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  • What will happen to ingrown hair stuck under skin and now disappeared under new skin?

    I had an ingrown hair on my chin. I could see the grey outline through the skin. I used a sterilised needle to poke under the skin and lift it out but it split in the middle. I used a tweezer on both ends but they were both really stuck in the skin and it got sore so I left it.

    Meaning the root was still under the skin, and the top half of the hair had done a 180 and pointed back down into the chin instead of out of the chin and above the skin, meaning it’s pointing the wrong direction.The skin was sore so it caused a slight sore area where new skin/small scab grew over it.

    The new skin developed over it in 24 hours, and I left it to not make it any worse and new skin grew over the next week, making both ends of the ingrown hair disappear under the skin (neither end came out, they were too wedged in.

    It’s been a few months and those two pieces of hair have never resurfaced. I saw the grey shadow of both split ends under before the new skin covered it for good.

    Will the body have destroyed the hair under the skin or will the hair still be stuck somewhere under the skin? I know for a fact they did not come out. I check daily. So if the body can’t break down hair stuck under the skin, how long will both ends stay there?

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  • Are cells being made by the fetus every second during the 9 month period? From conception to birth, are new cells being made every second?

    I know it seems like a silly question but I’m curious that from the moment the sperm reaches the egg, does work and cell activity begin instantly and constantly for every second up until birth or are their short, brief moments during a normal pregnancy where nothing is going on?

    Is there even 1 second during the 9 months where the fetus is in limbo, where nothing is happening to it, or is it constantly growing and making cells for every single second during pregnancy? (Just like babies, children and adults who’s body is always creating new cells etc for every single second of their life)

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  • Lawyer bringing in a barrister for a HIGH VALUE personal injury claim?

    I tripped and broke my wrist nearly 4 years ago at 19 years old. I developed serious arthritis and CRPS meaning I am in constant agony all the time, swollen and bruised hand and wrist, dry flaky skin, cold hand wrist and odd colour to them, need morphine to help with pain, had spinal nerve ops to install spine nerve stimulators, have Pamidronate infusion twice a year which wipe me out for a week afterwards and cannot use my wrist at all and haven't in years.

    I had to give up my job of 3 years at the time due to the injury. Can't work because I'm always in pain but also exhausted all the time & drowsy as anything due to amount of meds.

    Anyway, recently my lawyer valued the suit at about £150,000+ for pass losses and future losses. He said it's now being processed in court and wants us to meet a barrister for about 4-6 hours in a couple of weeks which he's hiring at a cost to which he will bill the defendants because he thinks we should meet him for our benefit. I was just wondering why would a lawyer bring a barrister in and how would the barrister help? This is a simple NO WIN NO FEE claim, the defendants admitted liability instantly and resurfaced the pavement I tripped on (it was in terrible condition, not just a little difference in height etc).

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  • Can Morphine cause sudden and dramatic weight loss?

    I'm 22, male and have to take Oramorph and Tramadol multiple times a day. I've been on Tramadol for 6 years but only a month on Oramorph.

    I'm set to stay on it indefinitely until my specialists move me onto to SR Morphine tablets but I've noticed my weight is dropping loads. I feel nauseous a lot more since combining Oramorph and Tramadol and that's making me lose my appetite, could that alone be causing a dramatic weight loss?

    I'm 5'9 and I only weighed 9st 8lbs to start with before I started Oramorph and didn't really have any fat to lose as I'm very slim. I am aware it's muscle disappearing as my thighs have got smaller and thinner, I don't really have fat on me!

    I also have a severe heart problem which means my resting heart rate is between 150-250bpm around the clock and never drops below that. I have a monitor in my chest but my heart rate cannot be controlled as my problem is rare. The issue is that my body is always going at the speed someone is jogging so that contributes to me losing weight if I stop even for one day. I've been losing about a lb or two overnight and it keeps dropping...

    Can Oramorph cause this?

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  • Nerve conduction studies?

    Is it possible for someone who doesn't have any feeling in half of their hand to have a nerve conduction study which shows the nerve is working properly but the person is still claiming they can't feel anything and actually be right? (As in they are telling the truth)

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  • When to get black Labrador groomed?

    I have a 5 month old black Labrador as was wondering when would be the best time for her to be groomed? Do people do it in the first year? And also what times during the next few years of her life? Are there better months to do it and how often?

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  • How do I apply for dual passport (Portuguese)?

    I m born in England but my father is Portuguese with a Portuguese passport. How do I go about applying for a dual passport, what is the first steps?

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  • What is 2:1 block when relating to your heart?

    I am 22 years old and a month ago I had a operation to implant a cardiac Reveal monitor in my chest to monitor my heart 24/7 because my heart rate has always been above 140bpm up to 250bpm and doesn t come down regarding treatment or medication and I collapse a few times a month.

    Anyway I collapsed a few days ago and was rushed to hospital and they scanned my implant to get data and said a few weeks ago it showed episodes of 2:1 block and that my heart was beating too slow at times.

    I was too tired to ask questions but what does 2:1 block mean?

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  • How do doctors tell the difference between heart problem and exercise with my implanted Reveal Cardiac Monitor?

    I have a implanted cardiac monitor by the brand Reveal and I was wondering how do they tell if your heart rate is super fast or if you're running? Or can't they tell?

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  • Does lack of sleep effect or show up in blood tests?

    Say if you hadn't sleep for a night or two. Would there be any indicators in a normal blood that would show this?

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  • Always collapsing without warning and heart rate fast?

    I'm 21 male. For the last 5 years my resting heart rate has been increasing and now sits at about 160 every minute of every day. Had many 24 hour and 7 day holter tests which confirm its always high and many ecgs. All show a fast but sinus rhymth. I'm used to it now and it doesn't bother me other than the breathlessness and exhaustion from just sitting still. I am very slim.

    The collapsing has been going on for the few years as well, in the first year of the heart issues I collapsed maybe two or three times, that continued for the next 2 years, then in the 4th year it was maybe every other month. Now in the last year it has been every month at least once or twice and in the last 3-4 months it has been every week, sometimes multiple times a week or day.

    Until 6 months ago I used to get the feeling I was going to collapse such as hot flush, sweaty face, hearing going quiet, tunnel vision etc and would either get to the floor if I could or if I couldn't I would get into an open space so I didn't hit my head on any edges. However I no longer getting any warnings. I can be talking with my girlfriend, colleagues, parents or anyone and then drop like a log. They don't notice any symptoms, they say I can be telling a sentence and just go. Sometimes I come around straight away sometimes it's 1-2 minutes and sometimes not breathing for 10-20 seconds.

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  • Heart problem?

    I've been told by doctors in the past I have a very fast heart beat but it has a normal rhythm. On the odd occasion they said it was atrial flutter? I take a high dose of beta blockers to keep it below 120. Usually it's 170-250 resting.

    But lately I've been feeling very faint, finding myself kneeing on the floor against something and not knowing how I got there, and wobbling on my feet with my vision shaking side to side all over the place.

    I've also my heart beat goes weird before all those things happen, it is a VERY STRONG heart beat, so palpations, but it goes BEAT, fair pause, BEAT BEAT BEAT, fair pause BEAT, fair pause, BEAT BEAT BEAT, and it just seems and feels not right. Feels like my rhythm is all over the place and my girlfriend has been there when it's happened many times and felt that weird rhythm in my chest.

    What could it be? I'm 20, male, very slim.

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  • Girlfriend dressing provocatively?

    My girlfriends 18th is coming up, we've been together for over a year and a half and she's talking about what she's doing for her birthday night with her girlfriends. She doesn't usually drink but this night she said she's going to get plastered, but she also said she's going to buy a classy but slutty dress that shows some *** and low top for boobs...

    I've said to her before that the way she sometimes dresses makes guys slap her *** and grab her like she's theirs and I causes arguments because I say it's her fault for encouraging them.

    Am I in the wrong here? Yes she's going home with me every night but that doesn't mean I shouldn't be bothered when she goes to parties and guys are trying to touch her *** and grind her up.

    FYI - she says she always swears and slaps guys who try or do but either way the incident has already happened...

    Do I tell her to wear something that doesn't show so much *** and boob?

    The part about her not drinking much, is when she does then drink loads she gets so drunk so easy and I'm worried guys will see her as easy

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  • Attachment image

    Liver problem? What does this mean?

    My GP has referred me for liver tests and scans and he has wrote this referal letter to the doctors at the hospital but I can't read or understand it, can anyone else explain what it means?

    They said my bilirubin was high but I can't understand anything else? 1 ALT?

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  • What happens if your liver fails?

    If you had a blood test that showed bad liver results what would the next stage be for the doctors to do?

    What if they said you had liver failure, do they send you home or do they admit you for a while, if so how long? Days or weeks or months?

    What food, drink and medication are bad for liver excluding alcohol and what can cause bad liver like can not drinking water affect it, too much sugar etc?

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  • Shower temperature issue?

    My shower comes out my tap, I mean like its a bath then you push a button down then it comes out the shower.

    The only problem is its either cold or scolding and to get in warm you literally have to get it in the perfect position which is impossible to find quickly and its literally if you are 1mm too far either way its hot or cold.

    Is there a way to fix this? Also the pressure is terrible, can a new shower head designed to speed water up help?

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  • What would warrant a doctor to tell you to drink water for 2 weeks?

    Im 19, male. I have had my fair share of health problems in my life with a hospital file that is about 5x the size of a normal one. I'm a very fussy eater, tested and confirmed supertaster which my doctor thinks contributed to it, so I eat only junk and stuff. I am just a little above underweight but struggle to gain weight and have done for years.

    Anyway every 3 weeks I have a full blood test and I had one Monday and my usually doctor calls as always to let me know but I missed the call so he leaves a voicemail as always, he said along the lines

    "The bloods came back and I need to go over them with you, nothing serious but require some immediate diet changes. Can you please try and stick to drinking only water for beverages for the next 2 weeks and have the occasional treat fizzy drink/cup of tea if I must."

    I mean he was gone by the time I tried to call back and he isn't in tomorrow nor monday because its bank holiday. What blood test can come back to say to him that everything I drink needs to be water?

    Just curious as its bothering me what blood results show something that water can help

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  • Name of this song?

    It's been playing on Radio 1 recently, its like "Oh baby baby baby baby baby baby" like from deep voice getting higher?

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