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  • Help with conception/due date?

    Is there a way to estimate my due date based on the day of intercourse?

    Every calendar I see had date of LMP which I am unsure of because I have a very irregular cycle.

    I had intercourse on December 23, 2013, I know sperm can live for up to 7 days afterward, So would it be okay to assume that my due would be within the dates of conception happening on the 23 to the 30th?

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  • what kind of mounting adapter plate do I need?

    I recently bought another car, and have an old stereo which id like to put in, my friend told me I need a mounting adapter plate.. How do I know what kind to get?

    car is a ford windstar 2001

    stereo is a dual manufactured in 2010 model xdm6350

    any ideas where I can get this info or anyone who knows?

    thanks ahead of time

    1 AnswerCar Audio7 years ago
  • Would it hurt my baby to feed him formula on occasion?

    My son is now 10 weeks and I just feel like I cant keep up with it. He seems to have been eating constantly recently, and I am having a hard time pumping. I breastfed my oldest until he was 11 months, he never went on a bottle. I have a lot busier of a schedule now, and are out and about most of the time. Days when we are out for the whole day I think how much easier it would be to just give him a bottle, would it upset his stomach to use formula from time to time? Id like to continue breastfeeding as well. Would it be better to completely switch to formula, or breastfeed half the time and formula half, or can I just give him formula when I need to? I worry it will upset his stomach. I plan on talking with our doctor at our next appointment, just wanted to get advice and a heads up on what to expect! Thanks in advance!

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  • Mucus, no bloody show? Irregular contractions. How much longer!?

    Hello All! I am currently 40 weeks and 5 days pregnant, with my second child. So 5 days past my due date. At my last appointment 6 days ago I was 3 centimeters dilated and 50% effaced, my doctor told me any day now, and I am still waiting.. I have been having irregular contractions off and on all day and night for the past 2 weeks, in the last few days they have been getting stronger. I have been discharging mucus for the past week, in big globs which I am assuming is my mucus plug, but it hasn't had a pink, brown or red in it. In the past couple days I havent had any mucus discharge, Now that I am 3 centimeters shouldn't my mucus plug be gone already? I remember with my first I lost my mucus in 2 globs, and they were pink, I had him that night. It seems like this is taking forever! Has anyone else had bits of the mucus plug come out slowly and no "bloody show?", or do I still have some time to go?

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  • Why does my dog pee on my bed?

    We have had our dog for about 2 months now, she is nearly 6 months old. She was potty trained when we got her and had few accidents when left in the house alone. Lately whenever we go somewhere and she gets left home by herself we come home and find pee and/or poop on our bed. Why does she do this? We never kenneled her but are going to start to. We used to be able to leave and come home most of the time to no accidents but occasionally a mess on the floor, but lately she has been going into our bedroom, getting onto our bed to poop and pee when we leave her home? Is she doing it on purpose to be spiteful? She never did this before, it just started in the past 2 weeks or so. I just don't understand why she can get into our room onto our bed, like its not an accident on the floor... My husband is at his wits end and ready to get rid of her, I am almost there, my 4 year olds love for her makes it harder. Please help!!

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  • Is this my mucus plug?

    I am 38 weeks along with my second child, lately my belly has been getting rock hard which I'm assuming is contractions, no pattern yet so nothing significant. I was telling my Dr at last weeks appointment about them, and how Ive been feeling a lot of pressure very low, He said we were going to hold off another week or 2 until we do an exam to reduce risk of infection, I see him this Friday and am going to request an exam to see if anything is happen.. That being said I have no idea if I am dialating at all yet, but a few days ago I had a little bit of mucus discharge, then last night a big clump of mucus, so much I called my husband in.. Today I had some more, and the contractions are seeming stronger but no pattern yet. With my first I had my membranes stripped and lost my mucus plug is 2 big pink mucus pieces so this is different for me.. Is this me loosing my mucus plug, or something else? Thanks in advance

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  • How often do you feel your baby kick? When is he/she most active?

    Im 22 weeks along with my second child, another boy. I dont remember feeling kicks with my first until later on, this one Ive been feeling for a few weeks already, and he is so active! Everytime I eat he gets bumping, at night time when I lay down he bounces and kicks so much it keeps me awake! Off and on randomly all day long hes moving and kicking! How often do you feel your baby move, and when do you feel it the most?

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  • A few questions about unemployment?

    Rumors have been going around that my boss is closing, and theres been quite a few happenings in the store to confirm it. He hasnt officially told us employees but we know its coming. Me having only been a part time employee (20 hours weekly) could I still recieve unemployment if he closes? Also, I am actually currently 22 weeks pregnant, with my due date of Sept 4, I was planning on being out for a while then coming back, could I still get it then, say if Im out a week or a few weeks after the baby then he closes as I have no job to return too?

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  • Picked a first name, which sounds better for middle name?

    Jaxon John Mase, or Jaxon Johnathan Mase? Weve settled on Jaxon, and one of these for middle, whats best in your opinion?

    8 AnswersBaby Names8 years ago
  • How should I respond to such judgemental people?

    My husband (26 yrs old) and I (24 yrs old) are expecting our second child, another boy early September. I am 21 weeks along, our other child is now 4. I have been working at a deli/store for nearly 3 years, and plan on staying until August. Most of our customers are regulars, who know me, my husband, have even met my son, some of them are kind, some of them are just downright rude and nosey. Majority congratulated me, and my husband if he happened to bump into them, but others are so rude. Ive gotten the "wow another, children having children" , or the "another mouth for the taxpayers to feed". Just downright rude, my husband and I do not even receive assistance, and our ages do not matter. we both work, we rent a 3 bedroom house and have a large yard, we are not 100% well off with finances but we make do, we always have. How can I politely tell these rude customers to "F off and mind their business". Ive told my boss, he says to tell them outright and not to worry if they dont come back. Any advice?

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  • Which boy name sounds better?

    Jaxon John Mase, or Mason John Mase?

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  • Help me pick a boy name!?

    Johnathan or John as a middle name. Mase as the last. Currently Im debating Brenton Johnathan Mase.. Any other suggestions!?

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  • Mother In Law fights for attention.?

    My mother in law, is, well an in law. She doesnt work, she lives with her sister. She used to be horrible but has gotten better over the years. My husband and I have been together for 9 years, married for 1 of those, our son is 4 and we are 21 weeks along with our second. I understand growing up all they had was each other, and they are close, as am I with my family. She asks to sleepover all the time, which I think is strange, but once a month is ok, but when shes over she competes with me for my husbands attention. She stayed with us last night, and went home this morning. We woke up and I made breakfast, set plates on the table, and she moved mine to sit next to my husband. After we were sitting on the couch, I got up to use the restroom, and she took my seat. We were outside and my husband was repairing our backsteps, and I was chatting with him, and she walks over steps in front of me and starts a new convo. What is wrong with her! Im not sure if its just me thinking this or if its really happening.

    2 AnswersFamily8 years ago
  • When do you feel your baby move the most?

    Im 20 weeks and 4 days along with my second child, and just wondering when other moms to be feel their baby moving most. I feel mine most a few minutes after Ive finished eating (like crazy if its something I was really craving) and a lot at night time as Im trying to fall asleep!!

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  • For Fun.. Can you guess what Im having?

    I am 20 weeks pregnant with my second child. My first I never got sick, always felt great, craved blts, doritos and orange juice, and everything went perfectly until the last miserable month! 4 and 1/2 years later, morning sickness off and on randomly all day, breaking out which is totaly new for me, been craving mountain dew and twix ice cream, I feel like I am carrying lower, and my husband says my belly is smaller than I was at this point than with the first but he notices a bit more weight in my bum, my first from behind you couldnt even tell I was pregnant!! Any guesses!? I have my ultrasound on Monday!!

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  • Does my boss legally have to tell me hes selling?

    Ive just heard from a good friend of my boss, that he is selling the store I work in. I only work part time, and do not receive benefits. But does my boss have an obligation to tell me he is selling the store? I worry my job may not be secure. Currently there are only 3 other woman that work here as well. Things are not always done properly (I work an 8 hour shift on fridays, then a 12 hour on saturdays, no breaks or lunch). I let my boss know a few weeks ago I am expecting, Im now 20 weeks pregnant, and thought it was strange he hadnt asked me how long I plan to stay and if I plan on returning and when.

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics8 years ago
  • Who do I contact to complan about my neighbors dog...?

    I recently moved in to my grandmother old house, which my husband and I inherited. Its lovely. Except for the nuisance dog next door, (which even in my grandmothers day). So knowing the dog and the owners I walked next door to inform them of my trash being torn open daily, and dog poo in my walkway. They apologized, said the dog is now 13 and would keep a better eye on her. A month later, there is no change. The dog knocks over our trash bins that weve moved to the porch, tears it open and usually leaves a stinky pile in our walkway. Ive written a letter, hoping to be more formal, and still no change. ive gone online and looked up the laws, and this is a crime, fish and game 466:31 dog is a nuisance, a menace, or vicious, part c, a dog digs, scratches, or causes waste or garbage to be scattered on property other than its owners. Which is exact our issue. Im just not sure who to contact about this. We have no local police, we rely on state police and they surely have more important work to do. Ideas?

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  • Has anyone not had a second ultrasound? (gender reveal)?

    I go in for my 20 week appointment next week. I still do not have a second ultrasound appointment yet. When I was in for my 16 week appointment, my doctor told me because its my second, everything is going great, there may not be a need for a second ultrasound. He said they do a second to measure the babys growth, all the fluids and what not, but I may not have a medical need for the second ultrasound. I wonder if its because of my type of insurance. I was shocked and didnt think in time to say anything, but planning on telling them Id like one done anyways, especially this is when we can possibly reveal the gender. Has anyone else had this happen?

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  • Id like to start a blog...?

    What is the best free site to start a blog on? Ive looked around briefly and havent notice anything significant. What are some of the more popular blog sites?

    5 AnswersBooks & Authors8 years ago
  • Backache at 19 weeks? Too soon? Anyone else?

    This is my second pregnancy. my first was great, I never got sick, I felt great all until the last month. Im pregnant with my second now, this time I had been getting indigestion, feeling sick, sore breasts, And now at 19 weeks I am still so tired all the time, my back aches, mostly my lower back into my butt cheeks, sometimes I feel as though its charliehorsed.. Is this too soon to feel this way? Anyone else feel like this around 19 weeks or so?

    2 AnswersPregnancy8 years ago