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  • Why is my body reacting to milk like this?

    Over a year ago I’m pretty sure my body turned lactose intolerant because I couldn’t  eat milk without severe abdominal pain and feeling incredibly sick, gas, bloating, and diarrhoea and ive just been avoid it’s as much as possible but recently

     I was at my county show and I asked for nachos without cheese but they put some in and I didn’t realise until I ate it and then not long after I couldn’t breathe and my throat was closing up so they called the paramedics and they gave me some medicine so I could breathe and not pass out again and (I study cooking) I was at college today and I literally dipped my finger in the cream mix and tried it and my throat started to close up again and it still feels tight and I don’t know what happening because I might go to the doctors for a blood test but it’s random to when the reaction happens, I had milk yesterday and I was relatively fine?

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  • 19yr old going after a 15yr old?

    My friend won’t listen to anyone when we tell her this guy is bad for her and only using her.

     They’ve dated in the summer which I disapprove off and they kissed and that and he broke things off because he doesn’t want his dad to find out because he’s been caught noncing on another cadet and got demoted, she’d rather lose our friendship and to be with that guy than keep our friendship (not just mine others that disapprove) I just don’t know how to get through to her that she’ll regret it Like last time, he’s made her cry almost very night and he’s not trust worthy but she won’t listen to us

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  • Why do I get into periods of not eating?

    Every once in a while I get into these moods where I don’t have an appetite or won’t eat but I still get hungry, I always feel sick during these times and I get really low blood sugar and the thought/smell of food makes me gag but then it goes away like nothings happened, I haven’t had s proper meal in 5 days and I’ve bern forcing my self to snack

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  • What’s the difference between Cadets (uk) and jrotc (us)?

    Like are the equivalent to each other or what does the us one do that the other doesn’t

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  • How do I send people I’m the military letters?

    Over the Christmas period I want to send people serving my country letters randomly to the Royal Marines, Airmen and women ect. I want to do this because I know from my mum working at the hospital over Christmas, I want her to be home and then I feel about all the serving men and women who are away for months at a time Especially over Christmas.

    My dad was a marine and my brother is a serving Marnie now and I’m hoping to join the RAF soon so being in the military runs in the family and I know how hard it is, and I just don’t know how to send a letter to someone not specifically or to a specific address because I want it randomly sent?

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  • Why does every time I breathe cold air it burns?

    I’ve been getting it the last few years and every winter or when it gets cold and I take a deep breathe and especially running in the cold In it feels like it’s burning the back of my throat and I can’t breathe and I have to lean over so I can breathe. And it’s not like oh it’s cold air makes it hurt it’s like a proper burning sensation. I don’t have asthma either And I’ve never had it

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  • When will people prioritise children’s(and adults) lives over an old piece of paper?

    I’m from the uk and the gun death rates are extremely low to none here and people can go to school or a night out and not worry If there Gunna Make it Home or not?

    I just can’t get my head around why one person needs like 6 machine guns for “self defence” surely one handgun or a shotgun is enough and would significantly lower death rates? Like you don’t have to get rid of them all together just regulate them more and test peoples mental stability to own one and there family members possibly??

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