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  • What is wrong with my Sims 2 H&M stuff pack?

    I bought the Sims 2 H&M stuff pack recently, and since I have installed it all of the walls on my Sim's houses are flashing shades of red...what can I do about it? Any help would be appreciated!

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  • Where can I get a simplified version (for piano) of Antonin Dvorak's Slovanic Dance?

    I just love the Slovanic Dance (Opus 46, Number 8) by Antonin Dvorak on piano, but every version I've seen is too difficult...does anyone know where I can find a well- arranged, simplified version (sheet music), perhaps online, that I can order for piano?

    If anyone knows, it would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Is it possible to rent a drum kit?

    My friend is starting a band, and she wants me to be the drummer. I can play the drums, I just don't own a kit. Is it possible to rent one like renting a violin? And where is a good place to rent from (I live in Arizona).

    Any help would be appreciated!

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  • If you could make Miley Cyrus sing any song, what would it be?

    Let's say you've won a contest and you can make Miley sing ANY song at her concert. What do you choose?

    (Me and my friends had a lot of fun with this one.)

    I choose "Date With the Night" (

    Youtube thumbnail

    ) by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, because I would love to hear Miley screaming "Choke, choke, choke, choke, choke, choke!".

    What about you?

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  • What Rockband DLC song is this?

    I was looking at videos on and I saw this song on the MTV2 downloadable pack that I like, but I can't figure out what the name is. The chorus is something like "She took my soul, and left my mind just to keep my body rolling. She took my soul. She showed me how to shake it complicated kind of fast. Now I know just why she moves so faaast."

    If you know what I'm talking about and know what it is called, it would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Is Rivers a boy or a girl name?

    Or is it both? There was a little girl named Rivers that I used to babysit, but, yet again, Rivers Cuomo is the lead singer of Weezer. What do you think?

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  • Beck Fans??

    Who here likes becks songs and what r your favorite songs &music videos.


    i like:Think Im in Love,Loser,Girl,EPro,Que'Onda Guero,Devils Haircut

    Music Videos

    Think Im in Love,Loser

    What about you people?

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  • Are these the lyrics of Beck's song "Girl"?

    are these the lyrics to Beck's song "Girl"?

    I saw her

    Yeah i saw her

    with the black tongue tied

    around the roses

    fist pounding on a vending machine

    toy diamond ring

    stuck on her finger

    with a noose she can hang from the sun

    and put it out with her dark sunglasses

    walking crooked down the beach

    she spits in the sand where the bones are bleaching


    i saw her

    yeah i saw her

    with her hands tied back

    back's burning

    crawling out from a landfill of life

    scrawling her name

    upon the ceiling

    throw a coin on the fountain of dust

    white noise

    her ears are ringing

    got a ticket from a midinght hanging

    throw a bullet from a freight train leaving..


    if these arent right then what is?

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  • Volunteer Work?

    I was thinking of volunteering over the summer. I live in Maricopa in AZ, but i cant find anyplace that a teen could volunteer at. a little help??

    9 AnswersCommunity Service1 decade ago
  • Cold help??

    I have a cold, and my throught (i hope that is spelled right) is hurting SOOO bad. Any remedies???

    11 AnswersOther - Health1 decade ago
  • Does anyone know the lyrics for Suddenly I See???

    i want to know the lyrics to the song"Suddenly I See" by KT Tunstall. Does anyone know them???

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  • What to wear?

    I am really tall. I am like 5'5". And I just seem to look taller when i have to where sneakers to school (i wear hi tops), because i am a size 9 1/2 in shoes.What can I wear to de-emphasize how tall I am?

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  • Mascara & Eyeliner?

    I have glasses, and when I put on mascara it always gives me, what I call, "camel lashes". They are so long, they rub on my lenses in my glasses and stain them. I try clear, but it doesn't work that well.I dont know if anyone has asked this before, but, can someone help me?!?!

    (I also cant put on eyeliner because it doesn't stick to my eyelids. )

    Please help me with me mascara and eyeliner problems.

    9 AnswersMakeup1 decade ago