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  • In What Order Would You Rank the Following Fast Food Restaurants?

    Rank the following list from best to worst (i didn't put them in any particular order)

    McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Dairy Queen, Subway, Taco Bell, Arby's, KFC

    I am just curious to see what others think b/c I always debate this

    18 AnswersFast Food1 decade ago
  • Does Anyone Have Any Service Project Ideas?

    This is for a major service project I have to do

    For the majority of the project I am fixing used cribs for a Life Care Center

    However, I am looking for supplements to make this a larger project

    I had the idea of making blankets to go with the cribs

    What else could I make or do to supplement the cribs and make this a better project?

    Any ideas would be great to benefit the community.


    2 AnswersCommunity Service1 decade ago
  • What is a normal time to eat supper / dinner at ?

    I am just wondering when other people think is a "normal / typical" time to eat the third meal of the day.

    10 AnswersEntertaining1 decade ago
  • What would you find behind the counter of a pharmacy?

    pill containers and caps, syringes, what other things like that

    thank you

    4 AnswersMedicine1 decade ago
  • Name for a picnic cell?

    what could be a name for a cell project with a picnic basket theme

    1 AnswerBiology1 decade ago
  • If a cell was a picnic basket, what could the organelles be?

    i need help for an honors biology project (40 page paper w/ poster board and model), any help

    the centrioles could be toothpicks bound together

    the cell membrane could be a basket

    lysosomes could be digestion pills

    ribosomes could be peanuts

    mitochondria could be carrots (any better ideas?)

    the ER could be a fruit roll up

    does anyone have any ideas for the golgi, microtubules, nucleus, nucleolus, or vesicles

    could an apple, sandwich, or beverage be any of the above?

    1 AnswerBiology1 decade ago