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  • Where to buy vegan, cruelty-free products in Orange County, CA?

    I'm vegan and I recently (meaning today) decided to adopt a cruelty free lifestyle (as much as possible) after some research on animal testing. I am looking for vegan, cruelty free products and am currently in need of shampoo, concealer, toothpaste, lotion, moisturizer and soap. Of course, in the near future I will be expanding the products I support so anything will be helpful. I live in Orange County and am looking for specific locations since I do not want to order online. This would be a great help. Thank you in advance!

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  • Jogging in the pool: helpful or not?

    Jogging on land hurts my knees a lot and I heard that exercising in the pool is easier on the joints. I jogged laps in the shallow part of the pool and when I got to the deep part, I doggie paddled. However, I felt like I didn't exercise at all. Is this actually helping me or am I just wasting my time? If it is helpful, are there ways to make the workout more effective?

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  • Johnny's Entertainment group visit two different families of the same ethnicity for a TV show?

    I'm trying to remember what show either Arashi or Kanjani8 or NEWS (or another group, I'm not sure) participated in where they visit different families from the same country who currently reside in Japan and check how many of the same items they have in their home. They visited families from Mexico and India. They also visited the homes of otakus to see what they had in common. Does anyone know the name of the show?

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  • Persuasive speech topic on vegan...?

    I have to present a 5-7 minute persuasive speech and I wanted the topic to be vegan related. Obviously, I can't convert anyone to veganism in 5-7 minutes so I was thinking along the lines of replacing one or a few everyday, non-vegan items to vegan ones and try to convince them with why it is beneficial and such. I tried veganaise but I can't find enough information to fulfill the requirements of the speech. Can anyone suggest another vegan product or perhaps another specific topic that is vegan related?

    Please answer the question sincerely and do not attack me or veganism. If you honestly cannot answer the question properly and want to type some garbage up to get points, then restrain yourself and kindly leave. Thank you.

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  • Need help on how to write a Japanese address on a japanese website immediately, please!!!?

    I'm trying to enter a raffle drawing for tickets to go to a Super Junior fan meeting in Tokyo.

    This is the website for the raffle drawing.

    Every time I put in the Japanese address of the hotel where I will be staying, it always says that the address I put in is illegitimate.

    This hotel is where I will be staying.

    Address: 2-24-2 Asakusa Taito-ku, TOKYO 111-0032 TEL:03-3847-8111

    サクラホステル浅草 〒111-0032 東京都台東区浅草2-24-2 電話:03-3847-8111

    I use the English version, I use the Japanese version but neither seems to work.

    And the website also mentions using Half angle Alphanumeric and I tried using that version of Alphanumeric but it doesn't work either.

    Is the address illegitimate because it is a hotel or is it because I'm putting in the wrong address?

    Please help me ASAP, the drawing is going to end in 10 hours!


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  • What type of vegan food can I bring in my luggage going to Philippines to survive and still remain vegan?

    I am a vegan and I am going on a two week trip to Hong Kong and Philippines. My family are all non-vegans so I am planning on buying food and packing it in my luggage so that I won't worry about starving. What type of food, that is allowed by the airlines Cathay Pacific, can I pack in my luggage that won't spoil on the 14 hour plane ride?

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  • Korean Music Festival!!?

    I'm going to the Korean Music Festival on May 17th and I read about picnic baskets and such but I'm not really sure if it applies to all seats. My seat is in section J2, row 2, seat 23 and 25. Does anyone know what I'm supposed to prepare before getting there and what on earth do we need picnic baskets for?

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  • the name of the french dessert during christmas with beans in it???

    There's this tradition in france where they put two beans in a cake or a pie, I do not remember. But the tradition is that whoever gets the slices of the pie/cake with the bean in it, they get to be queen/king for the day. Does anyone know the name of the dessert?

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  • vegan recipes?

    Does anyone have a vegan recipe or the name of one that you would recommend that's easy to make and find ingredients for?

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