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I'm a total geek! I love reading comics, watching movies, and Lost. I am a college graduate, and I am employed as a Graphic Designer. In my spare time, I knit, crochet, make beaded jewelry, draw, and paint! Even though I'm a creative person, I also love the earth sciences, geology, paleontology, and I don't understand it as well, but Astronomy too! I just have a need to learn! If I could find someone to pay me to go to school the rest of my life I would!

  • Question for pro-life community. . .?

    What are your thoughts on fertility treatments and in vitro fertilization?

    Some fertility treatments are hormones given to, well mostly women, to boost their chances of ovulation, and make things suitable for implantation of a fertilized egg.

    But what about in vitro?

    If you don't know what it is, it's the process of harvesting eggs and sperm and creating an embryo in a petri dish and then implanting it in a woman's uterus in hopes that it will implant and the woman will have a child.

    I ask, because in the research for this medical procedure, many embryos were probably destroyed. And when a couple goes in for this procedure, more embryos are often created than used. Hence many of them are destroyed. Remember it's been termed the "frozen orphanage" by some.

    So are those couples, or women, who use in vitro to have kids, when they can't naturally, just as evil and terrible as those who have an abortion, since in many cases a portion of their embryos go unused?

    Or do you see this a great procedure, and option for those women who can't conceive on their own?

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  • Are there any creationists who aren't religious?

    I'll admit, I wasn't sure if this was a good place to ask this question, but I couldn't think of another category. But I was just curious.

    Are there any who truly believe that we have a creator other than God?

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  • Friend vs. Friend situation

    I know that not all of my friends are going to like each other. That's fine, they don't have to.

    But what would you do if one of your closest friends made, what you feel, is a highly unnecessary, and very nasty comment about another friend of yours, when a simple "I don't like that person" would suffice?

    Would you just make note of it and just know that you can't bring one friend around the other? Would you say any thing about it to the person who made the nasty comment at all?

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  • Anime is great but.....?

    Anyone here read American comics?

    And do any of you read comics other than Marvel or DC superhero books?

    I love Marvel and a little of DC's superhero stuff, but some of the best books I've read are independent titles!

    I'm just curious to see what others read; Especially other girls. It's so hard to find fellow female comic book readers. Most only seem to like manga.

    Some of my favorites lately have been The Sword by the Luna Brothers (Image), Ex Machina (wildstorm), and The Walking Dead (Image).

    I'm always looking to share good books and learn about new ones!

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  • Anyone else impressed with the Luna Brothers?

    I know I'm hooked!

    Ultra was good. Girls was even better. And The Sword has fast become one of my favorite books! And they manage to get their books out on time!

    I can't wait to finish up The Sword and see what they do next!

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  • Spelling and grammer please!!?

    Why can't people who ask questions or write answers use complete sentances, and check their spelling?!

    I know I have the lovely spell check. Do others not have it or do they just ignore it?!

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  • Any Brown Coats in the Kansas City area?

    Joss Whedon's birthday is coming up, June 23, and there are screenings across the country of Serentiy in honor of his birthday, with proceeds going to his favorate charity, Equality Now.

    Does anyone know if there will be any screenings in the Kansas City area? Or are there any Brown Coats around here holding any kind of even?

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  • Are there any other girls who read comics?

    This might be a bit shameful, but I started a group super_chicks_group (need a better name!) as a girls only group for female comic book readers!

    It's fun to talk to guys, but I would love to find some other girls like me to talk to about comics!

    So check it out!

    And just for starters, if you are a girl who reads comics, what titles do you read?

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  • Has anyone read the Luna Brother's "Girls"?

    I love this book, and I have not one clue as to what is going on!

    Anyone have any theories they would care to share?

    The last issue will be out soon. I can hardly wait!

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