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  • Shouldn't Wilson have to apologize in front of everyone?

    He had the gusto to disrupt Obama's speech and play the role of a "big man" while he was a face in the crowd, so shouldn't, at the next speech, Wilson have to apologize while standing?

    I mean, if he wants to act like a child, he should be treated like one.

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  • So, are we cool with gas prices again?

    Seems like no one is complaining about the price of gasoline these days. Looks like another price hike is in order.

    Ten years ago, we were paying around a buck for gas. Now it's 2.50 or more.

    Have we forgotten about, just a short time ago, paying 4 bucks for a gallon of gas?

    Was that the ceiling? Did we all yell loud enough to make the prices magically come back down, thus stopping our yelling?

    Do we not care about better cars now?

    I'd say Big Oil can up the price a little more before we all start weeping and screaming again.

    $2.50? Bleh... go for $2.80. Heck, even $2.90 a gallon.

    Keep it under three bucks per gallon, and we'll still buy into your system, fellas.

    FYI- Transportation has changed VERY LITTLE in the past 40 years. Doesn't that unnerve some of you?

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  • Are those that feel Health Insurance is perfectly fine as is...?

    ... simply dumb, or not very picky?

    I'm not saying I back the current plan of modification, as I haven't seen it explained yet in a way that I find suitable and comprehensive.

    But, we Americans pay THE MOST for health care, yet our system is not the best.

    Is there something wrong with this?

    If you pay THE MOST for ANYTHING, wouldn't you want it to be the best in existence?

    All I hear are things like "Lazy people want working folks to pay for their medicine".

    Are people that say that just ignoring a huge chunk of our workforce? The self-employed... those working part-time, or those working two part-time jobs? Anything?

    Or is everything really just lazy?

    Also, how do some of you sleep at night? What do you dream about? I can't imagine they're pleasant images... unless you all are just plain nuts, which I wouldn't doubt.

    Hopefully you have good mental health care, if that's the case.

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  • South Carolina Basketball at Baylor?

    I plan on making a short drive to Baylor to watch the Gamecocks take on the Bears.

    Any other Gamecock fans going? If so, where are you sitting as I don't want to be in a sea of Bear fans.

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  • Aw, do you feel sorry for her?

    This would go down as the most pointless article in the history of all publication.

    Good for Warren. I bet this broad's a total tool.

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  • Why is Palin wearing jeans now?

    100 grand custom made clothing to blue jeans. classic.

    i bet she'd switch to contacts if someone told her that her glasses were reading too "brainy"...

    although i believe the glasses are used to offset the fact that she is a MORON.

    "hey maw... she wearing glasses, so she muss be smarts"

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  • So McCain changed his stance on taxation?

    Youtube thumbnail

    Did McCain have a "senior moment" then, or is he having one now?

    Do you feel that you're being lied to, or just being "played"?

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  • Who is the socialist now?

    How'd you McCain folks enjoy your candidate telling the American people that the government was going to buy all your houses?

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  • Why would any non-Republican like Palin?

    There's this ugly rumor that women, specifically white women, will automatically flock to Sarah Palin simply because she's a woman.

    Now, you women have waited quite a while for this sort of "momentum" in politics. This year Hillary Clinton, who has been at the forefront of politics for almost 2 decades, came really close, and I wouldn't count her out for a Presidential run later on.

    So, what I'm attempting to say is, why would you want this woman, Sarah Palin, to be "the first" VP, and potentially President since McCain isn't a spring chicken?

    Do you really want her to be this icon?

    Someone that can't do an interview? Someone who doesn't know the facts? Some tool that the NeoCons picked up simply to "shake things up" and snatch some female votes, as well as religious right votes?

    If you're a moderate, or undecided, and a woman wanting a woman to be President someday, why give Palin this honor that she doesn't deserve?

    Experience has nothing to do with it. And "I like someone that will stand up for what they believe in" is also moot, as all candidates do this.

    Let's say We the People are the managers of a company, and Sarah Palin comes in with her resume and sits down. What we've seen of her so far is her "interview".

    Impressed? Or, if you have displayed yourself as she has in interviews, would you expect to get the job?

    So, just think about it really, really hard. If you honestly believe the same principles that Palin does, and can tolerate another "sleepy brain" in the White House, I guess she's your pick.

    Can anyone really give me a legit reason to put my faith/trust in her? Here's the kicker... is there a reason that can be given that doesn't knock Obama/Biden ie is she reason enough alone?

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  • Name this tune... Alt rock 90s.?

    The only line I can remember goes something like:

    "I'm just a heshin' in a gym bag".

    Yes, it makes little to zero sense, but that's all I got.

    Time period is 1995-1999ish, possibly slightly earlier.

    I got nothing.

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