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  • What is the best team and its best lineup on FIFA 2008 for PS2?

    Not an all star team, but a team that is already set up. For example Chelsea in a 4-5-1 with Cech, Terry etc. Thanks I just can't pick a squad and need to find a good team to play against friends with.

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  • How do you cite a book with a number in its title?

    I have a book with a number as the first part of its title. It goes something like 1900-1910: Reform and Resistance. Should that be cited as an N alphabetically for Nineteen or a R alphabetically for Reform?

    2 AnswersHomework Help1 decade ago
  • Why doesn't my computer spot these drives?

    I have 2 drives on my computer: Memorex 52MAX 325216AJ and a Toshiba DVD-ROM SD-R5112

    My computer says it can no longer find the drives. Why is this? I got a code 41 and replugged the IDE cable. Now I am confused because it shows up but the device can't be found. Then I uninstalled the drivers thinking that would help, but now it gives me a Code 19 saying a hardware error. Is there anywhere I can find the hardware for these drives on the internet? I think everything is plugged in, but it still isn't working. Any suggestions or links to forums would also be appreciated.

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  • Why isn't my computer starting? It was working until a second ago and now has stopped for an unknown reason.

    I have a computer a friend built for me. I have been using it a lot for video editing on a school project. This has taken up a lot of memory I believe. In the middle of my work it froze. I manually turned it off and restarted. Now I turn it on and I only get an opening screen with information about the Primary Slave and Secondary Slave. Any possible reasons? It has an AOpen motherboard, a DVD burner/CD player, and CD/DVD player and was assembled by him, but I don't know the specific components except that it has a 2.4GHz Intel Celeron processor. Any speculations or advice would be much appreciated, and I am not good with computers so plain terminology would also be appreciated.

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