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  • Should i tell them i am pregnant?

    I am about to go on a job interview and i am 3 months pregnant. Should i tell them. It is illegal for them not to hire them over it but i know it would make a big impact on if the hire me or not. Or should i not tell them and just show up in matenity clothes one day if i get hired??

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  • Daddy's at work?

    My husband is in the air force and this is the 4th time he is going to the desert. My son (who will be 3 in Jan.) has coped fine with the other times but this time he just is not getting that daddy wont be home for another 5 more months. How can i get him to understand with out confusing him or making him worried?

    6 AnswersToddler & Preschooler1 decade ago
  • How can i get rid of this (all day) morning sickness?

    I am 7 weeks pregnant and i am miserable. With my first child it was smooth sailing. But with this one i have not been able to keep anything down since i was only 2 weeks along. i have already pulled out my size two jeans from deep inside my closet and i am getting worried. My dr. says this is normal, but now my hair is falling out from not getting enough nutrition. Is there any help for me?

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