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  • Summer shoes for horse care?

    Just wondering of anyone has any suggestions on shoes to wear whole doing barn chores and taking care of horses during the summer months. I have boots I wear any other time of the year but would prefer something that won't be so hot! I find myself wearing flip flops but that's obviously not the safest choice. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Names for foal (baby horse)?

    I just got a 3 month old baby horse (female) and am looking for name suggestions.

    My husband wants to call her "Niko" so her name needs to include that, but needs to be a proper registered name.

    Feel free to also suggest other names white with blue eyes.

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  • New foal - need name ideas!?

    I just got a 3 month old baby horse (female) and am looking for name suggestions.

    My husband wants to call her "Niko" so her name needs to include that, but needs to be a proper registered name.

    Feel free to also suggest other names completely as I'm not 100% set on Niko. :)

    She's white with blue eyes.

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  • My horse has started to act scared of us?

    In the past week my 4 year old paint has started acting very timid and scared of us. We purchased him and a mare from the same guy earlier this year and they adjusted quickly and he has always been very friendly, the first to greet you in the pasture, when stalled he always had his head over the gate when you're in there, just looking to get attention, he will eat treats and grass out of your hands, anything. Well for whatever reason, since Monday he has been acting very skiddish. When stalled he will rush to the back of his stall when either of us approach and reach to pet him, when in the pasture he will start to come toward us but if we make a move toward him he will dart the other way, he will approach if we lure him in with a treat but keeps his distance by stretching his neck as far as he can to reach the treat, and if we try to pet him he will back up and run away. I don't know why he is acting like this, we've never hit him or done anything to make his afraid of us, We have sprayed him with fly spray (or attempted to at least, he has always hated it) two or three times this week as the bugs have been pretty bad, but that's the only thing I can think of that we have done that could cause this behavior, he won't even let us brush him and he loves being brushed! I don't know what to do, and would greatly appreciate any advice!

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  • What activities would you want to see your child doing in daycare?

    I am interning in a daycare for 12-18 month olds. I am trying to incorporate new activities they aren't already doing and am wondering what you would like to see your child doing while at daycare.

    Would you have any objection to him/her fingerpainting? Would you provide a "paint shirt" (maybe a worn out/outgrown one from an older sibling,) or want it to be provided by the daycare, or not be concerned with that since the paint will be washable?

    For outdoor play would you mind providing sunscreen for your child? (at other daycares I've been to the children have always had their own sunscreen, but the children were only as young as two at those)

    What other activities would you like your child to do?

    What would you like to see on a monthly newsletter?

    I was going to have monthly baby sign language signs that we would be working on (some of them already know a few)

    I also thought about a monthly color and/or number, but again, this is my first time with this young of children in a group setting so I'm open to any and all ideas!!

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Need help finding a dress like this!?

    I really like this dress, Unfortunately, it's out of stock, and I need it in black. If anyone can help me find something similar I would greatly appreciate it, and will gladly choose you as the best answer!

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  • Repossession - car repo'd and sold, but bank still showing the full amount (prior to sale) is owed?

    My brother had his car repossessed and they resold it (he wasn't notified of when or where the sale would take place) they are still reporting to the credit agencies that he owes the balance he owed before repossession, plus, what I assume is repo fees. I know they can only report the deficiency amount, but am wondering where to find that law/code, so I have something to back it up in the letter I'm helping him prepare. Thanks in advance!

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics8 years ago
  • Car reposessed and sold but bank says I owe the full amount?

    My brother had his car repossessed and they resold it (he wasn't notified of when or where the sale would take place) they are still reporting to the credit agencies that he owes the balance he owed before repossession, plus, what I assume is repo fees. I know they can only report the deficiency amount, but am wondering where to find that law/code, so I have something to back it up in the letter I'm helping him prepare. Thanks in advance!

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  • Horse has cuts on back leg and is limping?

    My vet can't come see my horse until tomorrow so I'm hoping someone can offer me a little advice in the mean time. When I went to let my horse in yesterday (he is in the stall at night) he was limping and I found two cuts on his back left leg, they aren't very deep, as per my vets recommendation I applied bag balm to them and wrapped them in gauze to prevent dirt getting into them. This morning he is still favoring that leg (resting on it) just looking for advice on what I should do to help in heal/make him feel better. I'm also concerned because the vet said since the problem of concern is on his leg she wants to completely knock him out and have him Laying down to examine it, this concerns me and I'm

    Considering finding a different vet. Is this common?

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  • Giving benedryl to a dog. Swollen end of snout?

    When I woke up this morning the top of my 3 year old golden retrievers snout (right on top of her nose, but not on the nose itself if that makes sense,) she had a red spot at least the size of a silver dollar, at first I thought she had just rubbed it raw, but then I noticed its also swollen and raised. My vet won't be open for a few hours so I called the emergency vet that's an hour away. They said she may have gotten bit/stung by something and advised me to give her benedeyl at 1mg per pound. Is this safe? I'd like to use children's benedeyl because it's chewable and she will take it better, I know

    I'll have to give her more of them for the correct dosing, is this ok?

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  • Working with horses? Need some advice?

    My parents are entrusting my husband and i to care for their horses over the next several months while they are teaching in another country. (we will be living at their house so the horses have constant care) we had horses when I was little and I've spent time with my parents horses as an adult but I've never "worked" with them really. All of their horses are trained so well and don't really need to learn anything, and I love riding to keep them exercised. BUT, they just recently rescued a new horse. He's about 50-75lbs underweight and they are working on fattening him up. He's supposed to be broke but they want him to gain weight before being ridden. What type of things can I do to work with him? I've got him to lunge (though he won't go in a left circle) I would love for him to be like the other horses when they get back, but need some ideas on what things I should teach him, or see if he already knows.

    Also, we were told he's broke and my mom did get on him bareback and he does seem like he is, BUT, he refuses to let anyone on him. We've only tried bareback so there wasn't the extra weight from the saddle. Te past owner said their brother rode him with spurs and he wouldn't ever let him ride him after that, so I don't know if he has a fear of FH or not, but would love some suggestions on hOw to get him to stand still and let someone on him.

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  • Health insurance - base and min?

    I'm looking over my husbands new health insurance enrollment forms. It shows the amount that he would pay each paycheck, but it shows two different amounts (base and min) how do I determine what he would actually be paying each week?

    2 AnswersInsurance8 years ago
  • Doctor visit payment question?

    If you go to the doctor while Ill and they do nothing except send you to get a blood test then say everything is fine, but come back if you get worse...if you get worse and go back a few days later would they charge you again? Specifically if it's self pay with no insurance?

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  • Early pregnancy illness?

    Has anyone ever experienced illness very early on in pregnancy? I've been sick for

    Almost a week. I finally went to the doctor and the nurse asked if I'm pregnant, that seems to be what everyone is asking me now. I don't believe I am, I wasn't trying to get pregnant, though I am happily married and we do want kids so I would be ecstatic if I am. But it seems weird since my last period was October 20th, I wouldn't think I would have any symptoms yet, but then again, I've never been pregnant. My symptoms have been: extreme fatigue, weakness, lightheadedness, elevated resting heart rate, migraines and my back and stomach are sensitive/sore to the touch. I had a blood test done and my red blood count was a little low, but the doctor said nothing to be too concerned about, he didn't prescribe me anything even though I've been miserable, and I honestly think he thinks I'm pregnant. It takes a LOT for me to go go the doctor, if I didn't feel terrible I wouldn't have went, so I was surprised when he couldn't find anything wrong with me.

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  • House buying questions! Mortgage help please!?

    I'm looking to buy my first house. I've been preapproved by a local bank and found a house I like. It's a short sale and the offer I'm considering submitting is less than half of it's appraised value (and about a quarter of what I was approved for) The realtor thinks my offer would be accepted because they've accepted similar offers but then their financing fell through.

    My question is, the house needs appliances, since I'm approved for a lot more than I will be paying (if I get it) and the house is appraised at a lot more than the loan I will need for it can I get more money to buy appliances and do a few small renovations?

    Also, I'm considering an FHA loan, but I'm also planning on building a house in a few years. Is an FHA loan a good idea for this purchase? Or should I look at other options?

    How can I find out the interest rates at other banks without them doing a credit check? I kind of want to shop around to get a good rate.

    And lastly, what is a good rate right now? and what is the best option as far as ARM, and fixed?

    4 AnswersRenting & Real Estate8 years ago
  • Weight Loss Supplements?

    Does anyone know of any good weight loss supplements they would recommend? I'm a girl, 23 years old, in good health, just looking to lose some weight (20 lbs) and tone up a bit (in my arms and stomach) I'm planning on changing my diet and exercising to accommodate the supplements and don't expect them to do all the work, I just want a little boost, and preferably something that will give me some energy, so I can keep up with an exercise routine!! I'd like some that I could purchase in person (from walmart, GNC, or a vitamin/supplement store, but I guess I am also open to ones that can only be purchased online.

    Any suggestions??

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  • 21st Birthday Album? Where can I find one?

    Does anyone know where I might be able to find a photo album specifically for a 21st birthday? I would prefer a store Ivan walk into but am open to websites as well. I found one on eBay but it would be shipped from the uK ad I'm afraid it wouldn't arive in time. Any ideas?

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  • Colors for birthday cake? For a GUY!?

    I’m ordering my boyfriend a cake from a local bakery for his 21st Birthday, it’s going to either be 2 or 3 tiers. My question is, what colors should I have them make it? I don’t want it to look girlie. Also, their website doesn’t list their flavors, and when I asked them on the phone what they have, I was told “anything I can think of” I’ll probably make each layer a different flavor, but would like suggestions of what kind, since I usually either buy ice cream cakes or make my own, I’m not sure what my options are, also would like advice for icing flavors as well. Thanks in advance!!

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  • 21st Birthday "Survivor Kit"?

    My boyfriend's 21st birthday is coming up and I want to make a type of "survivor kit" I was thinking of putting, a bottle opener, can coozie (or whatever they're called, a beer mug, and a set of shot glasses in it. But I'd like other ideas. And also, what is good for a hangover that I could include? And where is the best place to buy a bottle opener? I was looking for one geared toward a 21 year old and have checked factory card outlet and spencer gift, but they didn't have one.

    So, my question is, where can I buy a bottle opener, what is good for a hangover, and what else should I include in the kit??

    P.S.-I'm getting him a few REAL gifts too :)

    2 AnswersFriends1 decade ago
  • My boyfriend broke up with me...Advice please!?

    My boyfriend of a little over a year, who I lived with broke up with me last weekend, took some of his things and is staying at his moms. I'm completely miserable without him! I've had break ups in the past, one from a guy i was with for four years, but none have ever hurt as much as this one. I want him back, I miss him so much and have cried every day! I can't eat or sleep and am completely miserable without him! I took him out to dinner one night this week, and he came over for pizza and a movie. He will still tell me he loves me if I say it first. But when he broke up with me he said he's not IN love with me and he's not happy. But everything seemed perfectly fine before he just all of a sudden threw all of that at me! He says he's not happy now, and doesn't know what he wants, he needs time to see if he gets happy, but he also says at times he tells himself he wants to come back to me, that's why he hasn't moved all his stuff out yet, but then he tells himself he doesn't want to. He says he's confused and needs time to think. He doesn't seem to care that he's ripping me apart! I don't know if I should just give up and leave him alone...or keep trying, because I KNOW he's the one for me, and I can't imagine life without him. I'm sorry this all sounds stupid, I just don't want to talk to anyone I know about it because I feel like a failure, and every time I talk about it (even typing this now, I start bawling) Any advice would be really appreciated.

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