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  • I want to explore the similarity between the origin of English and the Yamato language.?

    Japanese is made in Chinese and Yamato.

    This can be rephrased as being made in Chinese and English 3000 years ago.

    To briefly introduce this process,

    Japanese mythology begins when Izanami comes to Japan from a foreign country.

    She came to Japan 3000 years ago.

    The feature is that the words when speaking and the words when writing are different.

    Until modern times, Japanese did not match when writing and speaking.

    Currently, Japanese is translating the Yamato language in China. So the root is Chinese.

    However, as a dialect, the Yamato language still remains.

    Specifically, I will play Yamato words.

    "Wale Nancyu Namae"

    This is the old colloquialism.

    In English, it has the same meaning as "What's your name?".

    In Japanese, "Anata no namae ha nan desuka?".

    “Wale dogetsi t you?” this is Yamato words.

    in English”What do get it you?”

    The sound of this Yamato word can be heard as a dialect of Izumo and the Tohoku region. 

    Is the Yamato language English? Is it Japanese?

    The answer is clear when you look at the numbers.


    In Yamato language,

    Hi, Fwo, Mee, Your,itu

    in English

    One, two, three, four, five

    The words of the Yamato language have the same origin as English. For example, if you say women "wotome", they are women.

    Speaking of "Hime", Female.

    All the sounds will remain in English as they are.

    If you are good at Japanese, you will know these words, which are old phrases.

    I know a few Yamato words. If you look at it from English, you can see more detail.

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