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  • Why do some people find stadning as a punishment?

    At school we were practing the stes for the graduation. Some people were talking. One teacher said to stop talking. The longer they talk, the longer until she (a different teacher) was finsihed talking. Meaning that we would have to be standing longer. acting like standing is a punishment.

    At school in band, at first the precusion people couldn ot go 5 minutes without sitting. They actted like it would kill them.

    I perfer to standup. I standup when I can. People question it. In Elementry school, standing would be a punishment for someone who kept leaving his/her seat for talking.

    Have people really become so lazy to where they cannot bare standing? For the people who believe in evolution, humans have not evolved to sit. Sitting for long periods is shown to have bad effects on people's healt.

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  • If the word "best" signifies an opinion answer, why do tests have a correct answer for question with best?

    In my state, like all states, students are required to take tests. Here they are called CRCT. In the ELA section and reading section, there are plenty of questions asking you things like "Which of the follow best completes the sentence?" or "Which is the best conclusion?" If it says best, each answer should be correct, and yet all are not.

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  • I'm double checking. Were my constitutional rights violated at school?

    I was at school on Friday. MY teacher made this affirmation. Basically she asks questions and we answer the questions. It's like an oath. She does it daily. On Friday when the class was saying it, I was quite. I was doing a packet she gave us. When they were done she said that I messed her video up because she was recording (My sate has one party wire tap law).She said it is a class rule that you must say that. I said that I did not have to say that. She could not make me say anything. Then I was kicked out the c,*** for not saying it. If you need to know that state for a more specific constitution it is Georgia.

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  • People say nothing lasts forever. Does that mean the forever does not last forever?

    A few days ago I thought about this, but I was not sure of the answer. I thought of two answers.


    It doesn't because time ends. Forever is time and time will most likely end.


    It does. Forever is forever. Therefore, it lasts forever. It's like a human living his/her own life span.

    The main problem was defining forever. Would forever be considered all of time or before and after time. When I asked one of my friends tyhis question, he said I created a paradox.

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  • Geometry: Math raduis of circle with triangle?

    I was reading out my math textbook. There is a triangle and a circle. You must use the triangle to get the radius. AB is perpendicular with CB. CB is the radius. AB is 70 feet long. BC is the radius. AC is 50 + the radius. To show how to get the answer it shows this:

    AC^2=BC^2 + AB^2

    (r+50)^2=r^2 + 70^2

    r^2 + 100r + 2500 = r^2 + 4900

    100r = 2400 (-r^2 from both sides)

    r = 24

    I check it, and it is correct. However, I am confused at where the 100r came from. I did not see anything about 100r in the diagram.

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  • Why do some people think the US constitution does not apply at school and for minors?

    I got into an argument. My teacher and a fellow student believe that most of the constitutional rights do not apply to students because they are minors, and they are at school. When Beth and Tinker went to court, the Supreme Court said that the students' rights do no end at the school gate.

    If you're wondering how it started, I was using my right to not be a witness against myself and self-incrimination (Georgia Constitution)

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  • What are the minimum and maxuim values for an exponential function with an asymtope of 0?

    I had an Algebra quiz on our Unit 3. There was one question with an exponential graph wit a function simular to f(x) = (1/2)^x. It was multiple choice. The answers were:

    A.maxuim>infinity; minimum>0;

    B.maxuim>0; minimum> infimity;

    C.maxuim>infinity; minimum>infinity;

    D. None of the above

    I said that it is none of the above. I chose that because a minimum includes something. It is the lowest something can be. Therefore, (answer A, which is what she said is correct) she is saying that 0 can be a y value. It cannot be, because there is an asymtope of 0. Because of this, 0 cannot be there. It cannot have a mazuim of infinity because when it gets to infinity it would stop. Since it stops, there is an infinite amount of numbers that it would not be able to be since it stops there as soon as it gets there. Does anybody else agree with me? If you oppose, please tell me why.

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  • How to acess my USB files?

    I was using my computer and then i noticed that all of the files on my Flashdrive appeared to be gone. I checked the properties and according to all computers i have checked, the files are still there. I went to the settings and it said that I didn't have premission and everytime that i tried to change that it changed back.

    I want steps the best for:

    Ubuntu 12.04

    Ubuntu 13.10

    Windows XP

    Windows 8

    Windows 7

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  • Does it violate copyright to play music in a work/school presentation?

    I already know that using it in a Youtube video violates it if you don't have a license even if you say no copyright entended. But if you were to use it in a presentation would it be illegal?

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  • What is your opinion on maxthon?

    My opinion is that maxthon is a great browser. Lots of the features compared to chrome and Firefox that require plugins are built in on maxthon. The one thing i don't like is that you don't have the master password like in Firefox, or the always private browsing. If they do have that tell me how to get it (i just got maxthon today). I also like its HTML5 compatibility which tops all other browsers.

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  • What is the purpose of fiction books?

    I do not read fiction books. I just read fictions books because when i read i want to actually learn something and not just read a book about some girl who went into a game to kill everyone else. To me fiction books are a waste of time. I have some friends who never stop reading. He probally owns (or checked out) every fiction book written in the English language.

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  • what does >> and << do in Python 3.3.1?

    I was playing around in my Python 3.3.1 IDLE and put 2 << 3 and 16 came out. Then i put 6 >> 1 and 3 came out. What does this do and what is this called?

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  • what is a whitespace python?

    I know HTML 4.01, HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS, Ruby, and a few more and i decided to learn python. On codecademy it says:

    To continue the sentence analogy, it's clear that we also need a kind of punctuation to make it obvious where one statement ends and another begins. If you're familiar with JavaScript, you know that statements end with a semicolon (;). In Python, statements are separated by whitespace. Just like you can't toss around semicolons wherever you want in JS, you can't throw whitespace around in Python.

    Is a whitespace just a useless space at the end of a line?

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  • Can i have 2 operating systems on my computer?

    THere are time swhen i want to use linux then times i want to use Windows. I know how to install an OS on my Computer i just want to know if i can hav e2 on there. So when i start ot up it asks me which one i want to use.

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  • Will ios 7 work on iPod 4th generation?

    I have an iPod 4 16gb. I was wonding if the iPod 4 will support iOS 7. Some people say yes and some say no. If it does i know it would have all the same =features like siri.

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  • Why do peope think that Paul McCartney is Dead?

    i was looking at the videos and stuff. Here are somethings i found wrong with their "Proof":

    Yesterday "I'm not hald the man i used to be" That was released in 1965. They say he died in 1966

    Magical Mystery Tour: Paul is in a Walrus costume. They are all in Walrus customs and Walrus does not mean dead in India.

    I am the Warus: "Stupid bloody Tuesdays" saying paul died on tuesday. Then they say George points to "Wednesday morning at five o' clock" the day he died.

    OPD: If you look better i tsays OPP for Canda's police.

    Abbey Road: Paul is not wearing shoes. In the USA and UK peopel are not barried without shoesa. And if they are trying to say he is dead he would not be walrking.

    A hand is over Paul's head on the cover cartoon. This is an Eastern religion's way of symbolizing evil or death. Which is: Not true.

    27IF: Paul was born in 1942 and would be 25.

    Strawberry Feilds Forever: they say Johmn said "i Burried Paul" when he said "Cranberry sauce"

    and they say if you play some songs backwards it says "Paul is Dead" You know how hard it is to get words to say a sentence backwards and actauly make sense in a song. The only words i can think of is God and Dog that can do that.

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  • Besides C/C++ what programing langauges should i learn?

    I don't want to learn java my friend says it is a pain. And C/C++ is getting replaced by Java. I already know JavaScript, HTML, and Batch. I know a little of vbscript, PHP, coffescript, and Action-script. But i want to learn one that can actauly be a program and not something that runs in a web browser.

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  • Javascript Clock bug help?

    I am making a clock in Javascript andi found a bug. After midnight till 1 am it does not work. I think it is because it is trying to display a time over 24 hours. Here is the code


    <title>Javascript Clock</title>


    <script type="text/javascript">

    var nline = "<br>"

    var bold = "<b>"

    var Bold = "</b>"

    document.write("This is a Javascript clock");

    document.write(nline + nline)

    document.write("Standard Time:");

    function getTime() {

    var now = new Date();

    var h = now.getHours();

    var m = now.getMinutes();

    var s = now.getSeconds();

    var mil = now.getMilliseconds();

    m = checkTime(m);

    s = checkTime(s);

    else if (h > 12) {

    hours = h - 12

    document.getElementById("clock").innerHTML = hours + ":" + m + ":" + s + "." + mil + " PM";

    setTimeout("getTime()", 0);

    } else if (h < 12) {

    document.getElementById("clock2").innerHTML = h + ":" + m + ":" + s + "." + mil + " AM";

    setTimeout("getTime()", 0);




    function checkTime(time) {

    if(time<10) {

    time = "0" + time;


    return time;




    <p><b>This requires Javascript</b></p>



    <body onload="getTime(), myGettime()">

    <table border='2' cellpadding='2' cellspacing='2' width='44%'>

    <td id="clock"></td>

    <td id="clock2"></td>


    <p>Military Time</p>

    <table border='2' cellpadding='2' cellspacing='2' width='44%'>

    <td id="clock3"></td>


    function myGettime() {

    var now = new Date();

    var h = now.getHours();

    var m = now.getMinutes();

    var s = now.getSeconds();

    var mil = now.getMilliseconds();

    m = checkTime(m);

    s = checkTime(s);

    if (h <= 24) {

    document.getElementById("clock3").innerHTML = h + ":" + m + ":" + s + "." + mil;

    setTimeout("myGettime()", 0);



    function checkTime(time) {

    if(time<10) {

    time = "0" + time;


    return time;






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  • Infinity is a number why do people say it is not?

    I am a coder and I made JavaScript print out the max number. it came out with 1.7976931348623157e+308

    the number above put in to calculators is infinity. and if u add to the last 7 it doesn't show. I added the number with a JavaScript calculator i coded and it said 1.7976931348623157e+308=infinity

    4 AnswersWords & Wordplay8 years ago