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  • Was my pot laced with something?

    Okay so the first time I ever smoked weed we were doing it out of a bottle at school and I took like 5-10 tokes I can't remember. But then I was fine when I was sitting and when I stood up I got the biggest buzz every. My eyes went to fish bowls and I was stumbling and walking like I was drunk when I spoke it was long and slow when I looked at my feet to try and walk straight I felt like I was in a cartoon and when I went to fix my hair my arm felt like I was in a video game. I smoked weed after but it doesn't get me high anymore like the first I barely ever get high but the other day I got high again and the same thing started happening so I stopped but I was really tired and fell asleep standing up. Was my weed laced the first time or ? Why did that happen?

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  • How old do you have to be to get your nipples pierced?

    I live in kitchener ontario canada. I really want to get my nipples pierced or clitorus for some excitment with my boyfriend. In 23 days on my birthday. But I don't know how old you have to be? I know most are 16 but is it older or no restrictions?

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  • Ways to turn a guy on... guys only please !?

    Hey guys, I'm looking for fast easy ways to turn a guy on.

    I talk to this guy over text and facebook, and stuff. But I can't see him in person allot because he lives so far away maybe once or twice a year, anyways, we "talk" everyday, and I tell him things some dirty things that he really seems to like , some exxamples;

    You and me cuddling = ill start with my hand on top of your pants , and then imm slip in them, and ill start to give you a hand job, then ill bring it out and swing my legs so they are wide open with yours between mine, and then ill kiss all down your body till I get to your **** and I kiss up and down your shaft , and Ill suck on it a little bit all over, and ill give you a hand job and ill put your **** between my ****, and ill rub them up and down on it, and make them bounce on your ****, and then ill runb your **** down my body to my ***** and ill stick it in my slit and ill make your first time your best time ;)

    Or when he asks how I would blow him I told him ;

    okay you really wanna know how I do a bj?

    okay, so at first, ill kiss you or make out with you, or ill just cuddle with you and start kissing your neck,which ever you pref, and take off your shirt and kiss all down your body, till I get to yur pants and I'll slowly undo your pants ande take them off and then I'd just lower yur boxers a bit and kiss and gently suck around it..then I'd put my hand in yur boxers and play with yur **** a bit and then take yur boxers off. and play with yur **** some more and then I'd kiss yur shaft and the take the tip in my mouth, and suck it while giving you a hand job, and slowly, ill make my way to full **** in my mouth and giving you a hand job at the same time ( that takes mad skill (; ) and ill go faster till you *** ;) (and I'd use the soft & sensitive spots to turn yu on (; )

    He said he loved them, I was embaressed at first untill he said that, I put so much detail because that's all he asks for,

    Now I need easy, quick, ways to turn him on

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  • I SERIOUSLY need help with this?

    Okay, so i burnt myself pretty bad, it just started out as swelling and redness and a few days past and i got a small blister , my younger sister is always on my leg, so it was pretty painful, every time i looked at my leg i would see it and i have had this happen once before, but i didn't like the blister being so big because i was afraid it was going to pop so i tryed to pop it, it didn't work what happened was the fluid pushed more skin up to make more room for it. the past few days its been really painful especially with my younger sister on it all the time not knowing its there. ANYWAYS, so i was just looking at it and i thought i cant take this anymore, so i pushed up the skin with the fluids and i used my two fingernails to rub together to cut it open... it worked, the fluid came out, and then it was just extra skin, so me being dumb i ripped all the skin from where the fluid was off, and a little extra by mistake. now where the blister was its bright red, my skin is sticky and has bumps on it, almost like goose bumps where the blister wasn't its very tight and numb to poke painful other wise the bright red spot kills when i try and blow on it to dry it, its painful to even try to touch. WHAT DO I DO ?! what is wrong with it? why is it bright red, why is the other part tight and yellow ?

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  • Okay I need advice, preferably from a guy,?

    Okay, so! .. Not this sunday coming up but next sunday I am meeting up with my bestfriend, a year ago I met him & we didn talk, untill a few weeks ago, and once we started talking we joked around and becme "bestfriends" ever since we have been trying to hang but we couldnnt because something always came up, but next weekend for sure were going to hangout , ANYWAYS we kinda flirt and I'm not sure if he likes me, 1) how do I tell if he likes me? 2) I'm a bigger girl, so how in the hell do I make myself look thinner and better looking? Ways to wear my hair that's more attractive and apealing to guys? What kind of makeup or like how ? Like what makes a girl look better, what makes a girl stand out? Please help?!

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    Hey, guys, so I am going to see this guy I really really like tomorrow, & I NEED a way to impress him!! Because I have a good hair do & cute make up, I need to look thinner I was gunna get my nails done for french tips & bring him this snack he really likes but my ***** mother is not giving me MY money!! So what do I do to look thinner & impress him? :$

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  • Guys .. can you gimmie some advice?

    Okay so I have liked this guy for 2 years now, & he flirts w/ me a bit & sends mixed signals how do I impress him?

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  • What is a easy way to LOOK thinner?

    okay, so I am kind of a bigger girl, I'm not grosly over weightjust a little chubby, & I am going to see my best friend at his high school & I know a good way to do my hair & make up but I need a quick fix to look skinny ( he is shorter than me)

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