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  • Itching and crawling sensation on my head?

    I just moved into a new apartment 1 month ago. For the past week, I have felt things crawling in my hair. At first, it was only in ONE spot on my head. So I started getting worried that something was moving around under my scalp. After 2 days of that, I started feeling the crawling sensation everywhere else on my head. Occasionally, it will feel like something is biting me.

    At first I thought, could it be lice, bedbugs or mites. I have NEVER had any lice, or any bug problem for that matter. After reading up on lice, my boyfriend did a complete search of my WET hair. Found nothing expect some tiny red marks (look like tiny pin size bite marks). I have been using a lice comb to search also, and have found nothing, and no eggs glued to the hair. Also my boyfriend sleeps right next to me, and has not had any problems whatsoever.

    Today,the skin on my head feels sore and when I run my fingers over my entire scalp, I feel lumps under my skin, but no visible bite marks when I look at the specific areas.

    This itchy and crawling feeling will not go away. Not itchy anywhere else on my body. If it was bed bugs, then wouldn't i have this feeling all over my body, and wouldn't my boyfriend be suffering too?

    Any advice?

    FYI, I'm 22, with very long brown hair. Don't do drugs. NO usual skin conditions. oh, and I find it strange that I've never had any skin or bug problem in my entire life, and now since I moved into my first apartment, a month later, I have these problems.

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    Today when I got home from work I found a box on my porch. Inside was three envelopes of poems, a stuffed animal, and 2 pictures of us in frames. I thought that whole thing was the sweetest thing ever until I read the 3 poems and noticed it didn't sound like him. When I talked to him afterwards he told me about all the work he put into this and how long it took him to write them. I then Went on the internet and found all 3 of the poems written by someone else. Should I be mad? He did put a lot of effort into the whole thing.

    Should I confront him about it or let it go because it was still really sweet.

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  • My boyfriend gave me poems that he got off the internet..?

    Today when I got home from work I found a box on my porch. Inside was three envelopes of poems, a stuffed animal, and 2 pictures of us in frames. I thought that whole thing was the sweetest thing ever until I read the 3 poems and noticed it didn't sound like him. When I talked to him afterwards he told me about all the work he put into this and how long it took him to write them. I then Went on the internet and found all 3 of the poems written by someone else. Should I be mad? He did put a lot of effort into the whole thing.

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  • Period really late....??? help.?

    Ok, my period is a week and a half late. My last couple periods have been a week late. But for some reason, this is really making me nervous. I am sexually active. My boyfriend and I use condoms and they have never broken. However, he puts them on after like a minute or two of being inside me. Is it possible that precum can have enough sperm in it to get someone pregnant? I took a pregnancy test a day ago and it came back negative. But I heard that they can come back negative the first time and you should take one three days later if your period still hasn't come.

    Now the weird part...

    I can usually tell when i'm going to get my period because I get really bad cramps beforehand. I'm feeling what I think are cramps when i wake up in the morning and then they go away. And i've had a sick to my stomach feeling for the past couple days.

    Do you think i'm pregnant?? I'm going to take another test in a couple days.

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  • Racist boyfriend. please help!?

    I love my boyfriend more than anything in the world. I've been with him for 10 months now, and i'm with him for the long run.

    The problem is, he's racist. not with actions, though. with words.

    for example, he'll be driving and someone will cut him off, and he'll say "stupid jew" or "s p i c". he's not an extreme case at all. he would never actually say anything offensive to a jewish or hispanic person. the only racial slur he won't use is "n i g g e r". anything else is free game. he'll use these racial slurs in place of the word as*hole.

    however, i'm VERY against any form of racism, even if he's not extreme.

    i had a three hour discussion with him about this with some moments of shouting on his part. he doesn't see himself as racist or think what he says is wrong. but it hurts me very much when he uses these words. he said he's gonna try to change but it's not his top priority. he grew up in a very racist house and it's hard for him. he would never say it to anyone, he just says it to himself in frustration. but it's still racism!

    what can i do? i love him with all my heart but if he keeps up with it, it's gonna affect the way i feel about him.

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  • Boyfriend wants to go in the army?

    My boyfriend is thinking about going into the army or air force. he's 19, i'm 18. We're very much in love and have been dating for 9 months. We plan on getting married in a bunch of years. To put it simply, we're staying together.

    He just told me about this idea of going into the army yesterday. I'm hanging out with him tomorrow and we're going to talk about it in depth. He thinks it'll be good for him. But his only problem is that he doesn't want to leave me. I've seen the movie Stop-Loss and I saw what the army sometimes does to people when they come back. They're different. Of course that's just a movie.

    But how do i prepare for our conversation. I'm not happy with the idea of him being away for so long and maybe getting hurt. I trust him, but i've heard of guys meeting girls when they are stationed around the country.

    But i will support him in anything. I will, but this idea just makes me miserable.

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  • am i pregnant? period's always irregular.?

    ok. i had by started my period on august 26. but i'm not positive. my cycles are usually irregular. something there's 31+ days between my cycles. so i never know when i'm going to get it.

    i've practiced safe sex with condoms. they didn't break.

    i still haven't gotten my period yet. normally, i should be getting it within another week.

    but how will i know whether i'm just late like usual or pregnant?

    i'm going to take a pregnancy test in a couple days if my period doesn't come. is it a good time to take it?

    it's starting to worry me because today, i've had to pee almost every 2 hrs. i've never peed this much. and i haven't been drinking a lot either. is that a sign of pregnancy this early?

    i'm scared. but it's probably all in my head.

    any suggestions or advice?

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  • How long after having sex can you take a pregnancy test?

    what amount of time do you wait after having sex to take a pregnancy test?

    i'm not worried that i'm pregnant i just want to take a test to make sure because i'm not ignorant and i know that all protection doesn't work 100% of the time.


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  • Sex and hanging out....?

    i've been dating my boyfriend for 6 months and we're very much in love. we've only recently started having sex. by the way we're both 18.

    anyway, since we were each other's firsts we're still new at it. the only problem is... he doesn't last very long and when he's done, it's done. i still haven't had an orgasmed yet. of course it feels good, but he thinks that when he cums that's it's over. that's not fair. and he's so thickheaded it's just weird to talk to him about it, only because our sex lives are new. any suggestions? we're planning on getting married in the future and i'm worried that this is the only sex i'll ever know. i know i need to talk to him but it's hard.

    the other problem is... we both start college next week. it's only county though so we won't be going away to college. but he's working every day of the week and then going to classes at night. for me... the opposite. and he has off weekends, which i'll be working. so we'll only be able to see each other for a little time on the weekends. will our relationship last? what do you think?

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  • Is it ok to only have sex with one person?

    ok, i have a boyfriend who i love very very much. we were both each other's firsts. we're both 19.

    although i'm deeply in love with him and want to get married in the future, i still wonder what it's going to be like to only sleep with one man for the rest of your life? it's kinda scary.

    what are your opinions on this matter?

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  • What piercing should I get?

    i'm turning 18 next week and i'm trying to decide what to get.

    Eyebrow, nose, or belly button?

    A lot of girls get their belly buttons pierced so i don't know. do you think girls look good with eyebrows done? Nose is a good option. What do you think? and other body part piercings you think look good?

    hm, but at my work you can't have facial piercings. if i got my nose pierced can i get a clear one so they can't see it?

    i'm tending more towards a belly button piercing because then my work won't see it, and all my friends tell me i have the perfect body for it.

    what do you think?

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  • Should I feel bad? Did i do something wrong?

    i'm 17 I just broke up with my boyfriend of 4 months. It was hard but it was what i needed to do. there wasn't a connection between us anymore.

    i did it today and when i signed on to myspace tonight i saw a bulletin he posted that said

    "Fu***** backstabbed by the person i trusted the most

    this is the end of my relationship

    anyone who will listen i am single and i ant trustin you

    what a great fu***** night".

    i understand he's mad. but i in no way backstabbed him.

    now i feel terrible. i know i need to give him space and let him get over the pain. he also sent me a message saying "if you do this never talk to me again".

    he's really going about this in an immature way and i didn't like it that he posted a bulletin over myspace letting all of his friends know about our business. i know he's hurt and confused right now and i accept that.

    i feel devastated. but it was what i needed to do. should i feel bad about following my heart and doing what was best for the both of us?

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  • What can I do to get my BF to break up with me? *GUYS help* (grls too)?

    This is an very complicated situation. I don't want to hear... you need to talk to him and break up with him and not be a coward. If you knew more about this you'd understand. i need to get him to break up with me.

    we've been going out for 4 months.. he's head over heals in love with me. and said nothing could spilt us up. i just don't feel the spark anymore. I just graduated high school and i'm starting a new point in my life and i just want to be single.

    What is something a girlfriend could do that would make you break up with her.. no questions asked. but isn't cheating. i would never be able to cheat on him. i'm not that cruel.

    it would save him a lot of pain if he broke up with me.

    it's almost impossible to break up with him. i've tried before. he's just thickheaded and simply crazy about me.

    please just some things i can do to get him to break up with me? that's the only advice i need. i've thought a lot about this already. this is the only way.

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  • How can I help my friend?

    I feel really bad for my best friend. Everytime she likes someone, they end up liking me. Pretty much every single guy. When she likes someone, i don't go and talk to the guy or anything or flirt with them. They just end up liking me for some reason.

    People think she's annoying. But they really just haven't gotten to know her.

    She's tired of just being the friend and never the girlfriend.

    Is there anything i can do to help her?

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  • How do I break up with him?

    I love my boyfriend. However, i feel like something is missing. Something i can't put my finger on. He's a nice guy and all and did nothing wrong. We've been going out for 4 months now. I don't care if you don't think that's a long time, but it is for me.

    Here's where it gets complicated. I dug myself a deeper whole....

    We don't get to see each other often. Now that we graduated we'll get to spend more time together. So, we haven't hung out in like a week. Just the other day i told him i wanted to go on a break. I needed to think about everything. i told him i didn't feel the spark or connection anymore. However, after a day, i missed him, realized i made a mistake and ended the break. Today, we hung out and the amazing feeling i felt right after i ended the break wasn't there. i love the kid, but i don't feel the connection anymore. He's seriously head over heals in love with me. He'd be devastated if i played with his head anymore. As much as you'll all call me a coward......

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