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  • Has anyone used

    I have developed a study guide for use by 10th grade to University students, and someone recommended that I sell it on

    Does anyone have any experience with this e-publisher, either buying their products or selling your own materials? I'm interested in using them but I'd like first-hand info if I can get it!

    1 AnswerTeaching1 decade ago
  • Will my bank let me reuse check numbers?

    I ordered two boxes of checks from Vista Print, and there was a mix-up on the order: they came with numbers that I had already used (checks 1600 to 1900). I contacted Vista Print, and they credited my account and I ordered new checks with the correct numbers. They told me to shred the misprinted ones.

    Because I'm a cheapskate and don't want to order more checks, will the bank let me write checks with numbers that have already been used? What will they do if they get a second check #1600 when that number had been used two years ago?

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  • Altitude sickness from descending too quickly?

    I know you can get altitude sickness by ascending too quickly. Are there any health effects from descending too quickly?

    Specifically, a 5-day Mount Kenya trek gives one day of acclimatization before reaching the highest point, but then there is no acclimatization period on descent. Is this because a too-quick descent has no side effects?

    1 AnswerHealth & Safety1 decade ago
  • MS Office 2007 and Acrobat Pro?

    I recently upgraded to MS Office 2007, and I have Acrobat Pro 7.0 already installed. How do I make a pdf from a Word document? Word 2003 had a button that would do this, or I could select it from the pull-down menu.

    Word 2007 says that I have the Adobe pdf Maker plug-in installed, but I cannot find the "Convert to pdf" button or menu option anywhere!

    Any help?

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  • What religion did the Arabic people practice before Mohammed?

    I know that Muslims recognize Moses and Jesus as prophets, and that they are descended from Abraham's son Ishmael. But for the 2000+ years between Ishmael and Mohammed, what do we know about their religion?

    It had to be a Yahwish religion, or they wouldn't have accepted it when Mohammed came along, and I can't imagine them being adherents to Judaism or Christianity (which was only 600 years old when Mohammed lived anyway).

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  • Nighttime hot flashes - and I'm male!?

    Most nights, within an hour after I fall asleep, I'll sometimes wake up drenched in sweat and roasting. Several hours later, I'll be freezing (no surprise there, actually).

    It doesn't cause more than an inconvenience, and I just have to wash the pillows and sheets more often to control the BO.

    My wife is more concerned about it than I am. I'm just wondering if anyone knows what causes this or how many men experience this.

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  • Has anyone used Open Office Suite?

    I want to cut the cord to Microsoft as much as I can, but I am reluctant due to some of the features Word/Excel/PowerPoint have that I use all the time.

    1) Track changes and comments. Does Open Office have this? If an OO document has tracked changes and comments, will someone with Word be able to see them and accept/reject the changes? I do freelance editing and the documents come to me as Word files, which I edit and send back.

    2) Charts, tables and graphs in Excel. For my day job, I have to produce lots of graphs for presentations and papers. Are the OO graphing features as powerful as those in Excel?

    3) Calculations in Excel. I usually have to convert raw data via formulas to final data. Is this done as easily in OO as in Excel?

    4) Presentations. Will a presentation generated in OO run without error in PowerPoint?

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  • Where did the Egypt pharaohs reside?

    At Luxor (Thebes), all of the ruins are either religious temples or tombs. Where was the palace? Where did the pharaoh actually live, receive visitors, etc? I've read what feels like the entire web and nobody can tell me! Are there ruins that can be visited?

    1 AnswerHistory1 decade ago