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  • How do you list an old employer when they got fired on your application?

    Sorry if the wording of the title is slightly confusing. I am a college student who has only worked one job as a server at a retirement center. I worked under 2 advisers one who loved me and another who thought I was kind of slow. Anyways this was two years ago and I found out the one who loved me got fired due to the fact she was stealing from the workplace. The other lady either quit or got fired as she is no longer there as well.

    Anyways I am filling out applications and they ask for previous employment history and ask for my supervisor. It says can we contact them, do I put no and then explain they were fired/quit. Does this look bad for me that they can't reach any previous employer?

    Thanks in advance, and sorry for such a long post/question.

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  • Trouble swallowing help please...?

    Hi, I have dealt with acid reflux in the past and take ranitidine. However; I am at college and thus occasionally will drink alcohol, yet the past couple nights I had too much hard stuff, and now food is getting lodged in my throat and I am coughing/choking alot.

    Does anyone have any suggestions? Like Tea gives me heartburn, but would cough drops well sooth the throat, and/or besides water what else would have my food begin to go down and get my esophagus working again?

    Thank you so much anyone who answers.

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