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  • this thought normal?

    Is it normal to be scared to give birth when you are pregnant with your first child?

    This just hit me, I don't know if my hormones are making it worse, but I am really scared.

    I still have a while to go, only in 4th month, but still. Once I start to think about it, I can't stop my brain!

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  • HCG level at 4 weeks?

    Recently found out we were pregnant after four years of trying and a previous miscarriage last year.

    My HcG is 159 and I get a repeat on Friday.

    Should this be higher?

    When i was pregnant and miscarried last year, my HcG was 32 at 4 weeks so this number is a bit more reassuring.

    I guess I'm just looking to calm my nerves a bit about my number!!!!


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  • Had Follistim/Ovidrel cycle again..can't stop my brain!?


    my hubby and i have been ttc x 4 years (just about)

    We just did a cycle with Clomid/Follistim and Ovidrel.

    I am 9 days post trigger and 8 days post ovulation.

    I know not to test until you are 14 days post trigger but i can't stop thinking about this.

    This is about the 6th time we've done this cycle in two years.. we miscarried last year.. and i know how everything goes, it's all too familiar..

    I had extreme breast tenderness, etc, for the first few days after the trigger then that went away.

    Starting yesterday really, i hae had extreme nipple tenderness, low back pain, cramps and ovary pangs. ( i wouldn't really call them pain) and nausea.

    I feel like i have known since the timed intercourse that we are indeed pregnant but i can't test yet!... or at least shouldn't.

    I'm going nuts here!! I didn't have symptoms at 9 days post trigger before, the Ovidrel symptoms normally wore off by then.

    Can't test in case of a false reading but going nuts!!!!

    What would you do??

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  • Ovidrel shot and testing?

    Hello all.

    We just did an injection cycle with follistim and ovidrel.

    I am 12 days post HcG trigger of ovidrel and 11 dpo.

    I had a miscarrige in November, after getting pregnant on the same injection cycle.

    I know ovidrel lasts in your system for 10-14 but i am feeling very similiar than i did to when i got pregnant last time.

    Again, 12 days post ovidrel, 11 days past ovulation.... has anyone who has taken ovidrel tested around 12 days with a true positive?

    I'm so on edge about this, I tried not to think about it but I just can't stop!!!!!

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  • Pain after D&C for miscarriage?

    Friday I had a D&C for my miscarriage, I was at 7 weeks.

    The emotional pain, I expected, but the physical pain seems to be getting worse. They told me to just take Tylenol, but it doesn't touch the cramping I have - that bends me over.

    They stated if I bleed as heavy as a period, to call them. Last night, I bleed thru twice and had to change the sheets; however, it was not as heavy as a period. It was more as though the blood was diluted with something else clear. I don't know what.

    I have no fever, nausea or vomiting.

    My migraine pills contain Codeine, so I took one of those and already decided if it doesn't touch the pain I am going to the ER.

    Has anyone else had this this much pain after the procedure? I can't even sit up for long periods of time, I have to lay or stand up.

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  • Feeling lost and heartbroken?

    This morning I was 7 weeks pregnant, and today I am just back to being me - nothing special inside of me growing.

    I was having a miscarriage and had my D&C today.... or D,E &C as they called it.

    We were TTC for almost 3 years and were so happy, til earlier this week when my ultrasound showed the baby was too small and blood work confirmed I was miscarrying. Two days before my procedure came cramping and bleeding.

    I really don't know if I have a question, I just feel lost and heartbroken. I know a good percent of pregnancies results in miscarriage. I know that logically, the good news is that I can indeed get pregnant.

    But none of these are comforting to me as of right now.

    I just feel lost, and I guess I'm just looking for anyone who has been through this, or know someone who has, and went on to have a success story.

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  • pregnancy and ovarian cyst?

    hello.. i am 5 weeks pregnant, tomorrow, and before i got pregnant i had a huge ovarian cyst that ruptured.

    now, i feel like i have another cyst - i am having a dull aching in the same spot, nothing horrid.

    my first ultrasound is in about a week, so they'll confirm or deny it then. i was told it could be another cyst, and if it is not to worry about it, or it could just be my body stretching and adjusting.

    what do you think?

    anyone have a cyst during pregnancy?

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  • So, just a question.?

    Hi there.

    I am on a low calorie, high protein diet.

    Also avoiding refined sugar.

    It's all fine and dandy, however, my question is that I have a peanut allergy and most high protein bars, drinks, (bla bla bla) either are made with peanuts or may contain traces of peanuts.

    (so no balance bars, no special K protein bars or any energy/high protein bars)

    I can eat almonds and walnuts, and have been, i just need more high protein snack ideas... it's getting repetitive.

    any help is appreciated! thanks!

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  • saving to 401k vs. high yield savings.... in current economic situation?

    So, I am at the point in my job where I can finally open my 401k... and now we have the economic crisis!

    Is it in my best interest to open my 401k or to save to my high yield savings account????

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  • Follistim and Ovidrel..?


    We are starting another cycle of Follistim and Ovidrel, after a 3 month hiatus from treatment.

    It's our third try.

    Provera, ultrasound, clomid, follistim, ultrasounds and finally ovidrel. (that's my timeline)

    We always have good follicles and are trying timed intercourse, not ivf or anything.

    I'm just looking to see how many treatments with the injections it took other people.


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  • MySpace preferred list?

    Since they changed the format of Myspace, I can't find where I add someone to my preferred list anymore. Help!

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  • having a hard time...?

    ....keeping my anxiety, nervousness and fear under wraps. ttc since november 2005, just did a round of clomid/follistim/ovidrel and i test tomorrow morning for pregnancy!

    i'm going out of my mind here!!!!

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  • Has anyone else who has taken Ovidrel ....?

    ...become completely nauseous on the 5th day after taking it?

    I took it thursday, and 36 hours later (saturday) we did the timed "bow chicka bow bow" and today i am so freaking nauseous.

    I thought I'd get nauseous from it right away.

    Just wondering.


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  • Hysteroscopy, Polypectomy and D &C?

    Long story short, I need to have the above procedure done this tuesday.

    Does this help, or hinder, chance of pregnancy afterwards?

    Is there a waiting period before you start to try again?

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  • Next round of treatment. Questions!?

    TTC for exactly 2 years and 4 months today.

    My doctor called me today.

    I have been trying rounds of clomid and provera with no luck.

    Now she wants me to try that and add to it an LH injection. So 5 days of clomid and 3 of either Follistim or Gonal-F.

    Has anyone else out there tried this?

    What expense am I looking at here?

    Should I be less nervous, cause I'm nervous!

    just wondering.

    any info would be helpful.

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  • When is the appropriate time to test?

    I am very excited. Over two years of TTC i finally got a positive ovulation test. It's been so sporadic and crazy, and now I am regulated and got a positive test on March 5th and 6th.

    When would the appropriate time be to test?

    I know you can take those tests how many days before your missed period, but I don't want to take one too soon.

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  • Having a hard time .....?

    A very close friend of mine died 4 days ago.

    He happened to be my first love. He has been in my life for 14 years, we dated when we were teenagers. It was tragic. He was 29.

    We were both married and in love with others, but I never fell out of love with him and he never fell out of love with me. We loved each other, very much, and were very important to each others lives.

    My husband knows how much I cared for him.

    I feel like a part of me is gone. I am having a very hard time dealing.

    I feel like I lost the love of my life -- my husband is very supportive and understands what I am going through. He had a similiar death 2 years ago of someone close to him.

    I have gathered photos of him, and a video - all of which I am giving his wife copies of - but each day isn't getting easier.

    I don't know what I am looking for here, but anything is helpful. This isn't the first time I had someone close to me pass away, but this is horrid.

    How do you cope?

    I just..... am at a loss

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  • Tattoos and PREpregnancy?

    hey there!

    we've been ttc for going on 2 1/2 years.

    we are at the start of a fertility cycle.

    i've had an appointment for a while to get my 3rd tattoo this saturday with my best friend.

    i know you shouldn't get tattooed while pregant but are there any indications about getting a tattoo and then getting pregnant not long after ( here's to hoping )

    i mean, i may not even get pregnant this cycle, but it's a question in my head.


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  • Question about Metformin?

    I was placed on Metformin because I have PCOD and was not having a normal period and actually bled for over 3 months everyday. We've been trying to conceive for 2 years, and they put me on it for the PCOD and regulation so we can time intercourse to ovulation.. finally.

    The Metformin seemed to stop the bleeding and my body started to regulate as it should.

    My question is, when you are on it, does it make your period come every 28 days?

    Cause today is day 28 and I have no signs of a period, and I'm just curious.

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  • I'm scared?

    We've been ttc for 2 years. I finally went to go see a reproductive specialist last month, and she's been very proactive, which makes me happy.

    I was always told I had endometriosis, well she states that I have PCOS with an insuling resistance. So she put me on Metformin (spelling, lol) and Provera to get another period, cause I don't get them naturally and I had two ultrasounds that showed very thick linings, but otherwise normal.

    Well I took the Provera, and she prescribed it for a longer amount of time to try to get me to shed a good amount, and the lining is unchanged.

    I am now scheduled for an endometrial biopsy to see what's going on.

    I'm scared.

    It's not that I am scared they are going to find cancer or anything, I am scared they are going to find a reason why I can't get pregnant and tell me it's impossible and I am never going to be pregnant.

    Has anyone been through this?

    Please :(

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