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  • Winchester model 70 ultimate shadow help?

    I just picked up this rifle after a steal of a trade for it. It is an extremely reliable, durable, and accurate rifle but I must admit its ugly. I'm trying to get some input about if it would be worth while to swap out the stock or not. One plus with the ugly stock is I won't be afraid to beat the snot out of it hunting.

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  • Opinion on patrol rifle?

    Stag Arms Model 3

    VERSA rail from diamondhead

    Diamondhead buis

    Magpul Acs-l

    Magpul asap plate with ms2 sling

    Magpul BAD lever

    Magpul miad grip

    Mission first tactical react folding grip

    VTAC light mount with surefire e2d led defender

    Eotech xps2-2 Opmod

    Im not looking for arguments about the make of rifle or the need to use a top tier firearms company. Stag makes a fine rifle and I got all my recommendations for it from other LEOs I work with.

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  • Rifle length quad rail question?

    I am looking for a rifle length quad rail for my AR-15. my only issue is that I am planning on upgrading the DI setup to an AA piston and although I do not have the piston yet I would rather not have to buy another quad rail once it is. Any recommendations? Also I am trying to stay around $100.

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  • LEO carrying concealed on a Carnival Cruise?

    My. honeymoon will be coming up shortly and I am trying to figure out if H.R. 218 comes into play because technically the ship its self is U.S. owned or if the International waters governs that. It will be a west Caribbean cruise. I am only asking for on ship carry as I know that other countries are a different matter.

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  • What is a better option for off duty carry?

    Currently I use a DeSantis IWB holster for my Walther PPS .40. I never found it comfortable on my sides so lately I have been carrying it at the small of my back. Its a fast draw but I do not like sweeping my self when I draw. I wear shorts too often for an ankle holster to really work. I guess I'm trying to figure out what my options are.

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  • Why do opinions on rifle scopes seem to be down on Burris?

    I have a Burris Fullfield II 4.5-14X42 and its great. I traded up from the bushnell 3-9X40 that came with my rifle and I have no regrets at all. The Burris I have was made in the U.S. back when Fullfields were still manufactured in Greeley CO. the optics are really clear and It holds zero well. I use it on my 7mm-08 rifle. what are your thoughts?

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  • I need help figuring out the breed of my dog?

    When we adopted him we were told he was an Australian cattle dog blue heeler mix but I recently discovered that they are different names for the same dog. My dog looks like a red heeler. He has the same build as a heeler and looks just like one except instead of mixed coloring he has a white coat with large rust colored spots. Any ideas?

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