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I retired out of the Aerospace industry as a Professional Engineer and have extensive experience in scientific and technical photography as well as having operated a first rate photographic studio. I am soon to launch a bowling association to save sport bowling.

  • On my ipad2 when using the native note app how do I insert text copied from the browser?

    I have copied a paragraph from a website an wish to paste it into the Note App. First I don't know where to find the copied paragraph and secondly I don't have a clue as to how to paste it into my note.

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  • In USA can by law a sitting judge or group of judges either own or collectively operate the local jails?

    It seems unreasonable and a conflict of interest to me that such could be true but I have been told that such is currently the case in Clark county, Washington.

    I have also been told that without a hearing, trial or conviction that assets of an accessed can be attached in Clark County Washington. Is this even possible?

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  • what is the best mobile smart phone operating system and why?

    I have found blackberry to be somewhat restrictive and windows7 does not have the apps i want. I also need to get into the operation system directly. I assume I must purchase a phone not linked to a service provider but that I find acceptable as I do not want a cancellation fee on a 2 year contract anyway. I live in a very rural area and not one provider has service here so I only use the phone when at least 20 miles from home on the interstate highway system or in cities with real service.

    I have developed a great application that I need to test on various operating systems, any suggestions with meaningful reasonable justification would be of help.

    Thanks, Flashbulb

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  • Difference between Cashiers, Official, Treasury, & Teller checks?

    Specifically what stop payment provisions exist in each.

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  • Why is bowling not a category under Sports?

    with 66 million Americans bowling each year, why is it not considered as a sport (by

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  • After cataract surgery eyeglass questions?

    Last December I had cataract surgery on both eyes. About Feb 1 my Dr. gave me an RX for a new executive trifocals lens for the first eye repaired. Naturally the Rx was for only a small fraction of the correction that I previously had. I waited a little over 2 weeks for the delivery and it seemed fine. During the medical follow-up for the other eye in late Feb the Rx for the second eye was written. Although I have ordered it, for reason unknown it has not been delivered. I have paid a lot of money for the new lenses and am now very concerned for two reasons. 1) the first lens only 3 months old is looking like it is distorted first in the reading segment a week later in the inter. segment and now the distant. Seems there is warranty claim but another problem 2) I have had 2 additional follow-up visits to the surgeon and each time he writes a new Rx for the second eye.

    Additional info. I have worn a large amount of prism in both eyes for the past several lens changes before the surgery but have not always had prism and have never had bionocular vision. I absolutely can not use flat seg bi or tri focals. I have doubts about the progressives as i need an alley wider than the glasses themselves. My surgeon retired on April 1. I am very please with the surgery but believe I may need to go back to an optometrist to get a good refraction yet need some advice that is unbiased.

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