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  • Can a homeschooler attend one class in a high school?

    I'm currently homeschooled, have been for the past 6 years. I have zero desire in going back to public school. However, I do feel as though my current math curriculum is lacking, and I'm not advancing as well as I would like to. Personally, I need a highly structured way of learning when it comes to maths and that's how public schools do it. So does anybody know if I would be allowed to do such a thing in the state of Minnesota? If so, how would I go about setting that up? Thanks!

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  • Electricity in one room not working?

    In my room the electricity is really acting up. It started with everything just going out, so I did the standard checking and stuff, the circuit breaker isn't tripped (still flipped it anyways, eventually) and I did the test/reset button on an outlet as well. No change. But then I discovered if I plugged in a power strip in one of the outlets so I could keep my fish tank filter & lamp going, the electricity in the entire room works again. What gives?

    (I've just used this solution for a little over a week, because it lets the fish be happy and I can still charge my phone. It's very obnoxious to keep doing however, because one of my cats is very upset that something is in the wall now, and scratches it producing a lovely nails-on-chalkboard sound and at least ten times a day unplugs it. But that's a separate issue. I just want to get back living like a normal person, and stop feeling the urge to murder the cat..)

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  • What should we name our distribution organization?

    We are running a non-profit organization donating blankets, clothes etc to local homeless people. We have a good operation but need a good catchy name to call ourselves