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  • Periods and making out?

    I have a bit of an odd situation.. Usually about once a week i hangout with my guy "friend", or now, kind of 'friend with benefits'. Its a complicated story but basically we haven't done anything too sexual yet. Anyways, i was planning on seeing him this weekend however, im on my period currently and i dont want that to make things awkward. Generally I'm pretty happy during my period but usually during the middle i get excruciating back pain and cramps.. the middle just happens to be this weekend. So should i just cancel our plans? Or hangout with him still and risk it? Also, do you girls find it awkward to makeout (intensely ;) while on your period? And are guys generally grossed out? Most of my guy friends arent but I'mnot sure about this guy yet and i dont want to freak him out..

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  • Want to get my coaching degree (Canada if it makes a difference..).....?

    I've been riding for 10 years but learned at a stables where they didn't have the riding levels available. I was told by a friend that you only have to pass level 8 before you can get it. I was wondering what I would be tested on and if anyone knows anything about this !! I need help :\

    thanks in advance.


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  • What should I choose? Vet school? Or EMS?

    So here's my dilemma, I'm still in high school so I know I have time but I need to start thinking about what I want to do so I can narrow down my course selections.

    I've always wanted to be a veterinarian, specializing in livestock mainly. I've been riding/training horses for 10 years now and I teach riding lessons as well so I'm not a newbie in the animal world lol. I have experience with cows, goats, chickens, donkeys, pigs and other various farm animals. I've always loved animals and I am interested in medicine so I never questioned not becoming a vet! But just recently, I've thought about getting into the whole, emergency medical services thing. Now I do well in school (mid-90's avg.) and my best subjects are math and science (ranking highest in my classes generally) so its not really a question of grades either. To become a vet, I know there are many years of school involved, but I'm pretty sure EMS is only one year, correct? Thats a lot shorter time to get out of school and working. Its also a service that we will always need, but with the economy, a lot of people are holding off calling the vet out regularly. Also, I am a tall, fit and active person if that makes a difference with either. I am physically strong, have good people skills, and am in general, a caring person. So the question is, which one would be more worthwhile do you think? Any experience from either of these professions to add?

    Thanks in advance :)


  • Show names for two mares?

    Alrighty Ladies and Gent's ,

    Lets see how creative we can get!

    I Need TWO show names that are classy but cute. Here's descriptions

    Velvet: 14.1 hh Arab/Morgan mare [5 yo.]

    Black with brown points, star on forehead and two white coronets on her hind legs.

    This little mare a smart and sassy. She has a sweet personality but has an attitude! She is quick on her feet and can turn on a dime but is laid back and enjoys a nice trail ride to cool out.

    I will be showing her in both english and western, [english eq. and western gaming]

    I need a cute, versatile name, with class, but SASS. :) Something that includes her name or something about her would be nice but other names will be taken into consideration.

    Brandy: 16hh Quarterhorse mare. Chestnut, White blaze and two white, hind socks. [1o years old]

    This is my new mare. She is very gentle, calm and generally laid back. She will be shown in english, Eq. or hunters. Looking for a sweet name, something cute but clever. Can have something to do with her name or not.

    Thanks in Advance :)


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  • How much is she worth?


    Unregistered ArabXmorgan rescue mare.

    5 y.o

    14.2 hh Black with brown points, a star and white coronets on her hind legs. Beautiful full mane.

    w/t/c & W/J/L [english and western extremely well]

    This little mare has a bit of *****! She is quiet and calm but is definitely a fun loving girl. Her ground manners are impeccable, she'll just follow you around like a puppy. She leads/ties/bathes/blankets but has never been clipped. Great with vet and farrier. She goes both english and western well. Has started learning patterns for gaming and has jumped up to 1'6". She is willing and responsive but can show attitude at times. She trailers fine and hacks alone or in a group calmly [and on the road]. She needs a young, and small rider but with lots of experience. She knows her lead changes well and is responsive with both leg and voice commands. She can turn on the forehand using leg and is still working on turning on her haunches! She would make a great hunter prospect or gaming mare!

    She's just an 'over all great horse' and has the sweetest personality ! Would be great for an experienced child or a small adult.

    Sound and healthy, UTD on all shots and farrier.

    [located in Canada]

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  • Would like to write a story :).... Help?

    I need idea's for a story, I am not publishing or anything but just enjoy writing and would like to write about horses.

    I was thinking it would be neat to do a story from the working horse's point of view,

    I already have the setting, some characters horses planned out but need a problem,

    Or i could do it from my point of view. As a rider and rancher??


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  • Selenium Deficiency in area?

    A little while ago the vet came out and we got talking about supplements and vitamins and she mentioned that the area we are in has a natural selenium deficiency and recommended putting our horses on a supplement for that.

    Are there any brands / recommendations you have for supplements or feeds?

    Thanks in advance :)

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  • Draw reins - Good investment?

    I am currently working with a few horses and I am wondering what people think about using draw reins ( on horses who already know the basics). I taught my own mare to frame , collect and such with the see-saw method and it worked decently on her but it took quite a while [ she's very smart and a quick learner but this took quite some time to really sink in]. Now I do understand this process takes time but with the horses I am training {particularly the anglo arab gelding} I haven't been able to get anywhere with him using this method. I have had to use a standing martingale on him for sometime now because he gets his head up high enough that i could touch his ear with my nose!! I would really like to get his head down so he can build up some muscle in his back (he is REALLY lacking there) .

    So do you think it would be a good Idea to try draw reins on him inparticularly but possibly on some of the other horses I am working with?

    I generally don't like using artificial aids but I really don't know what to do with him anymore!

    Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

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  • Feedback on 'German Martingales'?

    I was doing some research on german martingales and they look like something I would like to try,

    heres some video's and such on it incase you have no idea what I am talking about

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    Now for the question,

    What do you all think about this? Do you think its a scam or it really works?

    I know people who have used it for training and now are showing hunters with their perfect little horses but if you have used it did you like it?

    Just general feedback, If you didn't like it you can be honest just don't be rude,

    Thanks in advance and have a Good Holidays!

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  • Recovery training?Losing weight and strengthening weak leg?

    My quarter horse mare tore a tendon in July and I am able to start riding her again as she is now sound. I am working very slowly but noticed that the leg she injured is not sore but weak. I need to build up the muscle and work that leg !!

    Also, she has gained a lot of weight so to help her out I think it would be good to get some of that weight off her,

    So heres the question,

    what would be some good exercises to strengthen that leg (or all legs for that matter) and get her to lose some weight?

    **info on her; she frames very nicely, tucks and works off her hind end well and collects. Before her injury I was mostly working her on the flat because we were working our way up to jumping so the injury kinda screwed up our plans. Anyways heres a pic of her, Not really framing well and she had a bit of a belly but she had really well toned muscle

    She was doing much better than this right before her injury but this is the most recent riding pic I;ve got.

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  • Neat Idea, Opinions?? Has anyone tried this with success?

    I was at a horse auction last night and a lot of the horses (who were originally supposed to sell for around 2-3000$ were selling for only $250. (the weather was really bad and it was only locals there).

    Anyways, I was thinking of buying a horse if I could get one cheap (a young, sound and preferably registered) and training it up and eventually selling it to a good home after it is fully trained or keeping it for myself. It would not be like a horse dealer type thing but some of these poor neglected horses could be really good! I just want to find better homes for them.

    **I have experience with training horses and I don't currently OWN a horse of my own (although I am training a few and lease one) **

    So heres the question, has anyone ever tried this ? Is it a good Idea or bad? and do you have any opinions on anything of this subject??

    Try not to be rude I just want some horsey people opinions!!

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  • Training Hunter Horse Help?

    I have a coach and years of experience training just so you know right off the bat.

    I am training a quarter horse gelding named Cisco and I think he would make an awesome hunter horse. I have never really done a lot of hunter-y stuff so I was just wondering if anyone had any good tips or training methods (or websites) for training hunter horses!

    I am not looking for criticizm I am just looking for positive and informative answers!

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Side Reins? Draw Reins? What Reins?...?

    I was wonder, what are side reins and draw reins? How do you use them and what is their purpose? Does anyone use them? And What do you think? What kind of situation would you use them in (training wise)?

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  • Show names for these horses?

    Velvet- Arab/Morgan cross mare. 4y.o.

    Black(with some brown) with star and white coronets on the back.

    I want something edgy and smart sounding. She is really smart, she can sometimes be a fidget though.

    She looves trails and road rides alone and enjoys my singing !! haha the only horse who actually does..

    Something with her name in it would be good but it doesn't have to. ANd Please no Fluffy velvet Chips or anything like that. She is a sweet horse and I don't want it to be humiliating or a joke.

    Cisco- 15'3'' Quarter horse gelding. bay with star and fat snip. One of those A.D.D horses lol. But he is also smart and very cuddly. For him I would like something Cute/edgy but again no Muffin Cisco Froggy cakes or anything. I want something that sounds smart when we enter the showring.

    This was meant to be a fun question so 10 points best answer.

    These horses do not belong to me they are horses I am training for others. **their owners would like them shown but said I can come up with names because they are not reg'd.**

    Here are some pics!!


    (yes i know she is tacked up western but I would probably be showing her english)


    The picture of cisco is pretty old he looks MUCH better now but unfortunately I do not have any current photos. And Velvets photo the same but they're just to give you a sense of what they look like.

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  • Question about boots?>t.h.i.s.q.u.e.s.t.i.o.n?

    My mare tore a tendon in her front left leg in july and was on stall rest/ separated paddock rest for her recovery months. She is now sound so during this winter I am going to slowly bring her back into exercise. (Just walking for a few months). My Coach has advised me to get some solid support (boots rather than a wrap) for when I ride her for support. I need a boot that goes all the way around her leg and preferably with the neoprene stuff inside. I was recommended the davis splint boots and I was wondering if anyone had any comments about these boots, suggestions for other boots or anything they would like to share. Thanks in advance. **ALSO, if you don't have anything nice or productive to say, please DO NOT say it.

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  • Question About training ?

    Ok, just to let you all know, I have tons of experience with training and riding horses. >> So here;s the story. My coach has asked me to train a boarder's horse that she has permission to use for her lessons. He is a 16hh (approx) quarter horse gelding. I think he is 4 or five, His owner bought him to be trained as a jumper because as a yearling he jumped a 6ft. fence (kind of a ''born to be" situation. hehe. So he had been trained walk, trot canter as a three year old i believe and then was left with no work for a year. Then that same trainer came back and pretty much retrained him again and my coach started using him in a weekly lesson. He was pretty good walk trot canter but was a bit lazy at times. Over that winter, he cut his leg on the ice and was resting but has recovered and was never lame on that leg. when my horse injured herself, my coach asked if i would want to ride him for a lesson. He WAS AWEFUL!! He didnt want to move and if you tried to make him , he would buck HUGE whiplash kind of bucks. I didn't fall ob. but he clearly needs work. For this winter, I would like to get him used to me and I think it would be good to establish some proper ground manners and burn off a little energy. I also need to get him used to being on the other side of the farm again (where the arena is) so the he isn't as nervous and he will be able to concentrate on me. As for the question, I was just wondering if anyone had any good stories or cool tips or experiences they would like to share. Thanks in advance (= PS. He will be trained to jump eventually but he needs decent flat work first.

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  • Questions about bow tendons?

    My horse Bebe has a bow tendon in her front left leg. its just below her knee at the back/ inside. She's a very "herd oriented" horse (she doesnt like to be away from the heard out of the field). It took me two years to finally get her "unsour". So she finally walks in willingly without running away at the sight of me. I've done my research about bow tendons and the treatments are really starting to confuse me. I heard of maaany methods to help it heal. I have already tried stall rest (which did not work out- she got too worked up), i tried being confined to a paddock, as well as a larger paddock with another horse and 2 mini's. (she payed no attention to the other horses and paced the fenceline at a walk trot and canter,) I currently have her out in the field again. I;ve also tried wrapping it while shes in the field aswell as putting cooling liniment on it and hosing it. It doesnt seem to be going anywhere but it also doesnt seem to be getting worse?. The vet is coming out this week so we'll see what he says but i wanted to know of any suggestions/ products/opinions or stories - it would be greatly appreciated, It has been about a month and a bit, i know it will take some time but i just would like to have some tips or something to keep it moving in the right direction. I just bought some neoprene bandages which i put on her in the field and i bring her in every day and hose it and walk her until its completely dry and then put some liniment on it, then she is in the stall until it dries (or i walk her more) and then i re- wrap it and put her out.

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  • Show names for mare?????????????????????

    My friend Ashley is showing one of our barn's "schoolies" in a show coming up in a few weeks and she needs a GOOD show name. Greet is a little bay arabian mare, in her twenties but still going. She will be showing in the novice category in a schooling show. Greet is short, lazy and has had 3 babies (skye, chiquita and rainbow) . I will try to find a picture of her and post it. She is a good horse so nothing that has to do with "trouble" or a "bad" horse.

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  • LG Voyager cell phone?

    Does anyone have the cell phone called the LG Voyager. i need to replace my old cell phone and this one seemed like it would be a good choice, any comments? suggestions? on this phone./

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  • Martingale question.!?

    I have been trying to use a running martingale on my horse but it kept sliding through the loop and sagging down. i did check the fit and it fits her perfectly, so i went to a tack shop and i bought a little rubber martingale ring thingy that your supposed to put on to keep it from sliding down . so i bought it and brought it home but i can;t get it on!!!! anyone know what im talking about, or can help me?!

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