. A night later the guy texted me 4 text messages saying that he was sorry and that I'm the love of his life. I forgave him. But I feel like it was a big mistake. I feel like what he had said to me will never leave me. We talked almost the whole winter break and im going to see him tomorrow. Im not excited to see him because it doesnt feel right. Should I get him to say he's sorry to me in person before I take our friendship any futher?

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  • Freshman girl dating a 8th grade guy?

    Is it weird? I mean I met a really great guy at a football game last night and he's in 8th grade. He was flirting with me too and had me put my number into his phone. We arnt dating (that would be way to fast) but I'm just curious to see what people would think of anyone did date like this...

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  • Still no period after 6 days?!?? Help?

    Sooo I'm 14 and my period started when I was 11 or 12 (I can't remember). I am on birth control pills for my irregular 10-12 day periods. Recently (4 weeks ago) I became a goalie on my high shook soccer team. That mean 2 hours of practice 3-5 days a week. My period still hasn't come when it was supposed to start 5 (almost 6) days ago. This has never happens to me before and I'm not sure what to do. I've been wearing thin pads just incase my period starts. But I've had no signs of my period coming. No sore boobs, tender stomach, nothing! Have I missed my period for this month because of exercise and the birth control pills? And how should I deal with this? (pad or no pad, and other help) What to expect? When will my period come next?

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  • High school period help??!?

    Hi there! So my period is supposed to start and I'm a freshman in high school. It's the first time my period will be going in high school. But my only problem is I don't know when to change. School starts at 7:30 and I don't eat lunch until like 11:30. We only have 5 minute break in between classes too. My period is heavy the first 5-6 days (working on that) so it will still be heavy after the weekend. When should I change? Also I need a period kit. My backpack isn't very big so I need something small. Where should I put my tampons that I will need to change into? Thanks!

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  • Dd I blow my chances of a guy asking me to homecoming?

    So there's a guy that's wants to ask me to homecoming. It turns out his friends blew his cover (I don't even think he knows) and have me hints that he was going to ask me. But today I got so caught up into thinking "is he really going to ask me to homecoming, that's weird, why me?" And soooo many other questions I was stupid and went up to his friends and asked "is ___ going to ask me to homecoming?" All of his friends just went blabbing on in like 20 different conversations all at once. They never really gave me an answer so I just walked away. After I'm like, crap, now his friends are going to tell him that I know, and now he probably won't ask me to homecoming. The guy is really sweet and I would love to go with him. Did I destroy my chances of being asked to homecoming by the guy? :(

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  • What eyeliner should I use?

    SOO i need to get new eyeliner but I'm not sure what I should get. I want a drugstore eyeliner because I'm not going to spend $20 on something like that. I wear contacts so something that doesn't flake off or that could get into my eyes. I would like something that glides on easily too. I would be using this eyeliner for my eyelids and not my waterline. Waterproof or not either is ok. I'm not sure between luquid or pencil eyeliner so that would be helpful too. It can only be in drugstores, so $5 or less. Thanks!

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  • You to hide the big bra strap in back to wear a dress?

    Hey der! Sooo I want to wear a dress that I got for the first day of school... But the problem is my bra strap shows on the back. The straps on my shoulders are fine it's just the strap in back shows about 1 inch. I'm not allowed to show the straps at all. I've looked on Pinterest but t just shows shoulder straps. Any help on hiding the strap in back? (I can wear a sweater but I don't really want to, but I can if there's no way)

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  • My kneecap moved down my leg?

    Sooo I'm a goalie and I had practice today. At practice I was put I. A situation where I had to make a far dive. I dive and I just feel this sharp pain in my knee. I felt my kneecap slide down my leg as soon as my knee hit the ground. After I got up I could walk by my knee was very tight. I could move it just fine but my skin felt tight. It's been 6 hours since and my knee is swollen. It feels like I have pins being poked into my knee every second. I know theirs no sudden need to go to the hospital/doctor but what it is? What should I do?

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  • What are my chances of getting on to high school soccer team?

    I'm a freshman girl and I am trying out for my high school soccer team. I am VERY nervous. Ive been doubting that I will even get on to the team with how I am now. I am a goalie keeper. My skills are great (1st place tournament and 2nd place in a tournament) I am practicing/ getting ready. But my speed isn't like fast. I'm fast but not that fast. That's what's worrying me. Like REALLY worrying me. My high school expects great teams because the football team is great. I'm really worried. Any help?

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  • High school girls soccer tryouts?

    Hi there! Sooooo I. Have high school girls soccer tryouts coming up soon. I'm going to be a freshman so I have no idea what to expect. There are two teams for all high school girls. Varsity and junior varsity. The school I'm going to expects big from their sports team. I'm a goalie keeper. When I went to a scrimmage there were only 3. That means 2 per team. Other keepers might be trying out too. My only issue is I don't know what to expect. Any help?

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  • Having problems with my weight?

    So I'm 14 and I'm having self concious problems. It's only my weight. I'm 5'3 and 160 pounds. The last few days I've been trying to shop for school clothes. Out of 3 malls, lots of stores, I only found a shirt and a scarf that matches. Yay. But today has been the worst. I asked my mom of I could go shopping with a friend last night and she said ya go ahead and ask her. (She fell asleep so I told her brother to call me in the mornin) she never did. But whatever. After I did my hair I went to see what my mom was doing. The thing she said what "you never wear the clothes we got when you went on the school trip. What else do you need." Then it just completely hit me. I remembered the way she looks at me whenever I buy candy. The way she always say yeah that looks nice when she looks at her phone when I go shopping with her. I've told myself whoever she does that to me again I'm just gonna ask "why do you look at me like I'm disgusting?!?" All day I've just Been miserable. If I tell my mom how I'm feeling she's just going to back fire and be like "well you should start running again. Soccer tryouts are coming up what happens then?" And all that ****!!!! She's gonna be like well why don't you do something about it. I JUST WANNA GO SIT IN A HOLE AND CRY MY FRICKEN WEIGHT OFF!!!! I was going to take my friend to the mall so she can help me with clothes since she has good taste. But since my mom said that. *points gun to head* nothing. What should I do? I'm iust so sad....

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  • Plus size teen clothing ideas?

    Hello there! So I'm going school shopping tomorrow and I need some help. I'm 14, sometimes plus size sometimes not plus size. I have a really difficult time picking out clothes. Either I have REALLY bad taste or I'm just so self concious I hate everything that I try on. I just need some inspiration to help me know what I really want that would look good on a plus soze girl. I'm going into high school being known as t-shirt and blue jeans girl. But I want to change that. So some teen plus size fashion ideas would help. The only reason I'm plus size is because I have really broad shoulders. So tops/jackets are the only clothing items I need in plus size

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  • Is the pain because of my wisdom teeth?

    My jaw is hurting like fricken crap! If my upper jaw isn't hurting then it's my lower jaw. It seems like my upper jaw is hurting more than my lower jaw. Both of my parents had their wisdom teeth removed my mom about 13 or 14 and my dad when he was 18. I'm 14. Right now the whole pain in my lower law is gone but my upper jaw to my middle part of the back of my jaw. (I know, it sounds confusing) my parents know that my jaw is hurting and they told me to wait and see how things go. Sooo are these signs of needing my wisdom teeth to be pulled? Help? I took a Tylenol to stop the pain. It's not working.

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  • What are some good clothing lines?

    Hi! So I'm going school shopping for clothes and I need some help. I'm on the chubby/fat side and I need some ideas for shops/clothing lines that look good on chubby girls. Thanks!

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  • School shopping?

    Soooo I'm going school shopping because I REALLY need new clothes. (T-shirt, sweatshirt, jeans loner!) but I have the WORST time picking out clothes that might actually look good on me. I have never been able to pick out clothes that look good on me. I'm going into high school so I need to make I guess a new me because the me now. Sucks. I mean a lot. I want a new style but I just can't think what would look good on me. I'm on the cubby/fat side, I have medium/shoulder length hair, green eyes, and I have the choice on wearing black, somewhat nerdy glasses. I thought maybe the army style would look good but I'm not that smart on fashion. Any help or ideas?

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  • How do I pick out clothes that are right for me?

    Soooo I'm going school shopping because I REALLY need new clothes. (T-shirt, sweatshirt, jeans loner!) but I have the WORST time picking out clothes that might actually look good on me. I have never been able to pick out clothes that look good on me. I'm going into high school so I need to make I guess a new me because the me now. Sucks. I mean a lot. I want a new style but I just can't think what would look good on me. I'm on the cubby/fat side, I have medium/shoulder length hair, green eyes, and I have the choice on wearing black, somewhat nerdy glasses. I thought maybe the army style would look good but I'm not that smart on fashion. Any help or ideas?

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