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  • Destination wedding..?

    Since no one seems to understand what I am trying to say, I will try asking it again.

    I want to do a destiantion wedding, small and intimate. My boyfriend does not have a lot of family, and I want to do something different.

    Many of the people I am inviting may never get to go to the carribean ever again so I want to do something unique.

    Does anybody have any ideas? Doing dancing, cake, and food is so typical.

    I want to do a morning wedding because I want people to enjoy their trip, and also enjoy the wedding.

    If its in the middle of the afternoon, my guests might not have time to do anything and they will have to sit around waiting doe it to start.

    You have to spend a minimim of 150pp if you have more than 15 guests, and i wanted to do brunch which wouldnt be possible unless i spend a lot of money on alcohol which no one wants to do in the morning.

    And to make this possible for some of my guests we are not doing a registry, and if people are nice enough to send money then so be. If not we will try to make it work no matter what.

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  • Getting married in the bahamas?

    My boyfriend and I are going to be engaged soon and I have been looking at the bahamas for a destiantion wedding. We are planning something small with about 20 people. He has like no family, and I want to make a small wedding more fun.

    The resort we are having at is charging 150 pp for the reception, and thats a little out of our price range, and I want it to be more about the actual wedding and I am trying to cut costs as much as possible.

    I do not want to do the normal reception, as that leaves guest less time to enjoy the vacation they are on and may never get to experience again. As well as no one is going to really want to dance if it is that small.

    I am also planning a earlier wedding,10am. So we have the rest of the day to spend as husband and wife.

    There will be no bridesmaids or groomsmen as it is so small and our guests are already spending quite a bit of money. Also we are hoping that hopefully people who are not invited will be generous and send gifts in the form of money to help our guests pay for the trip.

    We want to do a early morning wedding at 10am, so we can spend the rest of the day as husband and wife.

    So what should we do reception wise?

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  • My cat died and I don't know why?

    My cat got outside. She ran under the shed. The space was kinda of tight. We tried pulling her out, but it was too to tight a space (even though she got in it easily). So my dad used a jack to lift the shed up. We pulled on her a little more, my dad could only hold on to her for a little bit longer because he had a hold of her throat and we didn't want her to choke her. I said enough was enough and I grabbed her and pulled her out. She seemed fine, but then when I got her inside she was breathing heavy but I just thought she was scared. I left, and I got a phone called that she died. She had been foaming at the mouth and there was some blood coming out. She was only a year old, and not a outdoor cat. This was the first time she had been outside since we got her. I keep thinking I pulled too hard on her and some how hurt her. When she was under the shed and stuck, she seemed to be breathing pretty hard, i thought she was scared so I just kept petting her to comfort her.

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  • What Gluten free foods can i eat?

    I am a vegan, and i think i have a gluten allergy or Celiac disease. I want to test this out by cutting out foods that contain gluten. What can i eat? I already cut so much out of my diet that it would be even harder to just cut out all grains like pasta, oatmeal, and bread.

    I want to eat foods that naturally do not contain gluten, not products where you can go to the store and but gluten free varieties. Otherwise i would not be asking this question.

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