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  • USB, insert a disk into Removable Disk (x:).?

    So, I have a USB flash drive with a bunch of files on it. I removed it from my computer and plugged it into an older one, and this message came up. Naturally I thought it was a problem with the computer, as I had just used the drive at home, but when I plugged it in at home again, same message.

    At home I am running Windows 7, the other computer was XP. The only unusual thing I have done with the drive was rename it. I have also trolled some forums where the advice is to change the disk letter - but this was done to no avail. The drive only appears when plugged in, but in 7 it is semi-transparent.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


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  • Install an operating system, dam quick?

    The story is this, I need to install an operating system on about 50+ very low quality computers. The OS to I install is doesn't matter, so the only thing I need is a very quick to install OS - preferably one I can chuck on a usb stick and turn on the pc and it will install without any prompt, or similar.

    Free is also good, if not required.

    Thanks a lot

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  • A film about the history of Santa.?

    My friend was telling me about this film he saw yesterday, or a few days ago, that included a kind of chronology of Santa. The specific parts I remember him telling me were that Santa started with only donner and blitzen as reindeer, moved to the north-pole (from Germany?), got more reindeer, got some elfs, made the reindeer magic, made his suit red (from green). Probably not in that order. Unfortunately he forgot the name of the film, I have already had a good rake through Google, but I have come up with nothing. Help would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks, and Merry Christmas

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  • Destroy life on earth?

    I need a totally one sided argument for how solar flares would destroy all life on earth. I'm wrighting a book and don't much care for "Highly improbable"

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  • Destroying the earth?

    Firstly this is for a book so 100% scientific accuracy is not needed but would be nice.

    I am destroying the earth with a solar flare, it is not a super flare or anything fancy just a regular flare. I need to know what stops us being killed by flares normally (and how it could theoretically be stopped), what kind of magnitude of flare would be needed to kill everything (given the first statement), and If there would be any way to stay alive - like some kind of Faraday cage for radiation.

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  • How do I activate my Google acount?

    I got an invite to Google plus/+ and all is dose is send me to a link telling me about it and stuff. It has nothing I can use to join. The page it links me to is this:

    It dose say "Already invited? We've temporarily exceeded our capacity." But they are still letting people in somehow because they recently boasted about their 10mil mark.

    Any way massive thanks for any information.

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  • Convert all my songs to AAC?

    Basically I have 11000+ songs on my computer, all stored in different formats and I need to fit as many as possible on my iPod . What I really want is a program that will convert all the songs to AAC and then delete all the originals (or at least move them somewhere else).


    I DO NOT care that AAC is a lossy compression format, and if you actually think that saving it as an AAC will make any difference in the output quality then you seriously need to learn something.

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  • I need to expand my partition for apple?

    I have the apple OSX snow leopard and when I installed it I set the partition for it to use as only 15GB, is there any way I can easily increase the size of the partition - I'm new to this apple stuff so you probably need to spell it out. Thanks!

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  • Help installing OS X 10?

    I have a install disc for apple mac OSx 10.6.3 and a computer with an AMD Phenom II processor. I tried to install mac using IBoot, but that didn't work as it needs an intel. Could someone please direct me to an equivalent for AMD processors? Thanks a lot!

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  • get apple on my samsung np n220?

    I have a samsung np n220 laptop and I need to install some form of hackintosh. I did have a good look around the internet but I can't find anything helpful - even the hackintosh sites make no sense.

    it would be a massive help, thanks.

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  • Iphone S.D.K. download?

    My new school year has began, and in my computing class we have been given the long running task of creating a "Quality" computer program by any method we wish and on any platform we desire.

    So this is where I have run into a problem. I have made the decision to make a 3d game application for the Iphone and Ipod touch; what I need now is the apple SDK. However It costs a considerable sum of money.

    What I need is a means by which I can download the full dev software for ios4 without the large cost... If you know what I mean. Also I am using a windows platform (In case you haven't guessed I'm poor) so anything in a .dmg ect. is not so good. And if there is some form of student discount that I am unaware of then that would be nice too.


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  • My computer broke after playing Duke Nukem?

    I am seriously annoyed by this because not only have I waited 12 years or the game then an extra 20 minutes to register it to steam then a final 2 and a half hours for an update but once I started playing the game, straight after the first level the screen went all checked and the computer would not respond.

    Here are the full details:

    * The computer will start and load windows, except on the log in screen there are small boxes randomly dotted that look somewhat like compression artefacts.

    * Usually the computer screen then flickers and resets automatically

    * If I can make it to the desktop there is a checked pattern where there are squares made of dithered red dots

    * Windows dose the same in safe mode

    * my Linux partition runs perfectly so It is not a hardware problem, however DNF is a PC only game

    Basically I need a quick solution that dose not involve reinstalling or anything, I'm not sure if it is the fault of DNF as I always run at least five other processor intensive programs at once (for shits and giggles) but if it is, someone seriously needs to tell them about it.

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  • check this equation...?

    9z(X^2) + 6iX + 3z = 0, has no real roots.

    Simplify for i

    1 AnswerMathematics10 years ago
  • EASY 10 POINTS!!!! i got the yellow light on my ps3, where should i send it in.?

    i need to know the adress to send it in, it is out of warranty but they will still repair it, i also need to know what else they want. i need the address to send it to from Scotland ect.

    thanks in advance.

    p.s. pleas don't tell me to call them because the lines are closed and i need the info by tomorow.

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  • more than one app at a time on ipod touch?

    ton o points for informative and useful answer!

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  • ipod touch 3rd gen jail breaking! help!!?

    i know that there has been absolutely no advance in the jailbreak of the new touch, and after looking around i seem to find that everyone only cares about the i phone, and breaking the next one. is there a way to break them i'm missing? if not can someone point me to a site that looks close to it.

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