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  • The Marshall Plan?

    The Marshall Plan

    provided $20 billion in military aid to war-torn countries in eastern Europe.

    provided funds to western European countries so that they could reconstruct their economies.

    allowed the Communists would divert U.S. funds to their own purposes.

    damaged U.S. business interests in Europe.

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  • What is the best restaurant in Dallas Tx?

    Doesnt have to be in Dallas but not too far away either. I live in Irving. Any suggestions? Im turnin 21... I just want to eat dinner and have a good drink!

    6 AnswersDallas8 years ago
  • Other beers like these?

    My boyfriend is turning 30 so i planned on getting him 30 different bottles of beer. He drinks New Castle and Heineken the most sometimes he drinks shiners. What type of beer should i be going for?

    5 AnswersBeer, Wine & Spirits8 years ago
  • Mens christmas gift ideas?

    What does a 30 yr old want for xmas?

    4 AnswersChristmas8 years ago