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  • A 1 year old, and a newborn baby, a heartbreaking a desperate mom who needs some advice...:(?

    My daughter just turned a year old on the 19th of last month...I just had my new baby 5 days ago...I was only in the hospital for 2 days (i had to have a csec because of some health dangers)...My daughter stayed with her dad and grandparents, my fiance (who is both my kids father) brought her to the hospital both days i was there and had her with him the day i left the hospital...i was picking up on some weird vibes around my daughter but thought it was just cause she was in new surroundings...thats not the case however...i came hom from the hospital 4 days ago and my daughter wants nothing to do with me, everyone says its the baby but i dont think thats it, my finace will hold the baby and she will still cling to him and refuse to come near me...ive been so desperate to be able to just touch her that when she does come to me i pick her up and carry her around...when i put her down i have really bad cramping and i can feel myself bleeding...ive cried litterally non stop since i come home over this and ive only eaten a couple fiance isnt helping much, he says its my fault our daughter is distant (that makes me feel guilty that i just gave birth to HIS son) he says i dont spend time with can i spend time with her when she screams and cries when i try to touch her and she follows him everywhere reaching out for him...he hardly even looks at his son and if it werent for me the baby wouldnt get any attention at all...on top of it all he makes fun of me cause i cry over this...he says all i do is spend my time "bawling"...i feel like my family of four is divided into teams of 2 and my heart is broken and im devistated...i cant describe how i feel when my baby girl looks at me like she has no idea who i am and i cant show how i feel cause i get made fun of and ridiculed by thier father...

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  • Breastfeeding question...?

    My new baby will be here this coming tuesday and i am opting to express breastmilk via pump and feed that kinda curious, i plan to pump and keep a stock in the fridge, im told i have to pump frequently or my milk will dry up...if you have to pump frequently to keep your milk from drying up, then what sense does it make to pump in excess and store it?

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  • Moms who give thier child cow milk...?

    My daughter just turned a year old on the 19th and since then she has been tapering off her formula, and now her dr has told me to try her on cow milk...i gave her some a lil bit ago and she seemed to like question is, how long can i leave milk in her bottle/sippy cup before i need to throw it out?

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  • 11 month old making me weary of bedtime...Experienced moms i need help!?

    My baby will be 11 months old in just a couple days...Since she was roughly 5/6 months old, she has a bad habit of tossing and turning at night and over the course of these months its gotten worse, for the last month she has taken to waking up in the wee hours (2, 3, 4 AM) and can take me anywhere from 30 min to an hour to get her back to sleep she will sleep fine and sound for about an hour, then it starts up ALL NIGHT shes tossing and turning...I have wedges in her bed so she cant roll over cause she refuses to sleep on her back and will wake up as soon as she hits her not sleeping and due to have my 3rd child in june...her dr offers no help or advice, and im about to lose my mind...any advice? i grow weary at bedtime and am almost afraid to lay down and go to sleep...Ive tried just about everything i can think of, putting her to bed earlier than usual, letting her stay up later than usual, massaging her with baby gel before bed, give her a bottle till she falls asleep (i dont put her in her crib with it, i hold her while she eats), ill rock her till she falls asleep...etc...ive been told to let her co sleep with me..i do not wanna do that...i did it with my oldest and it was hard to break her out of it, and with my new baby coming in a few weeks that just sounds like a bad idea...

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  • My baby is miserable...Need some advice please!?

    My daughter is 9 months old, and over the weekend she ended up with a cold/cough/stuffy, runny nose...Yesterday morning she was up at 430am with a coughing fit...Ever since when i try to lay her down for a nap or for bedtime she has coughing fits and cant sleep...I cant get in to see her dr without an appt (i explained what was going on to his nurse and she said it was no big deal, just suction her nose) and the ER wont see her either cause they dont deem whats wrong with her as an emergency...She dosent have the cough if shes up, only when she lays down to sleep...I went to walmart to get her something but a pharmacist there told me that i needed to get a dr advice cause everything they had was for ages 4 and over...My baby is tired, cranky and cant sleep, i cant get any help and just want her to get some rest...Anyone have any ideas? Im desperate...

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  • Is she just being vindictive?

    3 days ago i took an EPT Certainty test (digital) and it came up positive...yesterday and today i took 2 more (only cause there was 3 in the box) all 3 came up friend who has been trying to concieve (with no luck as of yet) is trying to tell me that HPTs arent accurate and that im not she just being nasty cause she hasnt yet gotten pregnant?

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  • Highly abnormal sexual thoughts??

    this is a very unusual situation, and id really appriciate intelligent responses only!

    ive been going to therapy with a friend of mine as a support system cause shes been trying to work throu a relationship where the BF has been abusive in the past, theyve been together about 1 1/2 years and she has developed some weird sexual habits but is to scared to talk to him about them cause hed more than likely give her grief than be supportive...

    in the past he has been known to cheat on her multiple times, and finally she got tired of it and left...well, he ended up changing his ways and has been faithful to her since they got back together...

    heres where it gets intresting...

    since she started therapy she admitted to her counselor that the only way she can have a satisfying sex life is if she imagines in her mind while they are having sex that he is doing someone else while she watches...

    it gets even more bazzar...

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  • Calling all moms AND dads...have a question for you...?

    this is for both moms and baby is about to turn 6 weeks old and her father and i are having a hard time working around the babys night sleep habits to fit in some time for lovin...shes going to bed usually between 10:30~11:30pm...the problem is he works 12~14 hour days and hes so tired at night when he gets home hes in bed sleep way before she is...anyone care to tell me if youve had a frustrating time being able to fit time in with your other half that is comfortable and works well? any tips are extremely welcome! i wouldnt care if we only had 15~20 minutes, im perfectly happy with quickies :)

    he and i have tried sneaking time in when he gets up for work in the morning, but shes usually up feeding when hes getting up, and by the time shes done and goes back to sleep, hes out the door for work...

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  • ive got a really tough so stuck...need some advice!?

    as some of you may know, ive got a 5 week old daughter...shes biracial (im white her dad is mexican) his genes are way more dominating than mine...BUT...hes got some family and friends who are trying to convince him the baby isnt sick of how they treat me and how mean they are to the babys dad says "the ones who know the truth are the only ones who matter"...that may be, but i want to get a DNA to shut everyone up..i mentioned that and now my babys dad is wondering if i have something to hide..."i shouldnt care what everyone thinks"...but i do care, everytime i go around those who dont belive all i get are flat out insults, and im so sick of my baby being called a "half~breed bastard child"...i try to avoid these people, but then my babys dad gets mad at me and says i dont want nothing to do with his family...i would think taking a DNA test would at least shut these people i wrong?

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  • Have a couple of need of some advice BADLY!! please!?

    Im traveling cross the US (from ohio to texas by car..roughly 1300 miles) any advice on how to handle the formula situation? (should i make bottles in advance and keep them in a cooler? buy a can of powder so i can make them as i need them?...etc) im not making the trip until the last part of next month, by then my baby will be 8 weeks old... baby just turned 4 weeks old today, and she is an eating machine!! shes eating every 1 1/2 hours (usually around 2 1/2 oz) and her dr says it is completely normal, shes not getting sick and hardly spits up...i feel the formula just isnt enough but her dr wont let me give her cereal just yet (mixing with her milk) has any other mom had this situation? any advice on how to fill her up and keep her from wanting a bottle so often?

    im thanking in advance for any/all advice, i really appriciate it!

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  • i need some serious advice...does this sound like postpartum depression?

    I had my baby girl monday morning :) and we came home yesterday..last night i started feeling weird and out of nowhere i started to feel like something was gonna happen to my baby, or that someone was gonna take her away (kidnapping)...ill have these crying spells out of nowhere and literally make myself sick with worry...i hate to let people hold her and when they do ill watch them and wont let her out of my sight and always make an excuse a couple minutes later for them to give me my baby back...when i hold her ill sit and look at her then start crying again thinking that even thou shes only been in my life for these past few days i cant picture my life without her and that maybe im attached and love her to much already...i NEVER have bad thought or negative thoughts (like hurting her or myself or dont want to be her mother) most of the stuff ive read on the signs of PPD i dont have any of the ones ive read about...does this sound like it could be PPD anyway?

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  • question about c~sec spinal...?

    for those who may have seen my last question im prepping for my c~sec on monday...what i forgot to add was what kind of medication was used in your spinal? i had my last dr appt today and i asked him and all he said was "the spinal that will be used is something like what a dentist may use in his office"...ok well thats got me nervous...simply cause im having a baby, not getting a tooth pulled...for anyone whose had a c~sec (thats been awake) do you know what was used? and how well did it work?

    ill add this again so noone thinks im taking the easy way out via dr informed me of some possible risks of delivering VBAC with this baby (ive had some pretty serious complications in the past with previous pregnancies...this is my 4th pregnancy but only my 2nd pregnancy that has come full term...i had to have an emergency c~sec with my last delivery)

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  • nervous about c~section...any calming adivce?

    i had an emergency c~sec with my first all happend so fast and i was "out" during the procedure...this time around i will be awake, and i know it is going to be really nervous, and kinda scared (ive only got 6 more days to get myself ready for this)...anyone have any stories they can share? what was the epidural like? were you nervous and was the experience what you thought it would be? (negative or positive) dont worry about scaring me LOL...i really need some serious honesty...thanks :)

    my dr has warned me of some risks to the baby and he feels this would be the safest route to take...and im not really wanting to take any chances that i dont absolutely have to so i agreed...

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  • odd and disturbing dreams...(36 weeks pregnant)?

    ive been with my fiance for 1 1/2 years...ive been completely faithful, have never had thoughts of cheating at any time...but here in the last couple of weeks i keep having a dream that as soon as the baby is born, he freaks out and swears up and down the baby isnt his and leaves me...any idea why or what could be causing this type of dream?

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  • this is irritating, if not sometimes painful to say the least...any advice?

    Im currently 36 weeks pregnant, and im getting to that stage where my nipples are starting to leak..My dr advised me to wear a bra that is snug...ive been doing this, and althou it has helped the leaking issue, my breasts end up getting sore...(where i have went up like 2 sizes, sometimes i need to re~situate the twins and when i touch them they are so tender, not to mention when i take my bra off, it hurts to touch them period...) ive asked my dr about this and he said unfortuantely it is normal...does anyone have any advice to help? or is this another wonderful pregnancy experience? desperate, so ANYTHING anyone can offer would be greatly appriciated! thanks!!

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  • ok...this whole BPA issue....can someone please?

    I have no idea what any of this is about and my baby is gonna be here in roughly 3 weeks...can someone please give me the cliff notes (short version) of what BPA is and where its found? from what ive been reading on here is it just in baby bottles or other baby items as well? this has all suprised me because i watch the news (and read alot of news on the net) and ive never heard anything being reported about this before...

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  • any mom go throu this? (or are you a dad that had this experience?)?

    I am currently 34 babys father is absolutely freaking out...hes admitted hes scared, and not ready yet...(even thou hes the one who wanted me to get pregnant so bad) hes scaring me by saying all the time that "only God knows if we will work things out..."etc...(he is about to turn 28, and im 34...we arent married (yet) and where we dont have money falling out of our ears, we arent living bad either...this is his 1st child, my 2nd...i know hes scared, but hes really been pushing my mental health by doing mean things to hurt me (starting fights for no reason, and playing head games with me and calling me bad names)...has anyone (mom or dads) been throu this kind of experience? how were you able to deal with it? i want to let him know things will be fine, but nothing i say seems to calm him...any suggestions?

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  • Would you consider this unhealthy at 32 weeks?

    My dr is going to take my baby by c~sec either on the 15th or 16th of next month (she will be delivered 2 weeks early) I dont eat like a health nut, but I dont gorge myself on junk food 24/7 either...The only thing I really crave are mickey ds ice coffee and I usually drink one just about everyday (the big ones 32 oz) I will drink on it most of the day (or until the ice melts) and most of the time i usually leave at least half untouched...i know caffiene is ok in moderation, considering Im so close to having the baby (and shes been doing fine NO complications) and I end up wasting at least half, should I relax? or cut them off altogether?

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  • Serious dilemma about birthing place...?

    Ive heard nothing but good things about my dr and he seems really nice and informative...The only problem is, he delivers his babies at a hospital that has a very bad rep, not to mention i know someone who nearly died at this place strickly due to carelessness and idioticy, and there are rumors they are going to shut it down because the "malpractice lawsuits" are nervous about having my baby there considering the nurses are scatterbrained and careless...i like my dr but is it enough to feel safe about this place? when i went to sign up for WIC one of the ladies there asked who my dr was and i told her, and she said "oh...most of the girls that come here for WIC have him and love him, and they have all had thier babies at this hospital with no problems..." im just into my 3rd trimester, and really thinking about a different hospital, but thats means ill probably have to change drs as well...any advice?

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