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  • why do these fishes keep dying?

    so my sister asked me why these fish keep dying. apparently they belong to someone she knows. she said "the person said no matter how many fishes they buy...they all die like this within a few days..." i had no idea why they are dying and was just wondering if any of you guys knew. my best guess is the water quality

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  • integrate using substitution?

    how would you solve for the question,

    use a substitution to integrate ∫ (2x-1)/(4x^2-4x)^2 dx

    find the substitution u to transform the integral into 1/16∫ u^-2 du

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  • baby fish in my crayfish tank!?

    i recently bought a blue crayfish and today i noticed baby fish swimming at the top of the water. at first i thought they were mosquito larvae but after looking it up they look nothing like mosquito larvae. the thing is there are no fish in the tank. the crayfish is the only inhabitant. so what should i do? how could they have gotten in the tank? i would like care for them to see what type of fish they are so any help is appreciated.

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  • should i remove my sick fish?

    i have a gold barb that has an ulcer and i was wondering if i should remove it to another tank to use medication. it's currently in a 29 gallon with other fish so i was wondering if the medicine will affect the other fish or shrimp in the tank if i use it. if i do move it i'll have to move it to a 10 gallon with danios and im assuming i'll have to move the danios to the 29 gallon. so should i move my fish to the 10 gallon to treat it or just treat it in the 29 gallon?

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  • Aggressive rainbow shark?

    So I just moved my rainbow shark to my 29 gallon tank and he's always chasing my other fish. The fishes he mostly chases are my gold barbs because they like to hang around the bottom and they're not that fast. He usually leaves the blood fins and shrimp alone though. Should I move him back to my 10 gallon? I know they need a bigger tank but he was very peaceful in the 10 gallon because he couldn't chase the danios and now that I moved him to the 29 gallon he's very aggressive. The 29 gallon has caves, plants, and driftwood, but if I leave him in the 29 gallon tank I plan on getting more plants to put in the way of his chasing path. Getting a bigger tank is not a choice because I have no more room for a 55 gallon tank. So should I move him back or leave him? Will my gold barbs be ok?

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  • Move rainbow shark to new tank?

    Should I move my rainbow shark to my 29 gallon tank? It's currently in a 10 gallon tank with 3 danios and the 29 gallon tank has 5 gold barbs, 3 bloodfins, 2 ghost shrimp, and 1 baby ghost shrimp. It also has 2 caves, some live plants, and driftwood. If I do move it then I might buy some more plants so it will be harder for the shark to see the other fishes. I know it should be in a 55 gal and what not but I can't get one right now because I already have two 10 gallon tanks and one 29 gallon tank so unless I sell those tanks I cant get a 55 gal. The shark is currently around 3 inches long.

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  • can you guys take a survey for me?

    This is a survey for my sociology class. Just copy paste it and put D if you disagree and A if you agree next to the dash. Also, please state whether you're under 21 years old or over 21.

    Today many people are given too many rights.


    Our courts protect the criminal.


    Many criminals sentenced to the electric chair are able to delay their sentencing for years by appealing decisions of the lower courts.


    Many criminals make a mockery out of our justice system by being found not guilty for crimes they did in fact commit.


    Our laws protect the rights of the victim and ignore the rights of the criminal.


    People who commit horrible crimes such as murder should be denied rights.


    Our laws assume that the accused is innocent until proven guilty, and this is an improper assumption.


    Many of our laws protect the criminal and cripple the police in their attempt to obtain evidence.


    The argument that it is better for 99 guilty people to go free than to convict 1 innocent person is a sound argument.


    Our law seeks to protect all citizens and provides court-appointed attorneys for the poor. This policy is a good one.


    Our justice system discriminates against the poor and uneducated.


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  • can i let java fern and anubias float?

    i got some java fern and anubias plants and i also got some drift wood to attach them to. can i let the plants float in the tank while the driftwood soaks or should i just leave the plants in their containers? also is there any particular way to soak driftwood?

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  • i found a baby rabbit?

    i found a wild baby rabbit in my garage and put it in a guinea pig cage. it's about the size of my palm and right now its night time so what do i do with it?

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  • what's wrong with my eye?

    so i was rubbing my eye and then it started burning so i went to the bathroom to rinse my eye. then my dad gave me some eye drops and now there's some kind of layer of mucous or skin over the white part of my eye. what's wrong with my eye?

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  • need your opinion on bettas with corys?

    so my sister's boyfriend got me a betta but the thing is, i'm low on tank space. so i decided to move my old betta into a 10 gallon tank and the new betta into the old betta's 5 gallon tank. the new betta is fine but the 10 gallon that the old betta is going into has 7 panda corys, 1 oto, and 1 african dwarf frog. along with the betta that's around 15 inches of fish in a ten gallon tank. so i think maybe if i change more water and gravel vaccuum more efficiantly than before it will be ok. also im wondering if the betta will attack the cories or not. i watched my betta in the 10 gallon for a good 30-45 minutes. he's also a very laid back betta but i was still worried. as i observed him i saw that he flared at a cory but backed away as he was doing it. i also saw him charge at the group of corys but quickly swam back away from them. so im thinking since the corys outnumber the betta he'll be less likely to try to fight them. also the fact that the corys look nothing like bettas so only thing that would make the betta attack is when he's trying to defend his territoy. also i have successfuly kept a betta with the corys before but he died. sorry for typing so much.

    summary: i put a betta in a 10 gallon tank with 7 corys, 1 oto, and 1 african dwarf frog. do you think this will be ok?

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  • panda corys laid eggs?

    my panda corys laid eggs on the wall and i was wondering what i should do to keep them alive.

    the corys are in a 10 gallon tank. there are 7 corys, 1 oto, and 1 african dwarf frog.

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  • can i put anymore fish in my tank?

    my tank is 29 gallons

    6 gold barbs

    6 bloodfin tetras

    4 ghost shrimp

    1 chinese algae eater

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  • biggest fish for 29 gallon?

    what's the biggest fish i can have in a 29 gallon tank and live happily?

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  • can i feed a betta a snail?

    like a pond snail?

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  • what fish like to have sand?

    so what fish like to have sand or require it? so far i can think of corys and ghost shrimp (i know its not a fish, but it can live in a fish tank so yeah) also what other fish could live with ghost shrimp and corys?

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  • how many wafers to feed cories?

    i have 7 panda cories and was wondering how many sinking wafers should i feed them

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  • betta fish banana leaf?

    i heard that banana plant leaves work just like indian almond leaves, is this true?

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  • betta gravel or sand?

    i was wondering which i should get. black gravel or sand for my betta tank

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  • betta fish gravel color?

    what color gravel do you think makes the color of a betta pop out? i was thinking black, white, brown?

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