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  • Best Friend vs. Bf question?

    Here's what happened my three friends, myself and my bf went to dinner. My bestfriend tends to make jokes about ppls heights that are shorter than her(shes5'4). Anyway, she has done it to me(im 5'3) quiet a bit but I brush it off. This nite at dinner she made the height comment about my bf and I. He then made his phone do a sound that is a nickname for my bestfriend that refers to her bfs ex that my bf sometimes calls her. Everything was fine, afterwards he ordered some food that came smoking and there was another comment about "you should be glad we let you order that" made to him because "they didnt want to smell like food." He began to blow the smoke in their direction, then later he put quiet a bit of condiment on his food and they made a comment on how much he used.

    Basically, my bestfriend doesnt like being called by the nickname which upset her, she also didn't want to smell like food but my bf doesnt like ppl making fun of his food or their comment that "they let him", or ppl making fun of him without them being able to take being made fun of in return.

    My friends, bf, family tend to joke around a lot. Lots of cracking on each other in a playful way not intentionally trying to hurt anyones feelings.

    My bf doesnt want to hang out with my friends anymore, and essentially I'm in the middle. I think it's even they did things to him, he did things to them. His thing is, is that she started it and he isn't at fault for the things he did and that I should have said something. But at the time no one seemed put off by anything that happened and I thought everything was okay.

    I wanted to see how other ppl see this situation and what they thought shoudl be done

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  • Why are good men hard to find? Are they Extinct?

    It seems like guys are too into playing games and playing themselves.

    Where are all the mature, responsible, hard-working, non-mommy issue having, loving men ..oh yea!!!....that aren't gay!!?? lol

    My girls and I are starting to think they are Extinct!

    Most girls just want a guy that can make them: feel safe, laugh, feel loved, feel protected, feel appreciated, and want to be there for their man as much as he is for her

    :) Jae.

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  • Need a guy's input!!?

    I'm 22, got out of a serious relationship about 3 1/2 mths ago.

    Okay, so I met this guy like 2 weeks ago, he's super cute and i like him..hes cool to be around, although we havent hung out much. So I saw him today during my lunch hour for about 15 mins. We b*llshitted a little and when leaving he tried to kiss me...well I leaned back and laughed. The back story to this is that the first time he tried to kiss me (which was like a week ago) I laughed and then told him to get out of my face..jokingly. I felt like such an @sshole and apologized to him.

    Why do I keep doing this?? I do like him. I sent him a text messaging saying that I hope he wasn't mad at me but I'm new to this whole dating after all I was practically married for 3 years.

    He hasnt written back ( we have been texting all morning until I saw him). What do I do? Is there fixing this?

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  • Need advice!! Would prefer a man's point of view?

    So I've known this guy for about 2 months now. We get along well, he makes me laugh, and I'm happy when I'm around him.

    For the moment we are just friends, but have been intimate. Hes a really great guy, works 2 jobs, really into his music, and has been a loner for what I assume quite some time.

    We text at least one message everyday, yesterday he didnt text me back until 12 50 which is probably when he got off of work and it was like 2 messages and then it stopped ( he was reading a book though).

    Does he not like me, or he is just busy??

    At first I thought I did something to upset him, but the message at almost 1am was responding saying that he wasnt at all upset with me.

    I guess I could just be feeling some insecurities..I recently got out of a 3 year relationship and am new to this whole dating thing.

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  • What to get a male co-worker for Christmas?

    He's 60 +, likes the Cowboys and the Saints, has just stopped drinking & smoking, extremely funny guy with a great personality.

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  • Is it just me or do you find this gross too??

    Do you find it gross that some people don't wash their hands after using the bathroom??

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  • 000111222333444555666777888999?

    Find the error 80% of students could figure this out!! Help!!

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