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  • I'm having guy problems...?

    I've been with my boyfriend for almost two years, not counting the one month breakup in the middle. When we were broken up, it was me who did it because I couldn't handle the BS anymore. He's kind of controlling, not understanding, and mean half the time. I suppose you could say he's manipulative as well. I love soo very much, but he's impossible to deal with sometimes. I've been lusting after other guys at my school lately, but I haven't allowed myself to do anything, even though we have a long distance relationship and it would be very easy.

    I know there are better guys out there, but our relationship is stability that I have never had in my entire life. What is I break up with him and stay alone longer than I can handle? When I broke up with him, it was at the beginning of last summer and lasted until a month or so into the new school year. I was scary depressed the whole time and things were REALLY bad, not wanting to go into detail. I'm already going through a really rough patch.

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  • I'm slightly OCD-ish, and I have a very short temper.?

    One of my huge pet pieves is when people eat. Not the actual consumption of food, but the way they chew and breath with food in their mouths. Let's not even get in to when they chew in your ear while reading over your shoulder! Or how about when the people you live with always leave gunk stuck to the dishes when they wash them, or breath really loudly... I mean, really rediculous but extremely annoying stuff. What's the craziest thing that has ever driven you absolutely insane???

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  • I just came out? Read on?

    I just came out to my mom, and she took it surprisingly well. I'm bisexual, so it's not THAT huge of a deal, but I'm still a bit freaked out. I plan on coming out to my school on October 11th (National Coming Out Day), and I'm even more scared because my school discriminates against a lot of minorities. I hear people say "that's gay", or call people fags all the time. I'm afraid that coming out would ruin a few friendships and make me into an outcast, but I hate hiding that part of me, because I'm a really open person. What should I do? (I'm planning on wearing a shirt with the rainbow flag on it and answering whatever questions come.)

  • What's better, being single, or having a boy/girl friend?

    I know someone I could probably go out with if I wanted to, but I kind of want to stay single/ go out with girls. I REALLY want to experiment with girls. How do I even find out if there are any girls who swing that way, and are interested in me? The thing is, I like the guy I was talking about before, but I want to stay free and experiment with girls as well. My G-d I want to do something with a girl! I'm pretty sex deprived as well... I want to seduce this guy in my Chemistry class and be "friends with benefits" with him, but I'm too scared to bring up the subject with him. Any suggestions?

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  • How do I know if a guy's into me?

    I asked him once what his "type" was, and he totally described me! He likes hanging out with me, and he's told me he likes me, but he also has been giving me signs that he doesn't want anything more. I don't know what signs to read, and I'm totally confused. There's another problem, he's a lot older than me. Could it be that he's interested but afraid to make a move because of our age? How would I know if he really was interested? How would he act?

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  • I'm bisexual, and I was wondering, where can you meet lesbian and bisexual girls?

    I've never really had a true experiance with a girl, and i really want too try it out... Where can you meet people that want the same thing that I do? I really want to know how far this thing goes with me, and a close encounter (that was also slightly weird), totally sent shivers up and down my spine. Good ones.

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  • How do you cope with feelings when you know that they are wrong and that you cannot act on them?

    I live with my mom, her boyfriend, my little brother , and my mom's boyfriend's friend. I'm starting to develope serious feelings towards him, but I haven't told anyone about them. He's in his 30's! And I'm soo much younger... What do I do?

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  • Why do you think so many people around the world hate Israel? Why can't they just leave us alone?

    For instance, Lebanon is attacking our borders, Iraq is and has bombed us in the past, and people all around the world are talking trash about us. Some people even think it's a shame that Hitler died. Where is the logic? Would the world really be happier if such a tiny country were wiped off the map and taken over by neighboring countries? Why do people hate other people just because of their religion, race, or status? No, really, don't just say beacause they're ignorant. Why is it soo ingrained in human nature to hate those that are different from you, and to fear the unknown? I hope someone out there can answer this, because I'm tired of being spoken against and hated just because of what I look like and what family I was born in to. Can someone clarify this for me? I'm really baffled.

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