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I am searching for answers and trying to help others. I haven't been using 360 for awhile...

  • My friend of 18 years cut me out of her life?

    What should I do? How do I move on from this? I feel crappy and she won't tell me the reason and ignores my calls/messages. I decided not to contact her again, but how do I go on without closure?

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  • My friend of 18 years cut me out of her life :( What should I do?

    She gave no explanation. We have kept in touch since junior high school and she would call me to touch base. The last few months I called and left a message but didn't think anything of it as she is in graduate school. She finished grad school and won't return my calls. I left a few messages. The past couple years we would get together during Winter break but she is done with grad school now and back down in my area. She used to be really busy before so her not answering my calls right away was not a red flag. But, she would usually call back. Then, I decided to message her on Facebook and find that she deleted me from her friends list. There is nothing I said or did to have rubbed her the wrong way...or so I thought. I may have said something on the phone, but it has been so long that I don't remember and I haven't argued or made her feel bad. There was no explanation and I considered her one of my best friends and we had a lot of fun times together. What should I do? Should I move on or message her again maybe in January? You don't have to be friends to send a message and she has not blocked me. How do I move on from this? Should I send her a message after New Year's as my coworker suggested or do I leave it alone? I have other friends but I really valued my friendship with her. We really couldn't be there for each other for about 3 years, but we were great about keeping in touch and now she is cutting me off. I found out on Friday and I'm still not over this. Please give me any advice, besides move on! I know I should move on. But, I am wondering what to do. I have her address, but I stopped myself from driving over and talking as she obviously does not want to talk. Before you make a judgment, I bought her a Christmas gift which I wanted to give to her, but decided just to keep until she decides to call. I most likely will return the gift. Please let me know what you think will help me move on or if you think there is a way to fix this.

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  • What's the worst that could happen?

    Besides death?

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  • If you had to make a club, what kind of club would it be?

    Babysitters, alcoholics anonymous...etc. Be creative!

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  • What are good ways to talk a cop out of writing you a traffic ticket?

    With just a warning and slap on the wrist? I need tips in case I get pulled over again. It's been a frequent thing with me. Thanks.

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  • Is it better to have 1 point on your driving record or to take a 12 hour traffic school?

    I'm not eligible for the standard 8 hour traffic school. I called the clerk of the court and she told me I have to ask the judge for 12 hour traffic school also known as second offender traffic school. Apparently, this conviction is not masked from public view and will show up as "T/S violation dismissed" and the insurance company will then know I took traffic school twice. I'm not sure if it's better than having a point on your record though. Basically is traffic school a second time within 18 months even worth the trouble? Thanks in advance.

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  • Should I just take traffic school?

    1.) Traffic school

    2.) Trial by Written Declaration

    3.) Court trial.

    I just received my second ticket. I took traffic school to get a dismissal less than 18 months ago but my courtesy notice says I'm eligible for traffic school. I called the clerk of the court and they told me I am eligible. This is confusing because now I don't know if I got dismissed for my last citation through traffic school and whether or not they received my certificate. Will they let me slip through the cracks and just dismiss my ticket after I take traffic school again? This is the 8 hour one, not the 12 hour. I just want to take care of the ticket without any point reflected on my driving record. I have a TBWD written out, but I'm wondering if I can just repeat traffic school to take care of it. Any advice is appreciated.

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  • My chances of beating a traffic ticket in California?

    If I use trial by declaration or a court trial? I'm open to plea bargaining if the point does not stay on my record, but I would need to request second offender traffic school because I got my last one in January of this year. I'm considering showing up to court, but would rather do a written declaration because I have alot of evidence and am clear with the written language. In real life I say "um" alot. Can I still request 12 hour traffic school and a reduction in fines through a written declaration or is that request only made in court before a Judge? I am pleading not guilty but wrote in my written declaration that "if the court does not find in my favor in this case, that I request 12 hour traffic school and a reduction in my fines." Is it better to show up to the arraignment to plead not guilty and then set a trial date or are my chances better with the written declaration? Thanks for the advice in advance.

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  • If I get a second speeding ticket can I take traffic school again?

    My last ticket I received in January of this year. The court sent me a courtesy letter with the option to take traffic school. I completed that and got the ticket dismissed. I just received another traffic ticket two weeks ago and the courtesy letter mailed to me gives me the option to attend traffic school again. I just talked to a coworker and they told me I am not eligible to take traffic school twice in an 18 month period. I feel like an idiot because I already paid the fine online choosing the request traffic school option. I did not attend traffic school yet, but it would be another 40 bucks. I paid 400 bucks for the ticket including traffic school. My question now is should I even bother with traffic school, or can I get off on a technicality and get the point removed from my record? I called the court and they won't give me a refund. One clerk told me I can attend traffic school because they made the error and another chick when I called back told me that the DMV won't take the point off my record if I do attend traffic school. I told her that the court deemed me eligible for traffic school and that I already paid. Is it wishful thinking that the point will be erased and the traffic school will even count? I'm kind of stuck because had I known I couldn't take traffic school again, I would have fought my ticket and now the only option I have is to consider attending the traffic school which I paid the administrative fees for.

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  • If your forced to live in a monarchy or complete anarchy, which would you pick?

    If you had to forfeit democracy or peace...

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  • What were your favorite board games as a child?

    Chutes and ladders, Candyland, Mouse trap, Life, Monopoly, Hungry Hungry Hippos, etc?

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  • Would I be more or less likely to get a ticket?

    Driving at night in the carpool lane with an inflatable as a passenger? I would think I could draw more attention with the wobbly thing next to me...but in the dark everyone looks like shadows anyway....

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  • Why do some display names have TM next to them and others don't?

    What makes some of you guys a trademark???

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  • If Santa adopted another reindeer what would its' name be?

    Yes Christmas is wayyy over but I just thought of this question! :)

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