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  • General Questions about Palatal Expander?

    Okay so it's called like palatal or palate expander. I have a lisp because of my narrow jaw and I have to to open up my mouth and blah blah blah. So the bad part about this is that my saliva is like stuck on the roof of my mouth and doesn't come out until I take it out and it's really awkward when I'm like slurping back my spit. My lisp is also worse with it like I can barely speak without sounding like Stacy dilson from zoey 101 (anyone remember)? Btw its day 2 of wearing this So I just wanna ask

    1) how can I get rid of the spit thing

    2) how can I talk normally with this?

    3) will my regular lisp disappear while I have this?

    4) will my tounge learn to touch the bottom part of my teeth Instead of the top as I have this?

    You don't have to answer everything thanks

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  • How do people edit stuff on Instagram?

    So like on Instagram and stuff people are making these edits of them and celebrities wearing flower crowns and hearts saying 'can u not' and stuff like that. I ask people what they use to make those and they never respond. Like some people call it kawaii and stuff idk but can you please tell me a name of an app that I can use to make those. Btw I need it for an iPhone

  • i have a serious problem?

    i think im mental. i cant deal anyone i cry a lot and im always disappointed in myself because i could never please anyone or myself. i used to cut, but i still harm myself with medicine. no one can help me. ive told teachers and they told my indian mom and all she did was get mad at me like my sister and they think its a joke and i really need help because the suicide thoughts are getting stronger. i listen to music to get better but i still feel like killing myself, what do i do

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