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  • Best cities to study abroad?

    I'm looking to study abroad this Spring, and I'm looking for peoples' opinions on where to study. I'm fluent in English and know enough Russian and Spanish to get by in countries with those languages. While those would be preferred, I still wouldn't be opposed to going to other countries too.

    What I'm looking for where I study abroad:

    Preferably in Europe, but I would be open to South America and Russia as well

    Not a ridiculously expensive city

    A city with good culture, it doesn't matter if the city is well known or a "hidden treasure"

    Good study abroad program and good schools to study at

    Easy (and preferably cheap) to travel to other countries and cities

    Somewhere where finding things to do is easy (in terms of nightlife and just exploring on a weekend)

    Good food, good night life

    Essentially, I'm looking to love where I study abroad and have a tie to that country/city forever. Of course, I'm looking to learn and do well in my courses, but it's more important for me to become more cultured and have a great experience.

    Does anyone have opinions and information (whether just being from previous travels or having studied abroad there before)?

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  • Where to move in San Diego?

    A friend wanted me to ask this for him. He is graduating college next year and already has a full time offer with a firm down there. He wants to know where would be a good place to live if he were to become serious about moving there. Also, information about the places and also what to expect if moving to San Diego would be helpful.

    About him:

    Graduating college, early twenties

    Moving from the Northeast

    Job is outside of the city, but would prefer to live in the city (as long as the commute/ traffic wouldn't be awful)

    Looking for somewhere that has good nightlife

    Not looking for a college town, but if there's anywhere that's known for having recent graduates, that would be nice

    Somewhere where meeting people/making friends is easily accessible

    Would prefer to live close to the beach, but isn't a main priority

    Looking for moderately priced rent

    Safe neighborhood

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  • What Does "we wanted to inform you that your application was not reviewed for this opportunity" Mean?

    A little background:

    I applied for a position with a company. The next day, I received an email from a recruiter saying that he would like to have a phone conversation with me about the position and that I needed to send him times when I am available. I did that, and a few days later didn't have a response from him so I sent another follow-up email. Still no response, and now about a week later, I received this email from a general HR account saying "we wanted to inform you that your application was not reviewed for this opportunity".

    From how it reads, it seems like they didn't look at my resume/application at all. But if that's true, why did I get an email from the recruiter?

    I know that I won't get the position, I am just curious why I got an email from a recruiter and 1) never got a response back (seems kind of rude and unprofessional) and 2) why they are sending me an email saying they didn't review my application if I got an email back, and indeed, they did look at my application.

    Is there any good explanation for this? Should I try emailing the recruiter again to see what happened? Or will I just not get a response again?

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  • What Can Expect When I Move Down South?

    I'm moving down south for work (to Georgia from Pennsylvania, specifically) and have never lived there. To be honest, I can't remember visiting Georgia for an extended period of time (however, I've been to other states down south and loved them). Can anyone tell me what I can expect in terms of culture, food, weather, drinks, what the people are like, anything really that will help me better understand what I'm getting into?

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