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  • will '01 stock 16" rims fit my '07 328XI, and would they work with run flat tires, (accept the valve sender) ?

    my '07 328XI came with all season runflats, but i'd prefer to have real snow tires on it for winter, but not have to dismount and re mount them with each change of season. i've found some 16" stock bmw rims from an '01 325 for sale at a reasonable price, but wonder if they can accept the tpm (tire pressure monitoring) valve stem? also, would the bolt pattern would be the same? and, is the offset of the rim the same? if these would work for me, it would save me quite a bit over a snow tire and rim package from the dealer or the local tire centers. if you could also post your qualifications to answer this question i would greatly appreciate that info, too. thanks to all of you in advance, car dude.

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  • i'm thinking about getting snow tires and aftermarket rims for a '07 bmw 328 xi, good idea?

    we will be using our bmw year round in CT, rather than mounting and dismounting the tires, (they are runflats), for each season i am thinking of buying some rims and mounting the snow tires on them. my concerns are; should i run a smaller width snow tire?, should i stay with the 16" rims or could i run a set of older bmw rims (i know of a set from a '95 318is for sale)?, or would those rims even fit?, would running smaller rims mess up any computers or handling of the car? i don't know if the older rims would be compatable with runflat tires or not. how do you handle this with your bmw? thanks in advance, car dude.

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  • whose oil fired boiler is better? Dunkirk or Weil-McLain?

    i am looking into buying a new cast iron boiler and have heard conflicting reports on the seals between the sections of each. which in you experiance is the better boiler? also, i am installing an indirect hot water heater, in my 1,350 s. f. home, should i go with a 4 section boiler? if it makes any difference, the house has the old cast iron radiators. do you have any preference in the burners, Carlin E-Z, vs Beckett AFG ? thank you in advance, car dude.

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  • 88 dodge p/u rear brakes, adjuster #'s correct, star wheels don't line up w/hole in back plate. all parts new.

    brakes are in proper, adjusters are on correct sides,if i turned adjusters around they would be further from hole,& not connect with lever. looks and measure same as old. i'm going nuts with this. any ideas, i'm about ready to expand holes so i can get to stars. anyone else run into this problem? ideas? help? thanks, in advance.

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