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  • Complicated...ish?

    I've noticed this guy and I've really started to like him, he's a junior, I'm a sophomore. He's really smart, funny, very athletic, all my friends say that he's always starring at me but is too shy to say anything. He's in only one of my classes because he's a year older but we talk a lot and he kind of flirts. I'm really shy myself but I like him so much. BUT... there's another guy who likes me a lot but I only like him as a friend. He's one of my best friends. He asked me to an upcoming dance but I had to say no because it would give him the wrong impression about the future of our relationship. He's so nice to me and smart, athletic, in the same grade, and we have TONS in common and I'm having trouble deciding whether I actually like him as more or just as a good friend. Everytime I think about guy #1 it seems so right but it's tearing up guy #2 and I hate that I'm hurting him.

    Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

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  • Need suggestions for my 16th birthday present....?

    I want a camera or a camcorder/camera. I want to be able to take pictures and a couple minutes of video, and good resolution (at least 6.5 megapixels). If camcorder - still picture availability. And for either - it must be reasonably small and under $200 would be nice.

    Also, could some tell me what else i need (i.e. cords, software [editing stuff], tripods, anything)

    None of this (price, megapixels, etc) is set in stone so lots of options would be great)

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  • Vicious cycle!!!?

    I'm 15 and I have no money. I need to

    1) buy an iPhone

    2) buy a car

    3) save for college

    4) have spending money

    5) pay for retreats, class ring, exam fees, and tickets for dances games etc.

    I need a job to get money. To get to a job I'll need a car, for which I need money, which I don't have. My parents won't drive me to a job, won't give me money, and even pitch in on helping me buy a car. I have a little money in the bank but nowhere near enough to go on.

    Is there anyplace I can get a job? Creative ideas? Something I'm not seeing? Anything would help!!

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  • How much will the iPhone cost when it comes out?

    Having legiament sources will help you get 'best answer'. If you do know anything though, please respond. Thanks!

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  • How many bones does a baby have have when (s)he is born?


    How do the number of bones change during growth?

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  • Where is the rock on JK Rowling's site?

    I can't find it. It's supposed to be behind the plant. If it is, how do I get a hold of it? And what do I do after I smash the mirror?

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  • Sly guy or not interested?

    He started flirting with me (it was pretty obvious) and texting me, calling me, talking to me all day. That was for one day. It's been one day since then and he hasn't talked to me at all!! Is he interested? Email if you need more details.

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  • Girls!! I need help!!?

    I like this guy, but I don't know if he likes me. We're friends. Everyone says "Bob" is weird. Idk if they're just joking or they really mean he has a bad rep w/ the girls. IDK what to do!! I'm shy where asking people out is concerned. I've never had a boyfriend. He's nice and has NEVER done anything to make me nervous or uncomfortable. Help!!...

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  • Will not paying attention in English catch up with me even though I have an A+ (99)??

    The teacher is boring and the "tests" are to write essays. I'm doing well in class and all I do is goof off with friends and write notes. I want to keep all "A's".

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