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  • Help?! I need to know the legal ways to discipline a child who will sit in the middle of the sreet!?

    I'm NOT an abusive mother by any means I don't even like to spank my son (it doesn't work with him anyway) he is 4 and has some behavioral issues. Last week he refused to get in the car because he was throwing a temper tantrum. I cannot pick him up I have a slipped disk, so I GENTLY grabbed his ear (this is what my mother did to me and it doesn't hurt if you follow.) and walked him to the car, there was no redness nothing but of course he was already screaming before I touched him, his teacher came running out yelling at me that I can't do that. As far as I know it's not illegal and I did not cause any physical harm to him. I got him in the car safely where he continued to scream and kick as she lectured me...Not she is calling a meeting between me my ex and the child psychologist ….

    Can someone please let me know if gentle ear leading is legal? I need sources. Thank you!

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  • The plumber left feces all over our bathroom floor, is that a health code violation? who can i call?

    We told our apartment manager not to have the plumber come today because my girlfriend just had surgery this morning, however he came. When he finished fixing the toilet he left sewage water all over the bathroom floor, and hallway carpet. he also threw the poop covered object that was blocking the toilet into our sink. Our apartment now reeks of feces and the apartment manager wont do anything about it. Is this a violation of any sort? Tenet rights? Health code violation?

    1 AnswerLaw & Ethics1 decade ago
  • How can I sell my fresh breast milk for mothers in need?

    I am a very healthy, non-smoker non-drinker and drug free 21 year old mom of a two year old and a new two month old baby boy who is on a breast milk only diet! I know that there are moms and dads of premis who really need to buy fresh brest milk for there babies. I am willing to pump fresh, freeze, and ship on a short term or long term basis. How do i find the parents wanting to buy milk?

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  • what is the current rate for California inheritance tax of real estate?

    My grandma died 3 years ago and willed her three houses and 5 acres of land to me I was only 18 at the time and had no idea what to do with it! I still don't know how to claim the property or the amount that I would have to pay if I did. does anyone have an idea of % they tax? Serious answers only please! Thanks =o]

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  • hiring a maid...?

    About how much does it cost to hire a maid for a one time cleaning for the bathroom and kitchen? i live in San Diego if that makes a difference.

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  • Tips to help hormonal depression?

    I'm 35 weeks pregnant and I'm extremely depressed for no reason what so ever. I'm pretty sure it must have to be the pregnancy hormones because nothing else is bugging my and I'm in a great spot in life...heck we just got a Brand new Car How much better can it get? Yet I still feel like I just want to cry for hours! Any home remadies or anything I should try? What works for you if you feel like this?

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  • Cracking / clicking sound in the womb?

    I'm 34 weeks pregnant and lately I have hear very loud cracking sounds exactly like someone is cracking there knuckles inside my womb! Is this normal?? I never heard it with my first son. It's not my stomach growling or anything it's distinctly when the baby moves and is heard where he pushes against me. Is it his joints cracking, and I can hear it? Has anyone else had this happen to them or know what it is? Thanks -Amber

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  • Why was 8 the freeway (san Diego) backed up with trailers for so long is there some big event tonight?

    The 8 east (San Diego) was backed up for a very long time some times only going 5 miles per hour tonight. Near El Cajon and Lakeside. Does anyone know why? What event is going on?

    1 AnswerOther - Cars & Transportation1 decade ago
  • Does anyone know more about testing your blood sugars at home using needle free methods?

    I heard something about being able to test your sugar levels buy rubbing a special strip on your finger and that it reads the sugar in your sweat! Does anyone know more about this? I Failed my pregnancy diabeties testing and I'm HORRIFIED at the idea of using needles!!

    13 AnswersDiabetes1 decade ago
  • Is there some kind of signal swingers use?

    Some times when I'm out with my husband I will notice a couple staring at us and acting strange....Are we accidentally setting of some kind of swinger signal? How would I know if that was what they were trying to imply?

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