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  • Has anyone ever got a scar from surgery tattooed over?

    I have a scar about 12 inches long.... I came up with an idea and it s not much to it actually but I m so scarred I m more scared of infection than anything but for anyone that has got a tattoo over a scar like that how did it turn out for you and how was the pain level? I know all people are different with pain but just getting opinions

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  • Eae gauging/stretching problems?! please help!?

    First, I don't care about your opinion on ear gauging/stretching. Anyways I went from a 4G to a 2G, I tried to go to an 2G one time before but my ear hurt so bad then I put a tunnel in and I think the metal of it irritated my ear so I took it out and I finally got both of the 2G's threw both of my war but they really hurt my left on(the ear I tried before) is puffy, swollen, red and even started to bleed at some point. As for my right ear its puffy, swollen, and red, even both ear lobes are hard as a rock. Ive held ice to it and tried compressing them with something cold to help take the swelling down. I couldn't move them as if my skin was growing to it, which is wasn't but that's what it felt like. I took them out to clean my ears and my left ear felt much better afterward but they still hurt and I gauged them about three days agao now. Is that how they're suppose to be for a few days or so? Or should I take them out?

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  • Head has been hurting for 3 days not and it's not a headache or migraine, of know if it was.?

    My head has hurt for 3 days now, it's not a headache or a migraine. I'd know if it was, it started of on the left side of my forehead, so I took some Tylenol and that didn't help so I took a pain pill and that didn't help either, all that did was made me sleepy but then the left and middle of my forehead hurts, but it's not a headache or migraine. I don't know how my head started hurting or what from. Any ideas what could be the problem?

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  • Could I get a UTI from sex? especially when my boyfriend had to use the bathroom before we had sex?

    My boyfriend and I, had sex two days ago. Since then I've been using the bathroom a lot and even burn when I pee, earlier I got really itchy down there. I know It's too soon to tell if I'm pregnant, but I'm wondering if it could be a UTI?

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  • Could I still get pregnant after my fertile and ovulation days?

    My boyfriend and I had sex on October the 30th I should start my period the 7th but my periods are never on time anyhow. I looked up an ovulation calendar online and it said my fertile days were the 18th, 19th, and 20th then my ovulation day was the 21st the one more fertile day after that. By my understanding that's when I'll be able to get pregnant in which I'm trying not to do. (Boyfriend pulled out) so I'm paranoid I might be pregnant. If those were my fertile and ovulation days. Does that mean I won't get pregnant after those days? Am I understanding that correct? See I'm new to everything about this so I don't really know and paranoia is getting to me so any information would be helpful!

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  • What's my chances of being pregnant? I've explained in the description?

    My boyfriend and I had sex on Thursday, he didn't use a condom but he pulled out before he came but it makes me paranoid. It's not time for my period yet but it will be on the 7th although my period has never been on time it could be at the beginning of the month one moment then the next it's at the end of the month. I've looked up symptoms of pregnancy and I'm not having any but one that I read which is being hungry but I was very hungry today in particular. I ate two times today and I wouldn't be hungry for atleast several hours apart first time was at 2:30 and second time was at 12:30. Maybe I'm just worrying to much and it's nothing and I just got hungry today than any other day. On top of that I haven't really ate either and no I am not anorexic or anything such as that. Maybe it's just me and knowing he didn't use a condom so It's going to make me paranoid but what's my chances of being pregnant? Please don't judge or be hateful. I'm being serious and need help and advice. Not to be judged or have hateful comments.

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  • How do I know if I have memory loss?

    September 19th I got into a street legal dirtbike accident, someone pulled out in front my father an I and we hit. I got a concussion so I don't remember anything from the accident in paticular. Now before the accident I do after the accident faintly. Something's I remember and others I don't. Even after almost a month I still forget thing's that I did an hour ago, or something I said, etc. I could have had a conversion with someone two days ago and they tell me what I talked about and not even I myself remmeber. I know peoples names, personal thing's, etc. Just the littlest things is what I forget. Then I got the wondering could I have some sort of memory loss? Could it be possible that I might have some kind of memory loss? If so how would I know? (Without going to the doctor, which when I go back I'm asking about)

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  • I'm a little bit confused about the Verizon Edge plan? Help?

    I was looking the the Verizon Edge plan for cell phones and it says you only have to pay so much every month but what Im confused about is that just for the phone device itself or is it for service too?

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  • On an application what does "Degree/Area Of Study" mean?

    So I'm applying for a job and on the "Education" it says "high school, name and location of school, degree and area of study, number of years attended, graduated (check one)"

    Well I was homeschooled and as for the degree and area of study. I have no clue because I didn't go to public school to take Tech School or anything so what should I put?

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  • Ear gauge size help?

    My ears are gauged and I have size 6 in but I have a pair of tunnels which are bigger than the 6g but I don't quite know what size exactly it's not big by much, it's not even a pencil size I sorta wanna say it's a 4 but I'm still not for sure. Can some tells me what size they are?

    1 AnswerFashion & Accessories6 years ago
  • Ear gauging possibly gone wrong!?

    Hello, I decided to gauge my ear back in February I started at a 14 then waited a little over a month to go to a 12, then the other day I got 6.. I know you're not suppose to jump sizes but I tried in my right ear and couldn't get it through, it was swollen and hurt then I put my 12 back in and as days went by it still hurt but not as much as days went by then I got an 8g and got them through. My left ear? No problem some pain but not alot now as for the right ear? It's so painful right underneath my ear lobe and under part of my jaw bone is sore and hurts, could it be from where I tried gauges it with the 6 gauge? Or still being sore in general? Or infection? please help me.

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  • Snapchat difficulties? Sent snap disappeared?

    At times I'll be snapchatting and the photos I send will send and say "sent" then it'll disappear, does it mean the person deleted me? Or is it a malfunction with snapchat?

    Sorry for it not being in the right category

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  • Do they sell inhalers that doesn't require a prescription?

    I have difficulties breathing at times, my doctor said I have anxiety but I think I might also have asthma, I'm curious to know if they sell inhalers in store or over counter that doesn't require a prescription. I think it would be very handy and important to have an inhaler just In case something were to happen, I'd rather be safe then sorry. If they do sell inhalers without the requirements that I've listed, how much would one cost?

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