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  • Im 16 can i go on a cruise with my 18 year old boyfriend?

    im 16 and my boyfriend is 18. We wanna go on a cruise. Is that possible? How could we do it?

  • what does my boyfriend want me too do?

    i like him a lot. alot more than i thought i would.. but he treats me like we're in a movie when we're together we play fight he gives me piggy back rides. but he lives 45 mins aways so we can only see each other on weekends.. and now that hes getting a new job. he said that he doesn't see how we can be together cause we'll never see eachother. i asked him what he wanted and he said "you all the time" he's giving mixed signals and i like him so much so whats he really wanna do should i move on or keep trying? or **** even give it time?

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  • what can i use for a nose ring?

    me and my friend lost her nose ring and it was the only one that she had what else could she use too keep it from closing? just untill in the morning

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  • how to unblock instagram at school?

    they blocked instagram at school and we have macbook's but we can't get on the appstore please help me figure out to unblock instagram

    4 AnswersFacebook8 years ago
  • can you get married w/o parental consent if your pregnant?

    im about to be 16 and im pregnant can i get married without parental consent in alabama please help!

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  • what should i say back to my boyfriend?

    I love you my angel, your my world, my moon, my sunshine, my everything. Your tha best girlfriend ive ever had and when im with you ive never been happier. Your my butterfly, my honeybee <3 i love you my angel, i hope my sweet princess sleeps good tonight and messages or texts me in tha morning. I love you more than life itself, and if anything ever happened to you i'd be by your side until you were gone, and if you left this world and werent coming back i'd kill myself cuz your all i have to live for. I love you my angel, sleep tight my sweet princess <3 i hope you have a great day at school tomorrow baby girl(: just know that your on my mind and always have my heart<3 thats what he said to mee im not the best at this kinda stuff so will someone please help me figure out what to say back to him?(: please....(:

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  • whats the funniest video on youtube?

    whats the funniest video on youtube that you have seen please leave comments below!(: thanks!!(:

    5 AnswersYouTube8 years ago
  • how to build a fort in the woods?

    how do you build a badass fort in the woods with some neighborhood kids cause we al need a place to hangout so that we go under it when it rains and have parties back there just please give me a few ideas and be specific please!! thanks!(:

  • help with mid-term study guide!! history?

    Because of Martin Luther's 95 Theses, the Christian Church broke into 2 branches.  One branch was the Catholic Church; the other was the _____________ church.

    please help it would be greatly appreciated(:

    1 AnswerStudying Abroad8 years ago
  • my bestfriend said she doesn't think we should be friends anymore?

    she said that she doesn't wanna be friends anymore because "im a bad influence" when reality of it is i do get in trouble but so does she. About 2 weeks ago we ran away and the only reason i went with her is because she didnt wanna go by herself and i when we got caught i got put on probation and now i have to go to these drug classes but she told everybody that it was my idea when reality of it was that it wasn't my idea at all everybody says we are nothing but trouble but thats not true and honestly if anybody's a bad influence its her ughh what should i do?!?!

    3 AnswersFriends8 years ago
  • do i need medical help immediately?

    well only the right side if my throat is swollen it hurts SO bad i can barely swallow my own spit i haven't really lost my apetite but i hurts so bad too swallow it makes me almost cry and i dont know if this is useful but everytime i swallow my spit or something it hurts my ear REALLY bad i can't sleep because it hurts so bad ive tried EVERYTHING from alkasetzer to asprin to garguling salt water NOTHING helps its sooo painful i get sore throat like 2 times a year but it's NEVER hurt this bad

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  • my boyfriends 17 about too be 18 in december I'm 14 about too be 15 is that bad?

    we've been together for over 2 months im honestly in love with him i think hes the guy i wanna marry....

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