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  • Why does my brain feel slow?

    Lately I've been finding it hard to respond to people because I feel like everything I'm typing doesn't make sense to the point where I need to Google what I'm saying to make sure it makes sense. Words that I would normally know look odd to me and some times I find it hard to have witty comebacks when having a normal conversation. I've been highly stressed lately, but nothing that I'm not used to, sorta. I've lost motivation to do anything and during the day I'm tired, but at night I can't seem to fall asleep. I feel like crap. Also, lately I've been able to feel my heart pump randomly, if that makes sense. Don't know if that has anything to do with it.

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  • How painful is the VCH piercing and what's better a clamp, tube, or free hand?

    So I have fourteen piercings so I'm no stranger to the needle. I just would like a pain reference. I have my tongue, smilie, under my tongue, snake bites, eyebrow, and my ears pierced all the way up. Out of those which would the vch most likely compare to? The most painful piercing I have expirienced was my cheeks and even then it wasn't horrible but very uncomfortable. Putting in the actual barbel hurt worse. After that my tongue stung but all the other piercings just felt like a lot of pressure. I would say my clit is so/so when it comes to sensitivey and also I would like to know what the difference between using a clamp, the tube, or just free hand. I'd rather clamp it but I've read the tube is better. I've never had a piercing without a clamp so it kind of freaks me out and I like that the clamp makes the skin thinner.

    Anyways, please don't answer if you haven't had it pierced or aren't a piercer. Please don't leave comments like "ohh that's gross." just don't be annoying.

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  • Are my eyes green or hazel?

    I read that 2% of people have green eyes and that hazel gets mistaken for green all the time. I was just wondering which one I am.

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  • Help with neon purple hair?

    I am stuck between Manic Panics Ultra Violet, Le Riche Plum, and Special Effects Purple Smoke.

    The link above is the closest I could find to the color in my head. I want a neon purple that DOESN'T look blue. What color is the best? Or if there is another one out there that's better I'd love to know. Yes I can order online :]

    And I will be bleaching the hair that I dye purple.

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  • Dead Island Safe Haven help?

    I was playing the side quest safe haven and I got three letters when the forth one stopped showing as a white flag. Next to the quest it says to to henderson and idk where that is at. I can't find any image locations for the letter and this is really frustrating.

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  • What's the best site to get a modded controller?

    I would like to get a modded controller for Xbox and I'm having trouble deciding what would be best. I have to admit, I care more about the outer apperence than the rapid fire and ****. I was looking at a couple of sites that have the "Blood Splatter" shell and bullet buttons, bumpers, and trigger buttons that light up and programmable thumbsticks. I want that, but several sites have it. Does it matter where I get it? Also, if you get the rapid fire (I know you can get it removed, but I'd rather not spend the extra $10 to do so when it's already a $100 mod) can you take it off? And having everything light up besides the D pad, would I be buying batteries up the *** to keep it working? I already go through batteries a lot because of my headset (cheap kind that came with the Xbox) so I might just invest in chargable batteries.

    Anyways, all in all, is it worth ever getting it in the first place? Thanks for all the info :D

    Gamertag stfuximshelli

    Hahha just had to put it

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  • Hard, fast, and badass dubstep songs?

    I need good songs and it's hard to find what I'm looking for.

    Some songs I like now are "Goin' In" by Birdy Nam Nam SKRILLEX REMIX!! Original is blaah.

    "Imma Try It Out" by Skrillex

    "Superbilinal" by Deadmau5

    I like fast paced songs that have hard bass and badass sounds (lyrics preferred)

    I like Foreign Beggers. I listened to Exosion but ehh didn't really fancy me. Kill The Noise was so/so. I'm sure you're getting the point.

    Thanks for all the suggestions in advanced :D and DON'T REPLY IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT!!

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  • Cold Sore. Is it herpes?

    I've been getting cold sores since I was a kid in grade scool. Usually just one during winter. And when I get STD checks nothing pops up but it's still called HVS 1 or something. So is it an STD? Kind of confused about it.

    1 AnswerSTDs8 years ago
  • What caused my years old cartilage piercing to get irritated and form a blood filled bump?

    So I guess it all started when I lost the ball to my 18 gauge hoop that was in the ear so, not wanting it to fall out, I replaced it with a 16 or 14 (can't remember) gauge. It slipped in just fine. I didn't force it or anything. After about two days my ear started to get soar and I couldn't sleep on it so I changed the jewelery to a regular stud. It didn't make a difference. If anything if got worse. This morning I woke up and there was a bump O.O so me being the impatient, obsessive person I am, I took out the stud and started ******* with the bump which was filled with blood. I know popping anything is a bad idea, but I did and blood came out. I cleaned it with tea tree oil and put a hoop back in that's usually on my lip.

    I just want to know what irritated it. Did I not clean the jewelry right or was it the change of size? I don't need advice how to clean it or anything. I have 15 perfect piercings so please spare me. I just want to know so I dojnt do it again. Thanks :]

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  • Looking for edgy, young adult fiction books?

    I'm looking for GOOD young adults books with (doesn't need to have all, but these subjects are what I like) drugs, suicide, self mutalation, sex, romance, shocking tiwsts in the story, unexpected endings, sad endings. I will provide a list of books I have read. Please don't reply with a book I already have read. I'm really hard to please when it comes to books, and I get disapointed by books reaaly easy.

    Ohh and yeah, NO VAMPIRE, TWILIGHT **** PLEASE!!

    Books I have read:


    Before, after, and somebody in between


    A Million Little Pieces

    The Burn Journals

    Crash Into Me

    Living Dead Girl

    Forget You

    Take Me There

    Dash and Lilys Book of Dares

    Dirty Liar

    What My Mother Doesn't Know

    The Lying Game

    The Summer I Turned Pretty

    Perfect Chemistry

    How It Ends

    Waiting For You

    Hold Still

    Pretty Little Liars 1-8

    Bad Girls Don't Die

    Twenty Boy Summer

    Something Like Fate

    Cracked Up To Be

    Some Girls Are

    The Perks Of Being A Wallflower

    Jumping Off Swings


    Going Too Far

    Beauty Queen

    The Unwritten Rule


    Dirty Little Secret

    The Sky Is Everywhere

    Looking For Alaska

    Before I Fall

    The Secret Year


    By The Time You Read This, I'll Be Dead

    Thirteen Reasons Why

    Go Ask Alice

    Hate List







    If I Stay


    Lessons From A Dead Girl

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  • Looking for RPG, simulation game for Xbox 360?

    I'm very picky. I like Fable, but they were really easy, and fast to finish. I want a game that actually lasts more than 3 days. I'd really like a RPG, simulation, surval horror game. Something where everything you do effects the outcome of the game. And I don't want any anmae (sp) looking games. It could be the best game in the world, and be ruined because of it being anmae. I have Xbox LIVE and would really like a game where you play online a lot. Fable you can play online, but nothing special so I never did it.

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  • is there away to dye faded black shirts without dying the logo?

    I have a lot of faded shirts that I need to dye but I don't want the band logos on the shirt to get ruined.

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  • I'm pregnant, and I want to find punk, goth clothes for me child to be. any suggestions?

    No Hot Topic links though. I've never shopped there, never will.

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