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  • Please help me with this essay?

    Transfers only: Please discuss your interest in transferring to New York University. Explain your reasons for wanting to leave your current college or university (or if not currently in attendance, why you left the last institution you attended), and describe how you feel your educational goals can be better achieved at NYU.

    Any ideas? I just need help on how to start.

    I really appreciate your help!!

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  • Fire in a Canebrake? 10 points!!?

    Hey guys!!

    If anyone has read fire in a canebrake can you pleaseee give me your email? I am overloaded with work right now and have a couple questions!!

    Thank you SO much!!!! :)

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  • Speech on Rubberband Man?

    I have to write a speech on anything I want. I am obsessed with TI so I decided to write about him. Can someone please help me come up with what some good attntion-getters would be for this speech?

    Also, if you can come up with any other random topics. For example, people i know are doing wonder bras, gumballs, stilettos, etc.

    Thanks =)

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  • I need to Sell Myself..?

    Hey guys! I have made it up to the final interview for becoming an RA. I have to make a 3-5 min powerpoint presentation about myself. I have to include things that they would not find out about me with a regular interview. I threw in how I like diversity and I included numerous volunteer experiences and how they have helped enhance my leadership skills.

    ....idk wut else to write...please help! What else can I say about myself that will make me stand out and make the intereviewers want to pick me?

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  • Gypsies, please help?

    Hey guys, I am doing a project for my English class and I need to get information in the Gypsy subculture. I know that internet sites can be biased so I wanted to interview someone from the actual culture. I would really appreciate it, if you are a Gypsy, if we can get into contact (email, phone) so I can interview you? Also, information about Romani would also be appreciated, thank you =)

  • Please Help! Mathmeticians!?

    Okay, this is for a friend. I promise. Im not trying to take the easy way out in homework. She is in math 1101, and I forgot how to work this problem because I did this last year. So, if you can, please explain how you figure it out. Like give a formula and how you got the answer. Thank you so much! She appreciates it!

    Jason wants to invest a total of $30,000 into two savings accounts, one paying 6% simple interest and the other paying 9% simple interest. If she wants the total interest after 1 year from both accounts to be $2100, how much should she invest in each account?

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  • Just a thought about Obama supporters?

    Let me start off by saying that I am so happy Obama won and was definately celebrating with the rest of the 63% of our country who loves him!! I cannot wait for what he has in store for us!

    However, I have been thinking of a couple things..

    Now, Republicans and people who are not supporting Obama, claim that black people are only supporting him because he is black. And they need to "see past the color." And they are refuted by the fact that most people did not vote for Obama based off of his color, but his passion for change. That is why I voted for him at least. My question is, if people are trying to prove that Obama did not win due to his race. And they did not vote for Obama simply because he is black, isn't going around chanting, "My president is Black" completely contradicting what they are saying?

    They sit here and say that color has nothing to do with it, so why not chant things like, "My president is amazing" or great, etc. Doesn't chanting that he is black give the impression that people voted for him simply due to his color? and not his character?

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  • Hip/Hop Music Question?

    Hey what is the name of that one song, it goes like this: Girl your @$$ is the fattest...fattest (he is saying fattest or baddest, idk) I just wanna grab it...grab it.

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  • The Media is Responsible!!!!?

    Ok, I have to write a paper on how the media is responsible (or plays a role) in the low self esteem for girls. Like how they should not bombard girls with all of these images of models with perfect bodies and whatnot.

    Can you guys please give me a good theses statement on it?

    ex: The media is responsible for the low self-esteem of young girls.

    but something that sounds smarter. lol.

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  • Business People!!!!!!!!!!?

    Please explain to me what exactly Business Finance is? My mom wants me to do it. And every other persons major is Fiance. Thats cool, but I have NO IDEA what it is and what it deals with. Like what to the people do exactly? And what type of math and classes are involved?

    Please don't get to crazy with your answer, I asked this before and was beyond confused with some of the answerrs I got lol. Thank you so much for your time! =)

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  • Creative thinkers on deck!!?

    Hey!! I have to write about a moral issue and I have no idea what to talk about. We cant talk about war, abortion, or guns. And the easy ones are taken (when is it right to lie). My friend is talking about if it is right to strip to feed your family. So, I was wondering if you guys can come up with anything interesting for me? Please try to be specific.

    (Stay away from topics that deal with abortion, guns, war, and any work-related issue) Thank you!! All ideas are appreciated! =)

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  • Need Ideas on Moral Issues*?

    I need to write a paper on a moral issue. We are not allowed to talk about abortion, the war, guns, etc. Basically anything that has been talked about too much. I have no idea what to write about. I want it to be something interesting (one of my friends is writing her paper on whether or not stripping is okay to support one's family) But cannot think of anything.

    Please do not give any examples of abortion, war, guns, and any type of moral issue about work.

    And please try to be specific like the stripper issue. Your ideas are greatly appreciated!!! =)

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  • Controversial Question...just want opinions. ?

    Ok so I had to go to a Leadership Conclave today and attended a session on Stereotypes. We were talking about catogorizing different groups of races, gender, religion, etc and I got to thinking..I know that African Americans are still hurt that their Ancerstors were slaves, and everyone is still trying to make up for that. However, why aren't Jews acting the same way about the Holocaust? Wasn't that to a similar extent as slavery?

    Just want your feedback, all opinions are welcome and appreciated.

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  • History Lovers...Please Help!! 10 Points :)?

    Hey!! Can you guys please give me a good summary of the Clergymen's letter to MLK?

    Thank You =)

    2 AnswersHistory1 decade ago
  • Subway....Eat Fre$h!! =)?

    Okay, I'm a vegitarian and a veryy picky eater on top of that. So, please don't laugh at this.

    My sandwich consists of: Wheat bread, american cheese, mayo, and salt & pepper. (6 inch)

    How many calories do you think that sandwich has? I heard eating at Subway is healthy.

    Also, what is more fattening, mayo or ranch?

    Serious answers, please.

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  • Question about Major. Experienced, please help.?

    Okay, I am a freshmen in college and am more than confused. I am currently undecided between Medicine and Business. I love helping people, but honeslty cannot do the whole medicine deal with the hard classes and the MCATs on top. They scare me already. I was, however, thinking about Psychiatry. Should I major in psychology or biology? Is psychology better? or Biology because it will allow me to have more options if I change my mind. Also, I am interested in Business. Can you tell me what people in Business Finance deal with and what classes they have to take?

    As you can tell, I am very confused and nervous about choosing my major. I'm currently taking core classes and do have time, however, I do not want to fall behind if I choose medicine. Please help and give me information on the two topics. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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  • America's Current Economic Problem. Please Help!?

    Is americas current economic problem due to the supply and demand ratio? Please Explain.

    4 AnswersEconomics1 decade ago
  • Is rice fattening? Bcuz I heard that it is all carbs. ?

    I'm 5'4 and 110 pounds, and def dont need to be eating something fattining on accident.

    7 AnswersCooking & Recipes1 decade ago