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  • On pokemon soulsilver what do i do if the team rocket guy isn't in the underground tunnel in goldenrod city?

    I need to get the team rocket uniform, but the grunt is underground so i cant get it. Also i cant open the door in the lighthouse to battle the 6th gym leader. Please help with all of these.

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  • How do I know if this girl likes me?

    When she was dating one of my classmates, they broke up a month ago, he thought she was flirting with me so he broke up with her later. I like her now, and I'm not sure if she does like me or if he was just being paranoid, because he normally is. When I tried flirting a little bit, she doesnt ignore me, she ends up laughing a little. I made this little joke and everyone laughed at it including her and she always says it, along with everyone else. How can I find out if she does like me without asking her out?

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