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  • My friends are getting married! What to do?

    My friends from high school still run together, even 10 years later. We all work at the same bar and so of course we are all very tight. The first wedding is going to happen in about 6 months!! So of course, this isn't just a big deal for the two getting married, but for all of us!

    The only problem, is none of us know what to do to make this wedding special! Of course we know we need food and music and the guys need to get their tuxedo's fitted, but there are SO MANY other little details that keep popping up, and it is getting over-whelming to the bride. She, I might add, is a sweetheart and is like our little sister. She is also planning the wedding by herself!

    Can anyone out there PLEASE give us a check-list of what we need to have ready? Or maybe a little instructional guide that will show us how to have an amazing wedding? We are over our heads on this one =)

    Oh, a few things to remember:

    They have a baby girl, under 2 years old. She MUST be in the wedding, she is too adorable not to be!

    We really need this thing to come in with a limited budget. We don't need Dr. Dre to be our DJ, or fancy crystal vases for our flowers. We just need something special!

    Thank you so much in advance!

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  • Quarterback trouble. Who to play?

    Since Matt Schaub's injury, I've been dealing with a failing Ryan Fitzpatrick. Matt Leinart is on free agency, as is Matt Moore.

    It is a deep league, so yeah these are the best QB options there are. Well, Rex Grossman is out there still... but... yeah you know I won't get him.

    Tips? Advice? I'm in the middle of a playoff push, and aside from my QB spot my team is strong. I want a championship this year!!!

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  • Skyrim or Diablo III?

    I will be getting both. As are most of you, I'm sure. So I wonder, what do you think will take up more of your playing time?

    My vote early on is swaying towards D3, but it will be close.

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  • Those little light bubbles that float around my vision..?

    I see them when I stand up too fast, or sometimes when I turn my head around too fast. What are they? I love them.

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  • Poor spelling and grammar really bother me. It makes me judge the person I am reading. Am I being a jerk?

    I can hardly stand it! It seems like internet speak is killing language. I immediately assume the person who can't spell is stupid, and then I e-hate that person.

    Should I continue to feed on this air of superiority or find a way to let it roll off my back? How and why? Thanks!

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