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  • People should know more about their own health?

    When reading many of the questions posed by people, I find it worrying that so many don't know basic answers to health questions. There are all sorts of questions about basic reproduction issues, questions about medicines that people take without knowing what they are for. Many people go to their Doctors and come away without knowing what they really went for, or what the GP really said.

    These days there are GP's Pharmacists and many many other medical professionals who will happily answer your questions about anything. There is also the NHS website which will help to answer questions about all kinds of things. I am happy to try and give my honest and experienced advice as far as I'm qualified to do, but I do find it very worrying that in the 21st Century so many people rely on sites like Yahoo answers to solve their medical problems. Many of the answers provided are either insulting, stupid or incorrect which provide the querent with no better information than they began with.

    I know people are worried about themselves and I understand, but please ASK a professional who will give you the facts. The only person who may feel ashamed/confused or embarassed is yourself and there really is no need to be. The professionals certainly aren't.

    See a GP if in any doubt, ASK about your condition, ASK about your medicines. Don't sit and worry when there are so many places to access good information.

    We need Doctors, we really do, but you don't have to just accept what they say without knowing why or how etc....

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  • My in laws don't know we are married?

    We got married 5 months ago and didn't tell my husbands family which includes his 7 year old son ( I wanted to but it was my husbands responsibilty to tell his family - my family all know )

    We tried - despite my reluctance - talk to them and set up a 'pretend marriage' rather then telling them straight out we were married. My husband said this would be a better way.

    We spoke to them and they told us that if we got married without a pre nuptial agreement or what his father considers to be the right things in place that he would take his hands off the family business. This would leave us with nothing. The right things in place are things like protecting my husbands sister if they die ( she is Down's syndrome ) and also protecting his fathers share of the business if me and hubby split.

    I had anxiety attacks from this and hubby still won't broach the subject with them. We are applying for US visas soon and they will find out sooner or later, but he will not tell them despite the fact that I suffer anxiety constantly. I am not happy and feel that we should not be in this situation. I am considering leaving him. Any advice?

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  • My husbands parents want a post nup?

    My husbands parents want a post nup to protect their assets. Thet are leaving in their will items to my husband and also to my husbands son and sister ( who is Down's Syndrome ) and the money and assets that are for them will be the responsibility of my husband. His sister will never have her own responisibility for the assets or money and his son will only get them when he is of age. The items left to my husband are his to do with as he wishes and these are not the items in question.

    Surely if their will states certain items for his son and his sister then I wouldn't be able to claim them anyway...?

    I do not think it is my or my husbands responsibility to protect their assets. I feel that they should make arrangements in their will to protect their own assets.

    I do not want to have a post nup, but I am unsure as to where I stand.

    Any advice would be appreciated

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  • A phone company sent my final bill to the wrong address. I never received it now debt collectors on my back.?

    A phone company sent my final bill to the wrong address and not my current address despite having the correct current address. Therefore I never received my bill. 6 months later I have a debt collector pursuing me. I have contacted both compnanies to let them know that firstly I am not convinced of the total amount of the debt and to explain that I did not know of this debt as the final bill got sent to the wrong address. The debt collection got the correct address from the phone company so they have it. Now I am under stress due to this and the phone company have offered no suitable resolution or offered to contact the debt collection agency on my behalf. This was their mistake. Where do I stand?

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