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  • What does brown discharge INSTEAD (not at the end, but at the beginning) of my period mean?

    So I am on birth control and have been for almost a year and this has never happened. I usually have unprotected sex while on birth control, but for the last month I have been with a new guy and I had a complication with the pill about three or more weeks ago that i had to start a new pack a week early, so I used condoms (also to protect against STDs). Yesterday, I was expecting my period and right on schedule (usually comes mid-day and this time it did), it came. But it was brown and light flow (I usually have a heavy to medium flow within the first two days and it becomes lighter). I have had no pain in my abdomen, I haven't had sex since last week so I don't know if it hurts when I have sex (signs of an infection), no funky smell, and no fever or vomiting or itchiness. Just alarmingly brown discharge INSTEAD of my period. Very light flow and very brown, the clots are fairly sized and not too big. No red in them at all, not even a little (perhaps yesterday for the first pad exchange there was a little, but overall just really dark brown). Maybe a condom broke, is this the early signs of pregnancy like I've been reading? Maybe this is normal! Maybe this is an ovarian cyst (they sometimes show no symptoms and can only be detected with an ultrasound). Can like a medical professional or a nurse comment on what it can be? I don't have much money right now and can't go to my gynecologist.

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  • Can I get pregnant if I have sex in the first day of my placebo pills?

    So I've been using birth control pills for about a little over a year (like a year and two months). About three weeks ago I went on a trip and forgot my pills. I went like three days without hem and my period came early. I talked to a nurse and she said I should start a new packet. So I wanted for y period to end and I started the packet on the same day I always start, but one week earlier than was scheduled if I wasn't stupid and left my packet on the trip. So three weeks and and a day later I had unprotected sex (on the first day of my placebo pills just before my period is supposed to start)

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  • Period missed on birth control. Kinda scared! Need advice!?

    So like I've been on birth control since April. Barely missed a day (like once or twice) since I started. On the 13th I fell asleep on the couch studying and missed the time I was supposed to take it (10 pm) and woke up to take it around 2 am or so. So fast forward to five days later and I have sex. It's unprotected but he pulls out (like usual) before finishing. Again, I'm on the pill. Now today I was supposed to have my period. Never came and today's over. I called the nurse in my campus's women health center who deals with birth control. She said I don't have much to worry about since I've been taking it since April and that I'm probably stressing out too much and causing myself to miss a period b/c of stress. But like I called other places, like planned parenthood and other receptionists in my campus to get an informed opinion and they said there is a slight possibility and it's best to get tested. I bought a home pregnancy test and it said negative, but I'm afraid it's too early to tell. I'm just really scared. I thought i was being responsible but even then i screwed it up a bit. I don't know what to do. I'm freaking out ans gonna take a urine test at my campus on tuesday. I'm not ready for a kid. Too young and too ambitious. Also I love my bf and I'm afraid he'll leave me. So like is it possible to be pregnant. My nurse said since I've been on the pill since April I shouldn't worry but other sources tell me there's a possibility.

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  • Does heat affect birth control?

    So I've been taking birth control for about a little less than two months and I've always used condoms with it. About seven days ago my boyfriend ran out of condoms and we were both already riled up. So we did it and he came in me. I didn't worry because of the birth control. Thing is I was just reminded that heat and humidity affects medicine. I live in miami and it's summer. I take my pill in the evening and bring it in my purse often when i go out on dates or with my friends because i don't want to miss the time i take it. When i say miami is hot, it's HOT. Should I be worried?

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  • How to treat a piercing infection in the lobe?

    I got my ear lobes pierced this summer (around July). So around Saturday I ve been noticing that my ears have been tender to the touch, but I figured it was just an irritation. On Monday, I had suspicions of an infection because by then it was swollen (slightly bigger than my other ear) and it hurt when I touched it (not without touching it). Later on that day, it started to throb without me touching it and I went to my friend and asked him for advice. I was afraid I would have to go to a doctor and he would tell me to take it off, and I cannot handle needles. Like, I fainted when I got my ears pierced and I didn t want to go through that again.

    He told me to immediately take it off after hearing that I haven t taken off my earrings since I got them pierced and have just been using my solution to clean them. Then he told me to use rubbing alcohol to clean it. I did that Monday afternoon. It bled and only a little bit of white puss came out. There was a lot of blood, like when you pop a really bad pimple, but I eventually got it to stop. So then I put anti-bacterial cream on it. That night, and the next day, I ve been switching between anti-bacterial cream and tea tree oil, cleaning it with alcohol each time I switch treatments. It got better and it even stopped hurting, but it s still inflamed. So I put the earrings on this morning (Wednesday) and it hurt doing so, but I did it. It has been hurting a little bit when I twist the earring and only then. Did I do good?

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  • Why don't I feel like eating anything?

    I'm 18 going on 19 and I'm 5'2, 91 pounds. For the last two, three years my average weight was 97/98 pounds. I'm NOT anorexic, nor do I have ANY eating disability. This is VERY common in my family. I eat all of the time and I actually eat very unhealthily. I eat a lot of protein (meats, eggs, peanut butter, fish, etc.) a lot of sodium (I like to over-salt everything and drown things in soy sauce) and a notorious sweet tooth. I've always loved food. I eat all of the time and in surprisingly large amounts. I just have a very fast metabolism that's common in my family (my mom had it until she was pregnant, my dad had it until he grew older, etc.). I actually have trouble gaining weight, which I feel would be much healthier for me.

    Thing is, lately I haven't had the urge to eat. This has been raising eyebrows within my family and friends. I mean, you know that feeling in the early morning when you don't feel like eating because your gag reflexes act up? Well, I feel like that all day. I have to force myself to eat. I get hungry and I fix myself food, but when it comes to eating the food, I just lose my appetite for some unknown reason. I don't even feel like eating sweets and meat. I'm worried because I just lost like 6 pounds in a matter of two weeks and I'm already considered underweight. How can I regain my appetite?

    I should note that I don't exercise much, at all, and I have a kind of messed up sleeping habit. My friend says it might be my sleeping habit.

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness6 years ago
  • Why do I crave protein so much?

    Okay, so ever since I could remember I've had this insane craving for protein-anything. It's not like a preference. I have a problematic sweet tooth and I like to eat sweets whenever I can, but it's not a craving. It's just me be being gluttonous and having no willpower. It's not as intense as my craving for protein, which is insane to be honest because I want it all the time, especially lately. I consider myself a sort-of healthy girl (not really). I don't ever exercise to be honest and I don't do much physical exertion besides walking and sitting down. I'm not physically active really. I'm also not doing so well on the sugar/sodium intake, meaning I eat way too much of it. I have diabetes in my family history and have a risk of getting it myself in the future (but do you think that stops me? pffft no). I weigh 96 pounds and I'm 5'2 with a petite body frame (I have a very fast metabolism so it's not like I'm underweight because I don't eat... I actually eat a lot... like three meals a day with snacks and sweets in between).

    I've had cravings before, like fish and milk, but when I consume enough of it they go away. When it comes to protein I just really want it all the time. I want red meat (any meat really), peanut butter, potatoes, fish, eggs, just anything like that.

    It might be because of my ridiculously unhealthy diet, or the fact I don't exercise, or maybe I'm vitamin deficient. I don't get it, but could anyone explain it to me?

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  • Poll: Is it right for a 25 year old man to get custody of a child when the mother is 17?

    This is just to get the opinion of the mass, and this is based of a case I saw on TV and I'm honestly trying to prove a point to someone how wrong this is.

    A 23 year old man to goes to a party, has a few drinks, has sex with a willing 15 year old girl and gets the girl impregnated. The grandmother (guardian) of the girl doesn't turn the man in. The child is born and the man takes custody of it, who is married already with someone else. There is trouble in the marriage two years later and the married man wants to divorce his wife. The man claims that his wife is abusive and that she threatened to kill him. The man is an illegal immigrant and never called the police for help because he was afraid it would get him deported. He goes to a judge asking for custody of the kid (2 years old) but leaves it with the grandmother of the now 17 year old girl due to the domestic violence happening his household. The grandmother is taking care of the child while the 17 year old girl goes to school. The grandmother asks for custody of the kid because she feels neither the girl nor the 25 year old man deserves the kid.

    Now: Is it right for the judge to give custody of the kid to the 25 year old man, make the 15 year old girl work and pay child support for the kid and grant the divorce of the man and his said abusive wife?

    What do you think the judge should have done?

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  • When's the best time to take the LSAT?

    I just finished my freshman year in college and I have about three more years to go based on my credits. I don't want to take time off of school and I would like to apply to law school right away. I was wondering when I should take my LSATs and apply to law school, so that I may take the appropriate time to study. I've been researching but I would like to know from experienced students/professors/advisers who are either going through the process themselves or have extensive knowledge of how the process should occur.

  • How long should I wait to dye my hair again?

    I dyed it for the first time just a few hours ago. I know you have to wait to have 2-3 day old hair to dye it, but my hair came out wrong. I have dark brown hair and I wanted to dye it really red without bleaching it (I used the l'oreal paris feria cherry crush dye), but I did it wrong. Only my roots and some strands came out red, and the rest stayed the same. I followed the instructions but I think I didn't use enough of the dye (considering I have a lot of hair). I want to do it again because I've been wanting red hair for a while and I'm impatient. So should I just buy it again and wait two or three days or do I have to wait for a while?

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  • The Dark Brotherhood won't kidnap me!?

    So I killed Grelod the Kind, I went to the Bee and Barb Inn, slept for 24 hours and I haven't been kidnapped. What am I doing wrong? I joined The Dark Brotherhood before and I had no problem, but this time I'm simply not being kidnapped and I don't know why.

    The only game where you want to be kidnapped by a blood thirsty league...

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  • Little white bump on my dog's paw.?

    My dog is seven years old. He's a deer faced chihuahua.

    For the past week or so, he's been licking his paws often, I thought it could have been a new habit he developed or something. I didn't think much of it. He hurt the nail of his right paw a while ago (but it's healed now). I thought it was that. I take him out every day, I try my best to not let him go on the grass too often unless he needs to do his business, and I usually keep him on the pavement (I don't want any ticks or fleas to get on him, which has happened before).

    Today my little sister noticed that my dog keeps lifting his left paw. He doesn't complain when he walks, and he walks fine, but whenever he sits or lays down, he lifts his left paw. I checked the nail and it looked fine, but my mom then noticed his left paw pads were reddish (more than they should be). I noticed a small white bump on his paw pad (close to the edge where the fur meets) that looks like a white head pimple or a wart. It's hard when you try to squeeze it, and we couldn't squeeze it because we were scared of hurting him (he kept pulling away). He doesn't look pained but uncomfortable. We think he has an irritation, or he stepped on something. I think it might be a pimple or a wart or something.

    We really don't have the means to go to the vet and have him checked by one, especially if it's all for nothing and he's perfectly fine. I really don't know what to do? Should I wait it out for a while? Should I try to pop it? Should I apply something to it? Taking him to the vet is really the last option here because we really can't.

    Does anyone have any suggestions or serious inputs as to how to treat him or what it could be? Thank you so much.

    2 AnswersDogs7 years ago
  • How much does a learner's permit cost after you've taken the test?

    So I already took the online test (honestly, because I didn't cheat) for the learner's permit and paid for it. I took my TLSAE course and the final exam after that and I passed it. I then took the road signs and road rules test and passed both of those. I'm going to go pick up my learner's permit tomorrow at the DMV along with taking the vision and hearing test.

    But do I have to pay for that and if I do how much? I can't exactly call the DMV's office now... they're closed. But I would like to have the money ready before I go there if needed. Noted I already paid for the tests and courses online, but do I have to pay for the learner's permit itself or the vision/hearing test itself or something?

    I just wanna know how much more money I have to spend if any.

    Thank you and have a good day.

  • What's that French movie with a baby that saves the world?

    It's a cartoon, it's French, and it has a baby that saves the world in like two days after giving birth to itself and then becomes a full blown man after kissing the evil witch or something.

    It's the weirdest movie ever, and I just want to know the name of it.

    2 AnswersMovies8 years ago
  • Group of data into percentage for pie charts?

    I completely forgot how to do this and when I try to remember and apply the format I THINK I remember in my calculator, it comes out unsatisfactory. Could someone help me? I haven't done this since elementary.

    I'm trying to make this group of data into a pie chart:

    329, 445



    Can someone help me find the percentage. And don't just give me the information, can you explain how to got to that conclusion so that for the next time I do this, I won't have to depend on this site. Please and thank you!

    2 AnswersHomework Help8 years ago
  • What are some examples of Majority Rule?

    Majority rule:

    -What are some examples of productive majority vote?

    -What are some examples of destructive majority cote?

    I have one or two up my sleeves for each, but I would like to read some I can't think of, please. This is not homework, this is just self-curiosity.

    2 AnswersPolitics8 years ago
  • Latin Help! This is the only one I couldn't figure out.?

    Choose the adjective that agrees in number, gender, and case with HOMINIS.

    A) fortis

    B) celeri

    C) celer

    D) potentem

    I always have trouble with choosing adjectives that adjective that agree in number, gender, and case. I can never understand that part.

    1 AnswerHomework Help8 years ago
  • What do you say when someone asks "What is your major?"?

    I'm going to a university for my undergraduate in August and people keep ask me what is going to be my major. Do you I state what I'm going to study for my Bachelor's or do I state what I plan to study for my graduate?

    Let's say I want to study Law after my Bachelor's and I'm going to study Political Science for my Bachelor's. Do I saw "Law" or "Political Science" when people ask me and aren't specific?

    3 AnswersWords & Wordplay8 years ago
  • Where does cannabis seeds originate from?

    I'm writing a short response of the legalization of marijuana and whether it would be interstate or intrastate commerce. I was about to write my response on the Amendment being intrastate commerce until I notices something... doesn't cannabis come from Mexico?

    I don't know much about drugs or marijuana, but I did some recent research on it and I would like to know where do you get cannabis seeds? I know cannabis can be grown in Colorado (where Amendment 64 was legalized this November). What I don't know is where does cannabis seeds originate and can they be grown in Colorado without any transportation from Mexico?

    In other words, are cannabis seeds interstate (out of state) or intrastate (in state) commerce?

    Please and thank you.

    2 AnswersGarden & Landscape8 years ago