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  • should a relationship be this awkward?

    This guy and I have been dating for almost a month now, before this, we talked for a little over a month. He's 21 and I'm his first girlfriend, I'm 22. In the beginning, I was extremely happy and I was wanting him to ask me out for a while. He and our mutual friends came over for the weekend and he was just very awkward (he is a very shy guy) he wouldn't kiss me in front of them or show any affection, in fact we barely spoke. He hesitated to let my friend post a group photo of us because he's "scared of my ex". He asked me out and I said yes but the next morning I wasn't happy about it. It's been so awkward, I feel it's because he has ZERO experience with girls, I've tried to be patient but I just don't know. Doesn't call me dear etc but by my full name, doesn't send morning/night texts anything.

    4 months ago I got out of a very emotionally abusive 2-year relationship after it left me very lost with how to date someone else and getting used to that person after all the **** I went thru with my ex. My new boyfriend doesn't really know much about this because well he doesn't talk to me about that stuff.

    This new guy makes me feel like a secret which I'm not because I'm his first girlfriend he just doesn't know what to do, but he's not confident and I find myself comparing him to when I and my ex first started dating were there was such chemistry and it wasn't awkward. I just don't know what to do, I don't want to hurt him because his friends tell me he's so into me.

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  • Kitten names?

    I have a tortoise shell cat, mostly all black with some light markings around the mouth and eyes (Like a ghost costume with a bedsheet). Do you have any suggested names?

    I don't like human names for animals. She is a female. I was thinking maybe Binx from Hocus Pocus although he is a male in the movie it seems like both a female and male name to me.

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  • Kitten name ideas!?

    I'm getting a calico cat, it is mostly all white with a black tail and a little black on it's chin (looks like a beard) with some orange on the back.

    Also I have another cat that is a calico cat but it's all black, and around the eyes and mouth it's like a ghost as it has not white but a grey color around it.

    Can you think you any names?

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  • Stoichiometry help PLEASE?

    For my pre-lab, having difficulty with how to approach this.

    Using the date below, determine the stoichiometry of the hydrated calcium sulfate, CaSO4 . xH2O. That is, calculate the value of x in the formula, where x is the ratio: moles H20/moles CaS04


    Mass of crucible = 14.0800g

    Mass of crucible + gypsum = 16.2396g

    Mass of crucible + contents after heating = 15.7897g

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