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  • Maidana wins over Mayweather?

    Maidana @$$ F****d Adrien Broner and than did the same to Mayweather, but the judges robbed him. Broner and Mayweather's @N@l sure must be stretched and sore. Who agrees?

    11 AnswersBoxing7 years ago
  • Is somebody going to make him pay?

    Being that Richie Incognito did what he did, is someone in the league going to slap the s_ _ t out this fat porker? He looks like Tommy Boy. Incognito looks like an overweight Neo Nazi SS officer who had way too many keilbasa's and sauerkraut. who here agrees?

    4 AnswersFootball (American)7 years ago
  • Ford truck fuel line question?

    I own a 97' Ford F250 3/4 ton truck. It has a front and rear fuel tank. It runs great. However, when I switch to the front tank fuel severely leaks out of the bottom. Is the fuel line damaged? Is it a hassle to get repaired? How much would something like that cost?

    1 AnswerMaintenance & Repairs7 years ago
  • The Klinsmann and LD a bad mix?

    Why hasn't Landon Donovan been playing for the U.S. soccer team as of late? Has he and the Klinsmann had a falling out? I think they are going to need him at some point. I mean, the U.S. barely beat a 3rd string German squad with their "A" team. Who hear agrees and give me some info on the Donovan.

    2 AnswersOther - Soccer7 years ago
  • south of the border is good?

    the Latin worker from south of the border will do back breaking work for minimal pay. Work that most people in the United States do not want, or would not bother getting their hands dirty with. The Latin worker is the backbone of the blue collar work ethic this country (the U.S.) always promotes. So, I ask, why are so many in the U.S. against people from south of the border coming here and performing labor most Americans do not want? Let them come openly and freely. They have more right to be here than descendants from western Europe. Who here agrees?

    5 AnswersImmigration8 years ago
  • how do I correct fuel guage?

    the gas guage on my 97 Ford F250 3/4 ton seems to not go below a 1/4 indication level. I am not sure how much fuel I have, if it is on empty or not. When topped off it goes all the way to "F" as full. But, only drops to 1/4 and remains there. How do I get this corrected, or checked out? Any mechanics out there? The vehicle runs fine.

    4 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs8 years ago
  • Prez is the new approach?

    dem dare GOP dudes are sher seems upset 'bout that Obama and limitaishun's on dem guns. Thay kan't to seem to figyur dat prez dude is only tryin' to maik it safer. How comes dem GOP's ar mad? Day still mad 'bout dat leckshin? first dat prez gets bad guy osama, den he saves hospitals and helth kair, den he brings our soljer boyz home, I mean, u just kan't seem to make dem GOP's happy. Y'all agreee?

    3 AnswersCurrent Events8 years ago
  • is the draGON A ..........?

    Is Puff the Magic Drgaon a j0int ?

    2 AnswersComics & Animation8 years ago
  • I wonder if president can................?

    that president Obama, man! he picks basketball champions, he creates jobs, helps with immigration, gets along great with other nation's leaders, wins elections, the media loves him! I wonder if there is anything he cannot do? I wonder if he can ride bull's? like a cowboy bullrider can? I bet he can, he can do everything else. What do you think?

    2 AnswersGovernment8 years ago
  • I wonder if this happened?

    I wonder if Obama and Romney had a beer summitt yet?

    1 AnswerElections8 years ago
  • who picks up the tab for convention?

    who picks up and pays for the meal tabs for governor christie in Florida? Also, do they monitor and limit how much he consumes? just wondering? does the GOP? The state of new jersey? the state of Florida?

    2 AnswersElections8 years ago
  • Why is the President so.......................?

    why is the prez, that is Obama, so cool? I mean, all the celebs and who's who love him. They give him money, he picks winners in the NCAA tourney. Don't you guys just wake up and count your blessings that he is leading our country? Another 4 years of Obama! Yea!!

    7 AnswersElections8 years ago
  • what do you have planne?

    what you studs and honies got planned for your mate on Valentines Day?

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating9 years ago
  • Are republicans.............................?

    are republicans in-bred's? because they seem very hill billy in their behavior.

    1 AnswerElections9 years ago
  • can Obama do it..........?

    Will the Obama continue to repair the deficiencies of the 2 past administrations? he is doing the job of many. who hear agrees?

    8 AnswersElections9 years ago
  • the summitts produce................?

    The Beer summitts produce hit's on middle east kings, is this true?

    2 AnswersPolitics9 years ago
  • do you think the prez does this?

    I wonder if Prezident Obama buys his suits off the rack at Sears or Penney's? Because this would really help our economy as a nation. I think he does because he seems like a fiscally sound guy to do such a thing. What you think?

    5 AnswersElections9 years ago
  • who will revive me if I work.............................?

    If I pass out from exhaustion from working out too hard, who will revive me?

    2 AnswersOther - Food & Drink9 years ago
  • Japan reigns supreme?!?

    Little fat Americans could not stop the awesome power of women half heir size! Japan reigns supreme. What happened to SUPER WOMAN hope solo? She got schooled. I think a gender test should be performed on Wambach. What you all think? do you agree?

    7 AnswersFIFA World Cup (TM)9 years ago
  • 2011 Gold Cup beasts and more?

    Still light years behind! Poor little Gringos. Mexico men teaching American little boys how to play Football. Mexico-4 USA-2, Dancing in the middle of your country on your home field! What a laugh! Gold Cup Kings! MEXICO!! Who agrees U.S. should stick to making reality TV shows because that is what they are good at?

    6 AnswersEnglish Football (Soccer)9 years ago